Fashionable and stylish jeans in 2019

Jeans ... They are so firmly entrenched in our lives that we can no longer imagine ourselves without them. Each fashionista’s wardrobe should have at least two or three styles of denim trousers. This is such a unique type of clothing that the same model can be worn both at a nearby store and at a dinner party. And although jeans do not go out of fashion, not all are fashionable!

So, what styles did the designers choose for this season? It's a pity, but beloved by many tight-fitting skinny will have to be postponed until better times . But surely someday we will be able to get them again! After all, fashion has the habit of leaving, then to return.

What styles and models are in fashion

This year, a lot of new styles, in addition, there are some previous ones.

Advice! To look fashionable and stylish, you need to find what suits you the most. In this case, one should focus not only on taste preferences, but also on the type of figure and lifestyle.

Combo Jeans

A very interesting trend. His trick is that the trousers should resemble a large patchwork (patchwork). In this case, a combination is allowed both in color and in fabric.

Advice! When choosing the top for such a model, you should keep a balance. No need to complicate what already has a complex combination.

Wide models

Yes, tight pants were replaced by loose pants. They can be either shortened (which is very suitable for summer), or long.

Important! Wide jeans are very convenient when choosing a top (t-shirt, shirt, blouse), because they allow a variety of combinations. White or black top, denim shirt, blouse with a fashionable print will become successful companions for wide jeans.


A classic style that will never go out of fashion ever! This is exactly what unites generations.

Advice! When compiling a basic wardrobe, you should first of all pay attention to direct models. Women with any type of figure can afford them.


Surely many women like the news that they are back in fashion! And indeed, this popular model has returned.

Advice! Want to look feminine in jeans? Choose flared jeans! Under them, you can put on the most ordinary strict shirt, and a blouse with shuttlecocks, which are the 2019 trend.

With cropped bottom edge

Advice! The most advantageous will be the pants, the bottom of which is decorated with fringe, because it has become another fashion trend of the season.

If you want a more restrained option, choose models whose bottom is trimmed evenly.

Important! For any model in 2019, a high landing is important! Jeans with a low rise will indicate your old-fashionedness.

And lovers of holes and scuffs can rejoice: such a “decor” is still relevant!

Color, print, decor

To look modern, you need to pay attention not only to the model and style. Important are the characteristics of the trousers, such as color, print, decor. We will tell you what is relevant in the 2019 season.


  • First of all, color jeans are in fashion . They can become a decoration of your image. Especially if you manage to pick up the top of the same color.

  • All bright and dark colors, as before, are popular. As for the shades, the most fashionable this year are blue, blue, caramel, nude, black .
  • I especially want to note the white color. White jeans will be the perfect complement to your look, not only in the summer, but also in the frosty winter. What could be more beautiful than a woman in a down jacket and white jeans walking around a snowy alley?

Important! White is a traitor color, it will demonstrate all the flaws. Therefore, this option is best suited for those who are confident in their figure.


Among the most fashionable prints of 2019 is Thai Dai . This technology is known to us as “boiled eggs”. For denim clothes, this print fits perfectly.


  • Wide lapels . To be always on top, they are irreplaceable! And they are very convenient, because almost all fashionistas can do them with their own hands!

  • Hyper pockets . This detail, of course, is best not to add. But when choosing pants, keep in mind: voluminous patch pockets are a sign of super-fashionable models!


Regarding the decorative elements, I would like to note that this year there should not be as many of them as last season. Jeans with beads, patches, buttons are still trending. But on one condition: the decor is used to a minimum.

Now you know which jeans to put aside, and which, on the contrary, to give preference to as the most fashionable.