Fashion trends 2019 in the summer wardrobe for the full

Gone are the days when fullness was considered a terrible flaw. Lush women no longer need to hide in fleece dresses, because recently, every self-respecting designer always offers his own clothing options for this type of figure. They help the beautiful half of humanity the size of "oversize" in any situation to remain feminine and attractive. And the new season was no exception. Consider what they offer to wear to magnificent beauties in 2019.

What fashion trends of the 2019 season will suit full women

The main feature of clothes of this size range is the ability to hide or mask problem areas (stomach, hips, sides) . And at the same time, outfits should emphasize femininity in any style, whether it be an office outfit or a chic evening dress. I am sure that the results of the work of stylists will be useful to many women.

Choose a style

This parameter directly depends on the type of figure: "pear", "apple", "hourglass". Among the proposed variety of models, there are options for each type. The main thing is to exclude excessive layering, voluminous ruffles or frills that give visual volume .

But the attractive side, on the contrary, show ! Designers advise focusing on them. For example, having a beautiful and lush bust, you can afford a deep neckline. And to draw attention to the slender legs will allow the length of the palm above the knee or a beautiful cut on the skirt to the floor.

Attention! If you want to look stylish, do not forget that you need to demonstrate only one area of ​​the body. For example, the combination of a short hem with a deep neckline looks vulgar.

We form a silhouette

The most fashionable this season (especially in summer) is the "waterfall" style. It consists in the use of a spacious cardigan without fasteners, which is worn over the main clothing, for example, blouses and trousers, skirts and shirts .

Important! This technique will hide ugly folds in the waist area or surplus on the hips.

Another popular option for today is the A-silhouette . Its designers also recommend using it to mask extra pounds .

Check the length

For lush ladies, the best hemline is a line just below the knee . You can also use the maxi variation. For young owners of slender legs, models in which the bottom line is located on the palm above the knee are suitable.

Advice ! If you are a lush physique, it is better to exclude the mini from your wardrobe.

We are looking for a suitable print

One of the most popular options this season is peas, it is quite suitable for magnificent ladies. But only when choosing small peas !

Stylists also suggest using no less interesting plant motifs . They can be both in monochrome and in a bright, color version.

Determine the color

The most recommended for summer: beige, lilac, light blue, light olive, as well as the main hit of this season - coral color .

Reference! For a business suit, the best color solution is the classic combination: white top, dark bottom.

Of the rich saturated colors, black, dark gray, violet, dark green, brown and burgundy look the most advantageous.

But bright options for curvy girls are also suitable. This is the color of fuchsia, mustard, sunny yellow, orange and so on. Here, the choice is limited only by their own preferences and combination with appearance.

We figured out the characteristics of the clothes. Now let's move on to what to wear.

Fashionable things in a summer wardrobe of a full woman

On hot summer days it is so nice to go for a walk or visit a cozy place. And of course, I want to shine and attract attention. Let's look at the outfits offered by stylists.


First of all, pay attention to such models:

  • A pencil skirt will not only help to align proportions, but also visually stretch the silhouette a bit. Just try to choose variations from smooth fabric.

  • Maxi made of flying lightweight fabric . It can be a cut “sun” or a pleated model.

  • A slightly flared knee-length skirt .


Fashion designers offer for the office option to choose classic, straight styles. And for recreation, the most advantageous option is chinos of various shades.


They can be either classic white, or a bright color and pattern, depending on the situation.

The main thing is not to use tight things that will only emphasize your flaws. It is better to give preference to a free silhouette.


  • The most versatile will be a classic sheath dress .

It is suitable for walking around the city, informal chatting with friends or evening out.

  • Dress with a smell again on top of the fashionable Olympus.

Thanks to its cut, it will help to hide flaws and give your figure additional notes of femininity.

  • A dress with a high waist is also becoming more popular.

This model allows you to mask the protruding tummy and give the appearance of harmony.

Choose your favorite outfit and wear with pleasure!