Fashion tops 2019: French women choose rural

With the advent of the hot summer, we try to take off as many clothes as possible. And therefore, the most suitable top option is a variety of tops. There are so many of them that it is difficult to make a choice.

What professionals offer

The top in the classic version represents clothes with thin straps, completely exposing the shoulders. This season, designers offer several options that are original, stylish, have their own characteristics.

Asymmetry of cut

It manifests itself in different ways.

  • This may be a model with one bare shoulder . A thing looks especially unusual, the strap of which is decorated with decor.

  • The uneven bottom line is also one of the popular features of modern tops.

Attention! This version of the cut allows you to hide flaws in the waist and upper hips.

Models in the style of underwear

This option also enjoys undoubted success. In such clothes you can feel comfortable in the hottest weather.

This thing is in perfect harmony with shorts. You can complement the look with shoes on thin soles.

Its only drawback is the difficulty of making the right choice. In order not to create an impression of “no-nonsense” among others, you should carefully choose a model.

Sports Crop Tops

Best suited for everyday use.

The convenience of style will undoubtedly appeal to purposeful, active girls.

Original models

For people who like to wear shocking things and shock the environment, designers suggest using an extraordinary style. The models of this category are so unusual and bright that they will tell the people about your mood.

This style can also include handmade items, for example, associated with the technique of Irish lace.

What do fashionable French women choose

We have listed only a few different types of modern tops. By choosing one of them, you can feel comfortable and look relevant. And if these models left you indifferent? In this case, it makes sense to see what the residents of France, considered the trendsetter, choose. This season they prefer clothing in the style of "Provence" or "rural" tops.

Important! This direction allows women to look especially gentle, attractive and innocent. He creates a touch of romanticism around the figure.

Consider the most interesting examples of such tops.


Gentle foam of lace with a soft cloud envelops girlish shoulders, giving its owner fragility and lightness.

This is especially emphasized by the contrast with the coarse fabric and the strict cut of the trousers.

Into the cage

  • A checkered top on thin straps made of gathered cotton fabric is decorated with two vertical ruffles and goes well with a denim skirt.

  • Another small-white variation in a white and blue cage looks sophisticated and romantic due to flirty bows and sleeves and floral embroidery on the bodice.

Such a thing will perfectly complement a straight mini-skirt made of dense material. A decoration in the form of a velvet ribbon with a pendant will help to add a special twist.


A multilayer little thing made of light chiffon, which flows downwards in beautiful tiers, passing from a light shade of baked milk to chocolate.

Complementing it with a suitable bottom, you can go at least for a walk in your favorite places, at least for a shopping trip, at least for a date with your loved one.

The variety of fashionable tops offered by fashion designers in rural style is so great that any representative of the beautiful half of humanity will choose a little thing among them.