Fashion Star: What Princess Charlotte Wears

Princess Charlotte, despite her very young age, has already become a favorite of the British and an icon of style. The baby conquers everyone with her naturalness, smiles and poses for photo correspondents . Thousands of parents seek to copy her images, choosing similar outfits for their daughters.

Princess Wardrobe

The princess, like all members of the royal court, must comply with strict clothing regulations .

Simplicity and restraint

Therefore, at first glance it may seem that she is dressed the same way. The wardrobe is based on classic English restraint and laconicism combined with cute and touching details.

Important! Among the things of the young fashionista, there is nothing trendy. Excessively luxurious items are also missing.

However, like all mothers, the Duchess of Cambridge loves to dress her children. Yes, and many well-known brands, including Seraphine, could not resist the charm of the baby and have already dedicated her children's clothing collections. In honor of Charlotte, eminent designer Marc Jacobs named lipstick with a rich pink tint.

Important! Many fashion critics believe that the little princess looks very similar to Elizabeth II, her great-grandmother.

In particular, photographers often shoot a girl in colorful dresses, similar to Her Majesty's first outfits.

Wardrobe Details

Consider the features of Charlotte's wardrobe in more detail.

  • Almost all dresses show a commitment to traditional style. A lush flared skirt was used for the bottom. The top is decorated with a turn-down collar and pleats in the chest area. The sleeves are characterized by a short length and a "flashlight" shape. At the same time, the waistline is slightly overestimated, and the clasp is located behind.

  • Strict knitted cardigans and sweaters are harmoniously combined with cute dresses in the cool season.

  • Among the flowers, muted pastel shades with a small floral pattern prevail.
  • The outfit can be complemented by restrained decorations in the form of ruffles, bows and prints in the form of flowers .

  • When choosing a fabric, designers focus on light natural textiles, cotton is used more often than other materials.
  • Each bow is completed by shoes suitable for the girl. Typically, the princess is seen in shoes whose noses are rounded. Fashion designers took care of a convenient fastener, made it wide and provided it with Velcro. Due to this, the shoes are firmly held on a children's leg, allowing carefree running and jumping. They look especially cute with snow-white socks.

  • Of accessories, Charlotte wears bows and headbands . For special reasons, fresh flowers are used for their manufacture.

Attention! The princess wears an asymmetric part, which is carefully secured with hairpins. And her small bow became her signature accessory.

Style lessons from Duchess Kate

The mother of the baby - the Duchess of Kate - teaches the princess to fashionable repetitions, as she is very frugal and loves to wear things several times . For example, in the same dress the girl can be seen both at an official event, and on a walk.

However, the images are successfully complemented by new things and are never boring. They usually have something in common with Kate's outfits in colors and accessories. The Duchess is a clear fan of family-look style.

Reference! One of the Duchess's favorite brands is Fina Ejerique. It is in the dresses of this Spanish designer that you can often see a little Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte Effect

In September 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge together with their children made an eight-day tour of Canada. The whole world watched with interest the journey of the royal family. And fashion experts began to compose a lookbook of images of the baby. Charlotte immediately became the star of children's fashion . Kate Middleton puts the princess in things that are relatively inexpensive and affordable for most Britons.

Important! New items from H&M, Pepa & Co. and Amaia Kids, in which Charlotte appears, are being bought up at lightning speed.

This situation was even called the "fashionable Charlotte effect", which was first launched by her mother - Kate Middleton.

The fact is known when the official photo was posted on the occasion of the princess's birthday, where she was captured in a dress and a lemon-colored blouse. Buyers immediately bought up clothes in a John Lewis boutique. It took them no more than five minutes after the picture appeared.

The famous Spanish designer Pepa Gonzalez noted that the young princess has rightfully earned the title of "real mini-icon of style . " Shops strive to offer customers clothes as quickly as possible on the princess. In this connection, there are many fakes and cheap copies.

Important! According to financial reports, the Charlotte effect brings the country's economy more than £ 100 million annually.

Each appearance of the little princess attracts everyone's attention and interest. Every Briton and resident of another country can create a fashionable wardrobe, like that of Princess Charlotte. After all, practical and insightful Kate Middleton acquires stylish and comfortable clothes in different stores and does not chase brand luxury items at all .

Many couturiers are already making predictions about how the style of the little lady will change. They also speculate what kind of clothes she will wear when she has her own opinion about fashion trends and style.