Fashion for dirty clothes

The fashion industry does not cease to amaze and even shock its trends. This season, specially aged and spoiled clothes with dirty stains and stains are relevant.

Strange trend of this season.

Usually people monitor quality and buy only beautiful things. However, now you have to pay for an already leaky and dirty product with traces of paint, grass and food. This style is called "tattered property."

The idea is to install that the item was supposedly bought long ago and is so sweet to the owner that, despite its corruption, the owner cannot throw it away. Imperfect clothing makes the image very personal and gives it a special charm.

Attention! The style appealed to the famous singer Rihanna, socialite Paris Hilton, actress Margot Robbie and other world celebrities.

Clothing Features

In the United States, the Nordstrom store put up spot-prone pants from the PRPS brand. A model costs about $ 400. The designers received many unflattering jokes about this fact. The creators said jeans embody the image of work clothes and show that a person is not afraid to work.

An ignorant layman may suggest that the thing has already been dumped. In addition to the look, a no less extravagant jacket splashed with dirt is offered for $ 425. However, the story is gaining momentum. Users are primarily outraged by the prices of such products.

Important! To wash the dirt from the products, no matter how this is desired, will not work.

T-shirts with holes and scuffs, open sweaters cost $ 200 each. Manufacturers claim that creating such a thing to make it look believable is quite difficult. This requires not only new technologies, but also ideas.

Reebok instantly responded to the new fashion by posting an unusual t-shirt on the site. A product with sweat stains on the chest and abdomen should show that the person is engaged in fitness. The cost of the model is 425 dollars.

Reference! Many famous people are of the opinion that dirty clothes are not a new trend at all, but the ironic attitude of wealthy people to hard work.

Trends on all kinds of crazy things have long been in fashion, because the design world lives on provocations. A new trend - dirty and torn clothes - is rapidly gaining momentum among fashionistas around the world. Many believe that if a thing is discussed and in demand, then it must be worn, so as not to lag behind fashion.