Fashion that can be knitted: trends in knitted fashion-2019

Do you like knitwear? It seems to me that in cold weather you can’t do without them, it’s warm and comfortable with them. But at the same time, there is no way to get rid of the doubt: are they not turning “bundles” into a simpleton? No dear ladies! Such things can organically complement a stylish look! But only if you put on a fashionable thing. What exactly is relevant, we will tell.

2019 Fashion Knitting Trends

First, let's figure out which areas and trends will make us modern in the fall of 2019.

Fashionable clothes are determined not by one parameter. Defining characteristics can be very many, the main ones.


Overseas remains popular this season. Things made in this style are quite spacious.

Reference. Such models look a little stretched and careless, and somewhere even rude. But precisely because of this quality, the female figure in them looks more fragile and elegant.

You can combine such a product with both home and business clothes.

In addition to voluminous gizmos, tight thin knitwear is also in fashion.

Attention! The most fashionable items will be pulled both in width and in length: reaching to the knee, with sleeves hiding the hands.


We were lucky that the choice of colors is very large. These can be things in a restrained pastel palette : white, beige, mint, lemon, blue, pink and peach.

Or in a bright, rich spectrum: coffee, burgundy, dark green, all shades of red and black.

Reference. Bright things became trendy, the pattern of which imitates the color of the skins of wild animals: leopard, tiger and so on.

Types of knitting

The way to do the work is also not limited by any framework. In the fashion products made both crochet and knitting.

A dense fabric, arana or lace, became popular methods of hand and machine knitting. Such details are widely used: decorative pockets, frills, shuttlecocks, etc.


For knitting, you can use any material: cotton, viscose, acrylic, wool . Bulk yarn continues to be popular. This is understandable: it is very well suited for oversized clothing.


This season, preference is given to several types of decoration. One of them is knitwear embroidery.

Styles and models

In the wardrobe of a stylish woman there is a place for a variety of knitted things.


For fashionable knitted coats in 2019, the following styles are characteristic:

  • double breasted;
  • shapeless oversize model;
  • a long coat with a fit on the figure and with a belt;
  • retro models that were at the peak of popularity in the 50–70s of the last century.

Attention! The actual length of this season is the bottom line, reaching the knee. This option is suitable for women with a different type of figure.


For cardigans, knitted cardigans, the fitted silhouette without a collar with patch pockets and a button fastener will be most suitable. A distinctive detail is the neck, made in a V-shape.

In addition, oversized cardigans with voluminous aranes, zippers, and floor models are also in fashion.


One of the most common things in the autumn-winter wardrobe. It blends perfectly with pants and jeans.

At the peak of popularity are products with such details:

  • collar;
  • shuttlecocks;
  • fur inserts;
  • original decor (wide lacing, decorative buttons, metal jewelry and so on).


Traditional women's clothing - dress - is able to emphasize the female beauty and tenderness. The following models are most relevant:

  • from fine yarn with a stand-up collar and a length below the knee;
  • with a horizontal strip;
  • with large inscriptions.


Ladies have a different attitude to knit skirts. But still, we will not ignore them. In the fashion of maxi and midi. Models can be both tight-fitting and half-sun.

Pay attention to contrasting combinations, for example, black and yellow. Predatory patterns are also popular.

Knitted fashion-2019 offers a lot of interesting things, the choice is yours!