Fancy glasses

At all times, man strove to stand out from the crowd. In the 21st century, this will not be difficult. To emphasize individuality, both clothing and original accessories are capable. But sometimes attracting one's own person can go beyond the bounds of decency.

The most unusual glasses in the world

With the help of original glasses, you can become a party star or simply shock the audience. Designers came up with those that will not leave the owner unnoticed.

Panoramic glasses

Very useful and original one can rightfully be considered the invention of the American designer Billy May - glasses with increased visibility. Usually we see a clear picture right in front of us and with a side vision we “catch” up to 180 degrees of the viewing angle. The concept and arrangement of the glasses suggests that their holder with side vision will be able to see up to 30% more, that is, the total viewing angle will be 230 degrees!

Unfortunately, this project has not yet been implemented, but it is safe to say that the appearance of this invention on the market will cause serious excitement, especially among motorcyclists and cyclists.

With USB charging

The solar battery on the rim collects and stores energy in the battery, hidden in the arches of glasses. A special USB-connector allows you to connect a player or phone and charge it right on the go.

With GPS device

Zeal Optics goggles will be a useful acquisition for skiers and snowboarders. They have a built-in program that allows you to determine the speed of skiing, the distance traveled, as well as the location of the skier, which is sometimes extremely necessary. Information is displayed on a small display at the bottom of the inner surface of the lens and does not interfere with the view.

With translation function

Every second traveler needs a translator. The idea is that when you look at a foreign inscription, the glasses automatically translate it and replace it in the image . Accessory of the future, not otherwise. The concept was introduced back in 2008. Apparently, the future is not yet ready for such turns.

Folding glasses

Lightweight, suitable for anyone, inexpensive. They remind you of a black film, which easily rolls up into a roll. Break them will not work - also a plus. True, the protection of the eyes from ultraviolet radiation is doubtful.


Want to stand out from the crowd at a party? Fluorescent glasses are for you. In the daytime, they do not differ from ordinary ones, but at night the paint applied to them begins to glow . And now you are the star of the evening.

With slots for the eyes

The design of the glasses with narrow slits for the eyes was borrowed from the Eskimos who wore such home-made devices, trying to protect their eyes from the bright polar sun. Now this is the trend used by designers for fashion shows.

With pyramids

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and many other stars often appear on carpet with original accessories. Glasses in the pyramids from Kerin Rose are no exception. They look very fashionable and unusual. In such, it is simply impossible to go unnoticed.

With photo and video capture

A very useful tool. It so happens that you need to shoot a video from the first person or to shoot unnoticed. Here, glasses with a hidden camera will come to the rescue. Please note that the law strictly prohibits covert shooting as an interference with a citizen’s private life . Use your gadget carefully and do not break the law!

Glasses - Black Rectangle

On the contrary, want to hide from annoying lenses of photos and video cameras? This accessory is for you. Usually rectangles cover the eyes of criminals in the news, you can close yours from the curious others.

Glasses - Piercing

The dream of lovers of holes on the body. Lenses are mounted on a special rod in the bridge of the nose, there are no arches. An interesting solution, but not everyone will appreciate it.

World map imitation

The American designer created glasses with a lens in the form of a map of the United States. The left eye remained open due to the characteristics of the country's border. Patriots will love it! With a map of Russia, they would look more interesting.

Finger glasses

Probably, the designers created this accessory with a hint of those who are used to looking at the world through their fingers. Or maybe they just wanted to give single men a feeling of warmth in women's hands. One can only speculate about the motives, but one cannot but agree; they look rather unusual.


What could be easier, stuck glasses on his face and went about his business. However, it is not clear how to remove them later, along with the eyebrows. The designer is silent about this.

With blinds

Glasses-blinds gained popularity back in 2007, and do not lose to this day. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Designers manage to decorate them with neon paint and even rhinestones. Such an accessory can often be seen on Kanye West, Paris Hilton and other celebrities.

With glass lace

Lace is now used not only for decoration of linen and clothes. Lace glasses will be the perfect complement to a delicate look.

Fringed Chains

Blinds from chains on the eyes - original and catchy. The purpose of this design decision is to attract general attention. One has only to see how the chains shimmer in the sun, and you can’t take your eyes off.

EQ glasses

On the lenses of these glasses, an equalizer pattern is applied with fluorescent paint. It looks very impressive in the dark. There is no better solution for a beach party!

Simulated nose

These glasses completely cover the nose. It looks unusual, and getting to know a person is becoming more difficult. Maybe even for this they are created.

There are still a lot of original, interesting and unusual options for this indispensable accessory. Everyone can choose to their taste and catch on themselves the enthusiastic or surprised looks of passers-by!