Famous stylish women who are over 50

The stereotype that after 40 years to dress beautifully and stylishly is impossible, has long been outdated. Among the stars, there are many beauties in their ages that can become role models for many girls. They carried their ability to remain delightful in any situation through the years, and still surprise and delight fans with beautiful outfits.

Julianne Moore

Age: 58 years.

Beauty is already well over 50, but her every appearance remains a sensation. Well-chosen dresses emphasize a bright appearance and well-preserved figure. She skillfully emphasizes red in olos and emerald eyes with shades of green, red or yellow, and with the help of decorative elements balances the image.

Julianne Moore Cannes 2019.

Tilda Swinton

Age: 58 years.

A characteristic feature of Swinton is a love of trouser suits. No one will argue that she looks great in them: confidently, stylishly and modernly. Her style has conquered girls around the world, thousands of them have tried to repeat it and are still trying to do it. A jacket, trousers with arrows, shoes in the men's style - this is her main image .

However, in dresses Tilda looks no worse . The predominant principles in their choice are creativity, originality and avant-garde.

Helen Mirren

Age: 72 years.

The actress is known as the performer of the role of Elizabeth II. She herself seems to know how to dress like a royal. Long elegant dresses are decorated with embroidery or other modest but elegant elements - this is her choice for the red carpet.

But in everyday life, Helen prefers no less feminine, but more practical options : straight or loose cut pants, shirts, blouses, sweaters.

Karin Reutfeld

Age: 64 years.

It’s hard to believe that she’s already over 60. For several decades she has not lost her taste, she still easily learns all fashion trends, and today she can appear in an original non-standard way . Often her appearance causes a sensation, she knows how to surprise and catch his eye.

However, most often her choice is an ageless classic : boats, elegant free silhouette and neutral colors.

Diane Keaton

Age: 73 years.

Diane has remained a style icon since the 70s. Her highlight is the men's clothing style.

Pantsuits, hats, ties - she follows this from year to year, but this does not detract from her elegance. Even in a loose suit, thanks to a slim figure, she looks feminine.

Meryl Streep

Age: 70 years.

Time after time, the beauty declares that she does not understand fashion, only her images indicate the opposite. Her style is not modern trends, but time-tested and ageless images . Neat dresses of medium length, skirts, boats - all this is a neutral hue and in the middle of the middle between a tight and loose fit.

Jane Fonda

Age: 81 years.

The luminary of the fitness movement, even at 79, boasts a taut figure, and carefully emphasizes her outfits. Tight dresses to the floor, overalls, shining dresses - Jane easily becomes the center of attention at any event.

Jane Grammy Foundation 2019.

Lauren Hatton

Age: 75 years old.

The actress and model is sure that the first place is not the clothes, but the feeling of being in it. If the words are true, she feels great in any outfit.

Lauren chooses a minimalist casual style, comfortable and practical : steady shoes, pants, loose sweaters, necessary accessories. And still looks elegant!

Carolina Herrera

Age: 80 years.

The designer remains special even now: she easily and with unique skill follows the laws, thanks to which she remains feminine and elegant in any situation.

Her famous white shirt remains unchanged : she still uses it in different looks and harmonizes with a different bottom. Thanks to Carolina Herrera, a shirt from a boring office thing has become universal and indispensable for any occasion.

El MacPherson

Age: 55 years old.

A tan and a dazzling smile remain her hallmarks. With her clothes she emphasizes a good figure, but does not show anything superfluous. This is the golden mean between classic and modern .

Robin Wright

Age: 53 years.

She appeared in the world rather late, but immediately won fashionable public acclaim. At events, she always appears in different images : either in a bright shining dress with a deep neckline and a slit that opens her legs, then in a closed conservative dress. Robin can surprise and can afford it.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Age: 54 years.

The star of “Sex and the City” appeared in the series in the outfits perfectly sitting on her, but in reality she was not inferior to her Carrie. She was not afraid of experimenting with colors, silhouettes, fabrics and textures, and this helped her create her own unique style.

Sarah Jessica Parker photo 2018

Bold accessories and skillful combination of colors and fabrics became its characteristic features. It is important that the actress always positively perceived criticism, this helped her become an icon of style.

Monica Bellucci

Age: 54 years.

The Italian knows her strengths and knows how to emphasize them. She retained her perfect figure, and outfits help show her. Sheath dresses, bodycon dresses are her choice . In mini, midi and maxi, she knows how to show only her best qualities, and skillfully maneuvers between sexuality and restraint.

Jessica lang

Age: 70 years.

The American actress has been shining for more than 40 years. Its principles: conciseness, femininity and elegance. The actress looks equally beautiful in any outfit, however her choice is solid colored outfits of neutral colors, fitted, with a small neckline.

Style is an internal feeling of beauty, and not at all a companion of youth. Many celebrities have already crossed the line of the fifth dozen, but have remained elegant and stylish.