Fabrics for skirts that do not crease

A beautiful skirt attracts not only with its coloring and style, but also with a good shape. It is preserved thanks to quality fabric. It is the material that allows you to extend the quality of the skirt and is responsible for its appearance.

The skirt, which is sewn from high quality fabric, tolerates washing, ironing, dry cleaning and at the same time retains its shape and elegant appearance . No matter how original the product is, it must be remembered that the fabric must stretch, give strong shrinkage when washing. But to be pleasant to the body, a desirable condition for the material.

We’ll tell you which fabrics to choose so that the skirt does not crumple and always looks elegant.

Crumpled skirt fabrics

There are a lot of fabrics that would not crumple. But when choosing a skirt, you must first understand what season it is sewn . It is important to consider the goals: everyday wear, an evening outfit, a product for a specific jacket or sweater.

Of non-creasing materials, it is worth paying attention to such canvases.

  • Gabardine;
  • Polyester;
  • Rayon;
  • Acetate;
  • Woolen fabrics
  • Blended fabrics;
  • Cotton (dense).


The canvas made of woolen thread is very practical and comfortable to wear.

Tip . A thing from gabardine will be appropriate for a business suit, in the office.

The material does not crease, is beautiful in drapery, does not stretch and does not lose shape .

A skirt from such a gabardine will not only be pleasant to the body, but also durable. Gabardine looks spectacular when sewing skirts and dresses.


Practical synthetic fiber, which is suitable for sewing a skirt. A variety of colors allows you to make many styles for every taste.

Reference. Polyester is a moisture repellent material and is very practical in everyday use.

The skirt from it does not wrinkle, dries quickly, is comfortable to wear and wash . It does not require special care conditions.


Textiles that are perfect for anyone who loves elegance .

It is not always easy to visually distinguish artificial silk from natural silk, and the price of the product is much lower.


Universal material for a non-creasing skirt . A beautiful, lightweight fabric is suitable for tailoring a summer product, an office suit, and will also look good in evening dresses.

Woolen product

It looks very interesting in different colors, the canvas with a picture or in a plain version looks elegant.

Woolen fabrics perfectly manifest themselves both in the form of a business skirt, and are suitable for a walk skirt, free time.

Solid colored lined wool or not will retain its shape and always look stylish .

A canvas with a pattern will help the product emphasize a special original design.

Blended canvas

One of the most convenient options for sewing a skirt. Such canvases do not crease, sit well on the figure, due to the combination of various fibers in the material, perfectly keep their shape.

Thick cotton

The fabric should be considered as a canvas for a skirt for every day. It will perfectly complement almost any everyday outfit and at the same time it will be comfortable to wear . Cotton breathes, blends well with many other fabrics.

How to care for wrinkled fabrics

  • Very often, products from such paintings do not tolerate ironing or too hot iron. Due to the large percentage of synthetic fiber in such materials, they should be ironed from the inside out or through a special thin fabric.
  • If the material sticks after washing, then it is worth treating it with a spray with an antistatic effect.
  • It is undesirable to dry such things on a hot battery. And also do not squeeze too much.

Choose one of the listed fabrics for the skirt, and you will always be sure of a flawless appearance.