Expensive but bad! Unsuccessful outfits of stars at the Cannes Film Festival 2019

May 2019 is the time of the famous Cannes Film Festival. At this time, all world and eminent movie stars and directors are striving to get into Cannes. Their main goal is to present their film, but celebrities do not forget to show themselves and look at others.

Stars whose outfits failed

As led by decades, the elite of French cinema prefers restrained classic outfits. But I would still note that, like every year, 2019 could not have done without fashionable failures.

Tilda Swinton

The German actress helped others plunge into the romantic time of the Middle Ages and recall the valiant knights in armor. The garment itself resembles a knight's chain mail .

Probably, rhinestones scattered along the entire length tried to save the situation and give the dress femininity, but they did not succeed either.

Eva Longoria

I love this actress forever and consider her one of the most beautiful stars of our time. But the outfit chosen for the Cannes carpet was more than unsuccessful.

I hasten to recall that such outfits have passed the peak of their popularity back in 2005 . Well, personally, my opinion is that such an outfit increased the shoulders of this dear miniature lady at times.

Victoria Bonya

Well, as they say, where would it be without her ... Bonya decided to celebrate the opening of the film festival with her dress, which madly merges with the red carpet .

This time, the star of all known social networks was not so interesting to photographers. Let's hope that vika will still conquer us with its way out in the future.

Araya Hargate

This actress of British-Thai origin, in my opinion, has a very presentable appearance. But a cute face can not always overshadow the poorly selected outfit of its owner. And this is exactly the case.

A pretty face framed by this infinite number of frills resembles an airy "Pirozhenko" .

Chloe Sevigny

This is exactly the case when a girl jumps into the first outfit on the fly and does not look at herself in the mirror. I can’t say that the dress is incomparable, but it looks worthy. But Chloe, apparently, forgot about the minuses of her already middle-aged figure .

At the same time, neither her nor her entourage for some reason had a completely logical question - where did the chest run away? We will be honest and declare in the forehead - in the armpits!

Carolyn de Megreux

Such an outfit resembles either well-known sweets, or fish fins . And everything would be fine, but pockets ... Hands alone make it difficult to take a beautiful pose during photography.

The French model, the embodiment of charm and sophistication for the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, chose not the most successful outfit in her career.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

The actress and singer with Anglo-French roots a bit overdid it with beauty. An ultrashort mini, also decorated with zebra stripes, is not the best choice for a catwalk fashion show. But I would still note the harmony and beauty of the artist’s legs.

Worst outfit at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival 2019

Many ridiculous outfits have been listed since the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, but I would still share the title of the very-most between the two divas. This is Amira Ghazar and Selena Gomez.

Amira Ghazar

The image of Amira, a refined French actress, is the height of bad taste . Everything played a negative impression: speckles on pantyhose, a big bracelet, a rim ... But, let's give credit, she managed to catch the eyes of others.

Selena Gomez

Our beloved Selena was embarrassed as much as two times. The first was an interesting outfit that combined a bra and a quilted skirt on the floor .

By the way, in the evening, at the gala dinner, she again attracted attention. And again, the white dress that always wanted to fly off the girl’s shoulders was to blame.

Like this: do not be born beautiful, but be born with taste ...