Elephant wallets - which company?

Today in the world of fashion there are a huge number of brands, including companies that manufacture stylish handbags, wallets, key holders, notebooks and other accessories. Many girls fell in love with the Italian brand Mywalit. In a short period, the manufacturer was able to gain extraordinary popularity with buyers from all over the world.

Name of elephant wallet company

The Italian brand Mywalit has been known for quite some time. The label gained popularity back in 2005. Many people know the products of this company as products with an elephant. And indeed it is. Each wallet or notebook made by this company is marked with a special print in the form of an elephant silhouette .

In addition to fashionable wallets, presented in a wide variety of colors, the company produces many stylish accessories. Among them are beautiful bags, notebooks, business card holders and other products. However, the main branch of activity is still wallets and purses.

Interesting! The company was originally only involved in the production of wallets. Today, despite the fact that a large number of other fashion accessories have been added to the assortment, wallets still remain the main direction of development.

What brand is Mywalit?

Having burst into the arena of manufacturers of modern stylish accessories, the company presented incredible and extremely attractive things. Products from this company have their own unique features:

  • a variety of colors (the things presented by the brand have the most incredible color combinations, this makes the label recognizable and allows each girl or man to choose an accessory that expresses his personality);
  • unsurpassed quality ( all products from Mywalit are made of genuine nappa leather, it is a very strong and resistant material that will help the purse to maintain its original appearance for a long time, even if used regularly);
  • stylish label (the print of an elephant on each product indicates an extraordinary thinking of the company's designers and unique style, many buyers dream of having such an accessory in their wardrobe).

High-quality and extremely attractive things that are produced by the designers of the company, become real bestsellers. Many modern fashionistas want to get these things for themselves, without stopping at anything.

What models of Mywalit wallets exist?

Designers of the company are still developing, not stopping at the variety that already exists on sale today. At the moment, the collection of the company has a number of collections with a wide variety of purse models:

  • Berlin;
  • Tokio
  • Chicago;
  • Montana
  • Dolce Vita;
  • Amsterdam.

Each of the collections is distinguished by its own unique features. This allows you to choose the option that is most suitable for a particular person.

Curious! Some models of purses are equipped with a metallized lining, which is able to protect cash and cards from thieves.

In addition, the most striking and unusual combination of shades is the chip of this company. They combine incongruous, and the result remains excellent . It should be noted that in the collections there are also classic models with monophonic calm shades suitable for conservative men and women.

Buyers are attracted not only by a stylish design with an elephant and a variety of colors, but also by undeniable quality. Each line looks perfect, genuine leather is very durable and retains its external qualities for a very long time.