Elegant styles of dresses from the breast extension

High-waisted dresses are charming and work wonders. They can visually reduce a few years from the real age, as well as hide the sides or softly outlined waist line. However, for this you need to correctly determine the model. If you take the wrong thing, it will not only not hide the flaws, but also emphasize them.

Existing options:

  • High waist smock. Falling ruffles are characteristic of it. They begin under the chest.

  • Shift Usually very short, without a cutout or with very little. Weakly fits the chest, practically does not. Downwardly expanding, but not much.

  • Trapezoid. This is actually a collective word for A-line dresses with an unmarked bodice line.

  • Shemiz. A free-cut dress, similar to a shirt and gathered under the chest with a drawstring or elastic.

  • With an asymmetric hem. This species is characterized by a skirt that is shorter in front and longer in the back.

  • Baby dollars For this short and ultra short wardrobe item, a bodice that fits and emphasizes the shape of the chest is typical, as well as a wide or multi-layered skirt. The item is usually made in an accentuated girlish or glamorous style.

  • Tunic. Short, loose cut, often with an insert belt under the chest.
  • Empire style dress. A very elegant thing with a very high waistline, an open neckline, completely without sleeves or with sleeves-flashlights. The classic version goes to the floor, but today there is a mini.

How to choose

The main misconception regarding such dresses: absolutely all of them are suitable for pregnant women. In fact, the shedding of the waist, ending directly above the large belly, emphasizes it and visually increases. First of all, this refers to dresses that have a fluffy or even folded skirt after the belt.

The situation is much worse if there are large or horizontal patterns on the hem. For example, flowers in the traditional Russian style. Because of this combination, it is highly likely to turn into a real Old Russian woman - the one that the artists portray. Without a certain age and clear proportions.

The same should be said about almost tight options with high waist. Perhaps some simply complete girls will be able to pick up a similar thing for themselves, and it will even hide the lack of press, but ladies in a position such a cut are definitely not to face.

Pregnant women should look not at things in the style of an empire or baby-dollar, but at a real trapeze. Not too tightly defined chest and absolutely unstressed waist will not constrain and hamper movement. Well, the owner herself will not look like she is struggling to hide or emphasize her position. Ideal option: the product is sewn of material that does not scatter from the slightest wind and does not wind around the silhouette, but knows how to keep its shape.

Important! If the trapeze is created from very light fabric, for example, chiffon, then when moving the dress will shift back. Because of this, the material will begin to fit in front, and an attempt to hide the tummy and sides will turn into a failure.

Small breasts also require caution. An empire-style dress, as well as short naive dresses, can visually “steal” a few centimeters from a bust. The problem can be solved using the following models:

  • with hidden cups in the bodice (such a thing will have to be washed only by hand, otherwise the hidden part may shift);
  • with small folds in the bodice area;
  • with a smell on the chest, but only on condition that the dress or at least its upper part is sewn from dense fabric.

Well, under the ban with a small chest, a bodice with elastic and an option on the laces. Such details are designed to drag. And they do it not only in fact, but also visually.

How to wear elegant dresses with an extension from the chest

It all depends on the specific thing and the tasks that the girl pursues. Useful notes:

  • If you want to create an accentuated girlish look, you should take a trapeze dress and complement the look with golfs or plain white tights in combination with Mary Jane shoes with a very tiny heel.
  • An evening bow is easy to make from a chiffon dress, clutch, bracelets and earrings. Hair is better to dissolve.
  • The basis of a heavily careless ensemble: a denim dress, socks, boots (replaceable with sneakers) and a bun hairstyle.

Important! Turning to the direction of baby dollars, allow yourself large jewelry and accessories, pink, purple and golden hues, cute and naive prints.

Shoes & Accessories

Slates. They are in good agreement with the outfits of the Greek plan, with moderately elegant sundresses, as well as with wardrobe items with an asymmetrical hem. Very tall girls can be worn with a dress like smok, shift, shemiz.

The boats. A universal solution equally suitable for thin and full women. The last one is to stop on a model with a more stable and solid heel.

Important! The hairpin is more suitable for owners of a chiseled figure.

As part of the styles, the boats will definitely “shoot” with the following clothes:

  • flowing model to the floor, including with a cut;
  • an outfit that matches the mood of a baby-dollar (select shoes with high and very high heels, a platform in the front is acceptable);
  • a dress with a really magnificent skirt reaching to the knee or dropping a little lower;
  • office variations of elegant dresses with a waist under the chest.

Sandals. Another almost always appropriate shoe, you just need to feel the mood of the dress. If it’s completely girlish, naive and touching, then pick up a neat pair with a small heel or a tiny wedge. For a dress on the floor, sandals of the classic type with high heels are almost always good. Wear a tunic-like thing with shoes that are vaguely similar to Greek sandals. Well, sandals on a flat sole ideally complement a short a-line dress.

Muli. Form a successful union with asymmetric dresses, tunics, some models in the style of baby dollars.

Ballet shoes. In order to look luxurious in a beautiful thing with a high waist, it is not necessary to wear heels. Create a cute or feminine look with the help of correctly selected color and texture ballet shoes.

Boots. Slender, non-muscular girls should definitely wear stocking boots with a cropped dress in today's fashionable boho style, well, or simply sewn from thin, scattered printed fabric (the pattern should be gypsy, colorful, or folk style). A hat and a bag on a long leather strap (also on a chain) will complement the image. The asymmetrical hem, in turn, requires ankle boots, and the knitwear requires knee-high boots.

Boots. The woolen and denim A-silhouette model will “shoot” in alliance with both short and long boots.

Sneakers. White crosses - a way to turn almost any elegant dress into the basis for everyday look. Only chiffon products and products similar to it in terms of fabric properties are excluded. With them, you still need to wear shoes or summer shoes.

In terms of handbags, everything is simple. Accurately fit in place accessories that need to be carried in your hand. Between the envelope and the clutch bag, make a choice based on the color and cut of a particular dress. It is worth trying a closer look at the model on a long strap. Well, with dresses like the baby-dollars and other options, which are characterized by a fitted bodice and a fluffy skirt, pick up a nice little well-shaped bag.

There are a lot of styles in an elegant dress with an extension from the chest. Due to this, a girl of any complexion has the opportunity to choose the outfit that suits her in forms and taste. For the right choice, do not forget to take into account exactly how the fabric lies and whether there are problems in the neckline, sides, abdomen and legs.