Eiffel Tower Knitting Skirt

The eiffel tower knitting skirt just drove the girls crazy. Almost every girl dreams of finding her. This is no coincidence, since such a model makes slimmer legs. Very feminine and probably that’s why now she is so fashionable. Masters can make this model in a few evenings. More patience and the result is simply amazing.

Distinctive features of the Eiffel Tower skirt

The style of such a skirt is distinguished by the following features. In fact, initially this model is fitted to the knee line, it can be slightly higher, it can be close-fitting. But further, in order not to hamper the movement and show all its personality, the skirt gradually grows in breadth. It turns out a very interesting hem with small waves. Only this is no longer demanded by the style, but by the pattern itself, since it is in honor of the pattern that the thing is so named - the “Eiffel Tower”. Special arana that follow their fabulous weaves along the entire length and have the name of the tower.

Schemes of suitable patterns

What patterns are better to apply for this unique little thing. Here, too, there are no difficulties and practically all aranas are suitable. Slightly shifted and added stripes of the front surface. Small examples of patterns that are ready to complete the project.

Familiar Arana throughout the hem.

Sophisticated Arana, but so beautiful.

The combination of aran and in them there are very long weaves of braids. It turns out a very elongated pattern, it just tends to rise.

Pleasant smooth and even rounded arana pattern, just come in handy for this type of product.

Detailed description of knitting eiffel tower skirts with knitting needles

Just a charming model. But knitting such patterns is very painstaking. For a novice master, this option may seem very difficult, but only until he has mastered the basic pattern. The pattern itself is simply infinitely simple. A detailed description of the skirt of the Eiffel Tower will not let go on the right track.

The work will require:

  • pehorka yarn (you can knit a baby with an average thickness of the thread);
  • knitting needles number 2;
  • an extra pair of knitting needles to create aran;
  • elastic band 2 cm thick.

Stage: measurements. It is important to take good measurements before work. To do this, attach the measuring tape first to the waist - you will need a waist circumference. Then go down below and determine the circumference of the hips. Measure from waist level to floor length. Usually these models are worn by girls with a small heel and therefore it is better to measure immediately in shoes and measure not to the floor.

Stage: sample. Sample or insurance that is always needed for any product. It is important to knit a small square according to the pattern of the canvas and at the same time training will take place, how well the pattern is recognized and you can reproduce it. They tied a square and estimated how many loops and how many rows horizontally and vertically. Better to fix everything on a piece of paper. At the same time, perform a rearrangement on the pattern in cm into loops and calculate how many rapports according to the scheme will be useful for creating a model.

Stage: gum. For size 44, you will need to dial 180 loops around the waist. This indicator is calculated based on the circumference of the waist and the density of the loops for the front surface. Knit 5 cm of the front surface. Further in the collection once again on how and where to insert the gum.

Stage: pattern one. The entire product consists of two schemes, not counting the front surface - this is already very simple and understandable for a beginner. We looked at the diagram and saw that it had 26 loops for one rapport. That is, if you use 8 rapports for 44 sizes in a circle, then you will need 208 loops. In the set there were only 180 loops and therefore in the first row after the gum is completed, 28 loops will need to be added evenly and imperceptibly. According to the model, you need to knit two full rapports up and a half to go to the next pattern.

Stage: second pattern. We pass to the second scheme and the additions of loops are indicated there. Make knitting arana strictly according to the scheme, and carry out additions according to the interval proposed in the scheme. It so happens that the addition goes strictly along the front stripes. Therefore, the thing will have very smooth and cute extensions on the bottom of the hem.

Stage: border. It is very important to tie a tight border along the very edge, so it’s worth calculating and folding 2 cm for the border in size. Run it simple and beautiful handkerchief viscous.

So the cutest product is ready. So I want to wear the most beautiful shoes for her and take a walk. She’s so cute and beautiful, this Eiffel Tower with knitting needles.