Dresses worn by stars for years

In the wardrobe of every modern woman there is a favorite dress or suit that fits perfectly, perfectly accentuates all the advantages of the figure, hiding the flaws. At the same time, such an outfit is perfect for different occasions and events.

Dresses that have been worn for years

Recently, looking at fashion magazines, I noted that the stars are also characterized by frugality and attachment to things. Even the monarchs do not disdain to wear one dress several times. Consider several images of Hollywood beauties and famous personalities who are not ashamed to “walk” their favorite outfit repeatedly.

Kate Middleton

Despite his ducal title and the status of the mother of the heir to the throne of Great Britain, Kate often appears again in her favorite dresses at various events. And this happens not only at parties and holidays, but also on the red carpet.

Important! The Duchess always looks amazing and attracts the eyes of the public with her beauty and freshness, even when dressed in an "old" outfit.

Favorite dresses in Kate Middleton’s wardrobe are classic fitted models of soft shades. For example, the cream long-sleeved outfit she wore three times, including at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Alexa Chang

British TV presenter and model Alexa Chang, who knows a lot about fashion since she is the editor of British Vogue, does not see anything wrong with appearing in public in her favorite dress several times. Her favorite outfit is considered a velvet dress with inserts from lace "mini" length.

It is noteworthy: despite the same dress, every time she looks completely different. Alexa Chang successfully changes her looks: one of the most successful sets was the combination of her favorite thing with a snow-white long-sleeve blouse.

Kirsten Dunst

The actress loves beautiful outfits, but does not hesitate to repeat her star outputs, after a certain time. So, Kirsten appeared in a white lace dress with a complex cut at the 2004 Oscars in 2004. After 13 years, the girl decided to repeat a successful bow and again stepped on the red carpet in the same lace outfit.

Pippa Middleton

Sister Kate Middleton also sees nothing wrong with appearing in the same outfit in public several times. She was repeatedly seen in various images formed on the basis of a white lace mini dress.

Helen Mirren

Actress Helen Mirren is a bright representative of respect for things in her own wardrobe. Helen repeatedly appeared on the red carpet in the same dress, changing only shoes, accessories or jewelry. At the same time, the actress looks attractive every time and does not cause the criticism of fashion critics.

Sophia Loren

A beautiful woman and a favorite of men appeared twice in a black evening dress on the floor. The first time - at the Golden Globe ceremony, and the second time the style icon was released in this outfit at an evening dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.

It should be noted that a black classic dress with a beige top, decorated with beads and rhinestones, perfectly emphasizes the virtues of Sophia Loren, her beautiful appearance. In addition, it fits perfectly with the formal dress code for formal events.

Vivienne westwood

The founder of punk style clothing Vivienne Westwood is alien to any rules. She looks great at all events, without exception, even if her dress has already been worn at public events, and more than once.

Ksenia Borodina

Fans of the TV presenter noticed that the girl, despite the constant change of outfits, prefers the same massive shoes: a square heel, a round cape and a strap around the ankle. You might think that such shoes are suitable for some schoolgirl, but Ksenia is free from conventions and is happy to wear her favorite pair of shoes for various events.

Important! The girl is famous for her addiction to beautiful clothes and likes to change outfits depending on the case.

One of the favorite teledivas dresses is a red velvet dress with bare shoulders. The girl wore it more than once, even after her figure changed greatly due to a sharp weight loss.

Anastasia Volochkova

It may be a discovery for someone, but the ballerina wears not only swimwear in which she actively poses on beaches around the world. Favorite dresses in star wardrobe are also available. One of them is a maxi dress made of light fabric with a floral print. This versatile outfit was worn by a ballerina in different circumstances at least 10 times. At the same time, star subscribers constantly notice that Anastasia does not follow the conventions and regularly puts on the same things from her wardrobe.

Natasha Koroleva

Singer Natalya Koroleva looks great in her years and can afford to wear even the most daring and perky outfits. One of these was an elongated T-shirt-dress in black with a print in the form of a huge ice cream. It is very convenient that in such clothes you can walk at home, and then, without changing clothes and tying up the perky “ponytails”, will go to a children's party.

Famous actresses, TV hosts, models and other media personalities often behave like ordinary women. Those ladies who are against strict conventions and rules often neglect unwritten rules and wear their favorite clothes as much as they want.