Dresses for the full: unusual models 2018

Fat women, trying to hide the flaws of the figure, often wear baggy dresses and hoodies. If you turn to the models that designers offer for magnificent ladies, it becomes clear. The first step to the proper selection of things will be the rejection of large shapeless styles.

What models of dresses are suitable for a full figure

They look very feminine on full women models, a length just below the knees with a ½ sleeve. Such options are suitable for everyday, summer and office outfits. For evening events, long dresses are more suitable. The style range is very diverse - it is flared, and multilayer, and straight models.

ATTENTION! The disadvantages of some models, which sometimes make forms immense, can be hidden or turned into advantages.

Open shoulders or an asymmetrical neckline will distract attention from problem areas. Such options are more suitable for evening dresses on the floor, or light, airy summer dresses.

Suitable for full and solid models with a curly edge and a closed top, where there are no decorative elements.

How to choose the optimal length

Girls with curvaceous shapes will be interested in models whose length reaches the knee or slightly higher:

  • dress shirt;
  • dressing gown;
  • with drawstring;
  • dress - case;
  • trapezoid;
  • flared options.

IMPORTANT! A straight dress looks organically with a knee length or slightly higher.

The current model is midi. But the floor length is inappropriate for girls of small stature. If you still decide on this step, beat the image with high heels.

Suitable colors for dresses

When choosing an outfit, pay attention to the prints. A large drawing makes the figure more voluminous and attracts the eye. The best option would be a small picture: a cage, peas, flowers, thin vertical stripes. In addition to such models, it is worth using monophonic things and accessories.

For evening wear, the ideal color is black. It brightens the figure and is suitable for various styles. You can dilute the color with embroidery or bright accessories. A bright fuchsia or scarlet dress looks very impressive and unexpected.

The smart solution is translucent inserts, from light materials such as chiffon, choose delicate, pastel colors. Outfits in these colors also look irresistibly.

What materials emphasize the merits of a full figure

When choosing a product, you need to pay attention to the material from which the product is made, the quality of tailoring, how comfortable you are and whether it is possible to supplement it with accessories.

  • If freedom of movement is important for you, choose a knitwear, it is suitable for both casual wear and office wear, depending on its density and color.
  • Dense materials create a peculiar style for the full. These fabrics include tweed, wool, denim. This season velor and suede have come into fashion, a tight, but flowing outfit looks rich and advantageous.
  • There are woolen models of large sizes, but in order not to look immense it is better to choose products from thin wool with a vertical pattern.
  • For outfits on the floor, chiffon and any other lightweight material are plain or with a small print.

ATTENTION! The denser the fabric, the calmer the color should be and the style easier.

Fancy short models for full

Models to the knee or slightly lower are most practical. They fit in a feast, and in the world.

  • An unusual, but effective, lightweight and fun look will help create a flutter sleeve. Such a cut of a sleeve, as well as a sleeve of ½ length, will brighten up full hands. If the dress is made of chiffon, it will add airiness to the image and thereby hide the volume.
  • Dresses with a pattern look very advantageous. Of course, it is important to look at the figure, and if it allows, then a dress with a thin strap, or simply fitted with a print, will become your highlight.
  • Another unusual model is a wrap dress. The silhouette becomes slimmer due to oblique lines and looks very elegant. It can be supplemented with ruffles, draperies.
  • Models with a sloping curly edge help visually adjust the shape of the legs. The minimum length of such a dress should be slightly above the knee.

IMPORTANT! Summer models should be bright, have colorful patterns, harnesses, straps or flounces. All this gives lightness and playfulness to short dresses.

Fancy long models for full

For evening outings, models with a hemline maxi are suitable. Decorate the neckline or deep neckline. Double straps look unusual.

The decoration emphasizing the waist is an imitation of smell, leaving in the side seam of a straight dress.

If the dress is combined from several colors, then the color accent will distract attention from problem areas. When black is present in the model, variations with any other colors are possible. Properly combined dresses look good in any length.

If you want to emphasize the waist in a long outfit, pay attention to the models with a belt.

How to choose an unusual dress for the celebration of the New Year 2018-2019

The New Year is approaching, and it is time to think about the outfit for the corporate party, and the meeting of the holiday itself. What new items this season will help to be at the peak of attention for curvy girls?

  • Of course, dresses on the floor are the best option for a celebration, but do not forget about your height and look for shoes with a suitable heel.
  • A win-win version of the flowing skirt. A double hem with a transparent flowing fabric over a dense one will be relevant.
  • A dress above the knee length is also beautiful. The main thing to remember, if a short bottom, then a closed top.
  • Remains still in trend dress - balloon. The hem which is slightly gathered from below allows to hide a tummy and sides. The fabric for the model is better to choose light.
  • A model with dark-colored inserts on the sides will sit beautifully and noble on you, it will visually stretch the figure.
  • In the area of ​​the shoulders and along the edge of the hem, lace can be arranged to match the main fabric or, conversely, contrasting.

IMPORTANT! Accessories, lace, ruffles should be located in those places that you are proud of. Without hesitation, you can place accents on the chest, shoulders, arms, diverting attention from problem areas.

For the New Year, you can wear a sequin model. They should be suitable not only for the color of the dress, but also for the tone of your skin and eye color.

Cold lemon color is very fashionable and relevant this New Year. It suits almost everyone.

Dark blue color alone, or in combination with white lace will look exquisite. A noble satin for this combination is the best solution.

All attention will be riveted to you if the choice falls on a scarlet dress. But here it is important to remember about evening makeup, you are the main thing in this image, and the dress is only cut.

And, of course, classic:

  • beige;
  • light gray;
  • powdery;
  • black and white (better combined).

Elegantly these colors will look in lace, silk, satin.

And once again we place the accents - a deep neckline, a piquant cut on the skirt, open shoulders. We draw attention to the most beautiful parts of the body.