Dress that will ruin any figure

There are things that can ruin even a figure with almost perfect proportions. In order not to get into a mess and not make your body unattractive to others, you need to know what things to avoid in your wardrobe.

The style of the dress that spoils the figure

Dress is the most feminine and attractive item of ladies' wardrobe. Many girls strive to purchase the most trendy and fashionable dresses in their collections, in which you can show off daily. But stylists nevertheless advise to avoid thoughtless shopping and take into account the features of their figure, determining in a boutique how the dress will sit.

There are a number of styles that categorically do not fit almost any woman, but are considered trendy:

  • bag-dress (a trendy dress made in the shape of the letter “O” can ruin the silhouette of even a slender girl, shapeless and unnatural, it hides all the flaws of the figure, but also hides the virtues there too);
  • a model with a high waist (this is a great opportunity to hide a few full hips or lack of a waist, but keep in mind that at the same time the shoulders look almost twice as much);
  • soft shoulder line (delicate and romantic, such dresses are suitable for extremely slender and even fragile girls; for all others, the soft shoulder line will bring excessive bulkiness to the upper part of the figure);
  • bandage dress (dense fabric, perhaps, will emphasize all the advantages at once, but even on slender girls this outfit can look ugly, resembling a sausage-knit).

Important! Choosing a casual or evening dress in the store should not only be based on current fashion trends, but also trying on it for yourself. The main thing is that the product emphasizes the advantages of the figure, concealing flaws, and fashion is only secondary.

Each girl must make a choice on her own: there will be branded things that do not fit the figure at all, or stylish, comfortable, and most importantly - suitable outfits that can emphasize all the advantages and attract the views of others. Often, fashion is merciless and flaunts all the flaws of a figure.

Fabrics and prints that spoil the figure

It’s not so difficult to choose an outfit that suits your figure, you still need to guess the color, choose the right print and pay attention to the fabric from which the dress is sewn. Many of them can significantly harm the image.

For example, stylists recommend abandoning white, color, and also shiny dresses for women who want to hide extra pounds. Due to the scattering of light rays, the boundaries of the silhouette will be blurred, visually adding volume to the figure.

In addition, it is better for large ladies not to use the trendy horizontal strip today, as well as large peas on a light background, a large floral print, small flowers on a bright or light background. All these patterns substantially fill the figure and make the image more bulky.