Dress-shirt pattern: fashionable summer dress

Dress-shirt is a universal clothing option and is suitable for absolutely all women, regardless of style, age and physique. This is clothing that no fashionista can do without. Let us consider in more detail the features of this dress, as well as one of the options for constructing a drawing.

We make a pattern

The product can be worn with or without a belt. The proposed pattern is one of the most difficult, but the result is worth it. The basis is better to take the patterns of the basic dress. Next, follow these steps:

  • We start modeling from the back. It is necessary to build a coquette pattern. To do this, lower the neckline to 12 cm and draw a horizontal line.
  • From the armhole line down we measure up to 1.5 cm to round the previously drawn line.
  • Next, measure out the predefined length of the product.
  • To round the bottom line on the sides we set aside 10 cm. And connect the resulting marks.
  • Then proceeds to the front: it is necessary to translate the tuck on the chest into the side seam.
  • We build a drawing of a strap for buttons or buttons. To do this, set aside 1/2 the width of the bar in the figure to the right.
  • Next, we postpone exactly the same number from the center of the front to the left.
  • Then we determine the border of the bottom of the front: it can be equal to the size of the back or be smaller depending on the style and personal preferences of the master.
  • Take the element from the basic model of the dress as the base of the sleeve. If desired, it can also be modeled.
  • We draw a collar with a cutting stand. It is identical to the collar pattern for a women's shirt.
  • To build a pat, draw a rectangle with dimensions equal to the length and width of the pat. One of the sides in width should look like an arrow.
  • The stitches on the sleeves are built in the same way. The difference is only in length: it is about 25 cm. In the future, they are attached from the inside, just above the elbow joint, so that it is convenient to fix the button.
  • As a belt we use a rectangle measuring 4x200 cm.
  • If desired, you can make chest pockets.

Attention! Based on the classic cut model can be upgraded. It can be either a voluminous dress or a fitted one, with or without pockets, with slits, with a long or shortened sleeve, etc.

By far the easiest way is to make a pattern based on a men's shirt. The product can be simply decorated. For example, you can partially cut off the shoulders and make inserts from lace or mesh, add rhinestone and sequins. The sewn-in elastic band will help to emphasize the femininity of the image.

The benefits of a shirt dress

Dress-shirt is very popular and is an indispensable component of any fashion show. Every season, eminent fashion designers strive to bring something new and interesting to the traditional form. Consider the main features and advantages of this dress:

  • It can be either a casual wardrobe option or a festive one. It is relevant for any occasion: for work, study, leisure.
  • The same dress can be worn in different ways. Having put on a simple wide dress an effective belt and bright jewelry after work, you can safely go to a party.
  • There are no strict restrictions on the materials used for sewing. Fabrics are selected depending on seasonality and taste preferences.
  • The model is comfortable for continuous wearing, provides freedom of movement and comfort.

  • A wide shirt dress is ideal for pregnant and overweight girls. It helps to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the merits.
  • Suitable for any style. The main thing is to understand the trends and find the right combination with accessories and shoes.

Important! You can not part with your favorite shirt dress even in winter. After all, you can always warm yourself by wearing a knitted badlon, tights or leggings underneath.

Having a shirt-style dress in the wardrobe, you can create various images, wear it as a separate wardrobe item, or in combination with trousers, jeans and leggings. We hope that this article will inspire you to create an interesting model with your own hands.