Dress shirt 2019 (photo). New models and fashion trends

Many items of men's wardrobe over time moved to the female. The fact is that with the course of history the role of women in society has also changed - from a housewife and guardian of a family hearth, she has turned into an active member of society.

For hundreds of years, a shirt dress has been the subject of women's clothing. This stylish wardrobe element is suitable for any type of figure, complexion, will hide flaws and emphasize flaws . What novelties of shirt dresses do fashion designers offer to wear in 2019?

What style is a shirt dress?

The modern shirt-style dress really came from an ordinary men's shirt. A large role in this transformation is assigned to Coco Chanel. About a hundred years ago, the great French fashion designer slightly “lengthened” a classic men's shirt, and this resulted in a magnificent dress: simple, but at the same time, elegant and very feminine. Chanel was famous for her ability to borrow only the best from a men's wardrobe.

Now the shirt dress is a light, flying dress with buttons on the front, often decorated with a belt and pockets . Most often, these dresses have a lowered shoulder line, which creates a relaxed silhouette. Of course, dresses can be either straight or fitted, with a detachable skirt, with or without a belt and collar. Instead of a number of buttons, designers often use only a few on top or even a zipper.

What materials are sewn in 2019?

The fabrics for the shirt dress are selected based on the purpose for which it is bought or sewn. Perhaps, for such a style, almost any material is suitable, except for costume and too warm, dense.

For everyday wear, it is better to choose light natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, cambric, staple or jeans. In winter and autumn, a long shirt made of thin knitwear or viscose looks good. For a festive or evening look, you can experiment with materials and choose lace or translucent fabric (of course, so that underwear does not shine through, as this goes beyond etiquette), chiffon or flowing satin.

What colors, prints, combination of shades - fashion trends

A plain shirt dress will never go out of fashion, it always looks appropriate and modest. Nevertheless, you can always pick up large, catchy accessories that will complement the image and, if necessary, add bright colors even on a gloomy autumn day.

In 2019, it's time to "play" with prints. For example:

  • in flower. A floral print will probably never become obsolete. He emphasizes the feminine and natural beauty of the girl;
  • strip. The most attractive combination of this season is the pastel tone of the background with blue, dark blue and black vertical stripes. Such a print is not only a trend, but also visually draws a figure;
  • animal drawing. Leopard print, zebra print is now at the peak of popularity, but be careful: it is easy to overdo it and look out of place at an important event;
  • cell. Checkered fabric has been helping fashionistas create casual looks for many seasons. If you are the owner of dark hair - choose a red cage, if you are a blonde, then wear dresses with a gray-blue cage.

Fashion decoration 2019

Among the stylish decor items on the dress this season are in the lead:

  • a variety of belts at the waist;
  • patch pockets on the chest;
  • buttons of a bizarre or cute shape (for example, hearts);
  • frills and frills;
  • bows and brooches.

Actual inserts and elements

One of the most feminine elements of a shirt dress can be called lace on the back, shoulders or hem. Skillfully selected outfit with lace can be worn everyday. It is important that he does not look defiant, but girlishly cute. Nylon white or beige knitted lace is suitable for a summer light outfit, and black lace ones are suitable for going to a restaurant or evening social gathering.

The absolute trend of the 2019 season is embroidery or applique in the form of flowers on the chest or on the back . Particularly stylishly embroidered flowers look on a cotton or linen dress in a pastel shade (beige, blue), on denim or on a striped print.

Stylish styles of shirt dress 2019

Dress-shirt is characterized by a wide variety of cuts and styles, so it will not be difficult for every woman to choose her perfect outfit for her mood, situation or event, season.


Feature of the style is the color scheme. Choose an elongated shirt in khaki, swamp, grass and even camouflage colors. If you are a brown-eyed brunette or brown-haired woman, then the military style will definitely fit into your color type . If you also have a dark skin color, then such a dress is the best solution.


The whole point of this dress is simplicity. Usually safari-style clothing is characterized by beige, brown, olive and beige-gray shades. A shirt dress in this style is decorated with large dark buttons, buttons, numerous pockets.

A wide belt under the skin or suede with a simple buckle, catchy jewelry, high-heeled shoes, as well as sneakers, sandals or sandals, perfectly go with it.

The absolute advantage of a safari dress is that it is universal in all respects: it can be worn by both girls and mature ladies ; It is equally suitable for walking, going to the movies, working in the office, or studying at the university.

Bare shoulder

This option is ideal for summer walks and beach vacations. With bare shoulders, the girls look very cute and very attractive to men. Designers produce mainly two types of dresses with bare shoulders:

  • in the first, the sleeves do not disappear, just there are cuts in the shoulders that look beautiful with a closed neck (collar) and button closure. Season trend - shuttlecocks on the chest and sleeves;
  • The second option is modeled as if it was lowered from the shoulders. In fact, the top sits tight thanks to an elastic band or other fastening and does not fall anywhere. It looks sexy and gentle.

This model should be worn with care by women with broad shoulders so as not to visually increase the effect.

To the floor

The length of such a model reaches either the ankle, or reaches the floor itself. Depending on the material, it can be suitable for everyday wear as well as for a holiday. For example, a cotton or linen dress is ideal for a summer walk by the sea, and a chiffon or satin dress is for a birthday or New Year party.


For a festive occasion, pick up a model of midi or maxi lengths made of light, flying fabric. The cutout in front will look perfect, because of which the leg on the heel will peek. At an evening event, a shirt dress made of translucent fabric or lace will also be appropriate.

With fringe

The fringe trend came from boho style and firmly settled in the minds of fashion designers. Fringe on clothes can be found in a variety of manifestations:

  • in the form of denim rags on a dress made of jeans;
  • in the form of multi-colored brushes;
  • from feathers;
  • from small threads;
  • with strung beads and rhinestones.

With bow, with ruffles, with a belt

The decorative element on the shirt dress always looks advantageous and gives the image a more elegant look. One of the notable options is a large or not very bow. Its location on things can be completely different:

  • the belt is made of fabric and tied at the waist, forming a beautiful bow;
  • long or short sleeves are decorated with bows on the cuffs, or along the entire length of the sleeve;
  • The bow under the collar looks elegant, which is either immediately sewn and made from the same fabric, or tied from a contrasting thin ribbon. Such an image can be suitable both for work and for a romantic date, depending on its stylization.

A large decorative element is frills, which can be located on the chest and shoulders, along the hem or cuffs. Give preference to the monochrome version, because the shuttlecocks themselves are a wonderful decoration . The image can be decorated with elegant earrings or a bracelet.

Large or too voluminous frills are far from all girls. Ladies with a standard figure and medium or high stature, they are ideal. For women with magnificent forms or short stature, it is better to choose smaller shuttlecocks.

A fabric belt or a leather or suede strap is perfect for both a fitted and oversized shirt dress. It will emphasize the waist and serve as a fashion accessory even to the simplest plain dress.

With smell

A convenient model for those who do not like to fasten a large number of buttons on clothes. In addition, the smell forms a beautiful triangular neckline and opens an attractive neckline. The wraparound option is suitable for walks, gala events, cocktail parties. Be careful with the color and style: their combination should not resemble a medical gown.

With flared skirt

The peculiarity of the model is that the skirt of such a dress is detachable, that is, the top is made in the style of a classic tight-fitting shirt, and the skirt can be from another fabric (for example, tulle), a different color, a variety of cuts (sun, half sun, flared and very magnificent )

A girl in this appearance looks extremely gentle and feminine, and the image is suitable for summer walks, dates and even festive events.


The fashion for asymmetric dress-shirt dresses appeared several years ago, but still does not lose its relevance. The asymmetry is that the front of the hem is noticeably shorter than the back. Due to the shortened front, a view of the slender female legs opens, and if you complement the image with shoes or sandals with heels, your legs will visually become even longer.

Hoodie Dress

Even if a girl is the owner of a slim figure, this does not mean that she needs to wear only tight-fitting things. Hoodie dress has been a fashion trend for several years. For full girls, it will be a good opportunity to hide the flaws of the figure . A similar wardrobe item can be worn:

  • as a full dress. Slender girls, if desired, can emphasize the waist with a strap;
  • with skinny jeans, trousers or leggings as a stylish wrap or tunic.

If the hoodie is monophonic, then bright jewelry, a beautiful handbag and shoes will help revive the image.

Dress-hoodie is one of the best options for pregnant women. A free cut will not allow squeezing the stomach, and natural lightweight fabric will contribute to comfort throughout the walk.

Dress shirt 2019 for full: interesting models

Ladies with magnificent forms are incredibly lucky: a dress-shirt is a wardrobe item not only of slender girls, but also of women in the body. It will ideally hide flaws and make it look simple, but with taste . We advise you to pay attention to the following models:

  1. straight shirt dress or denim hoodie. Denim is usually quite dense, it will keep the heat in a tightened state. In such models, flat pockets in the side seams or patch pockets on the chest are welcome. Safari or military styles are also ideal;
  2. even fat people have a waist, so you should choose options with built-in belts or supplement the image with a medium or wide belt yourself . You do not need to choose a narrow belt: it will only emphasize a couple of extra kilograms and give unnecessary volume;
  3. a flying dress-shirt with a vertical strip of length to the knee or midi will help to visually make the figure more slim.