Dress in peas - one of the most popular trends in 2019

Always loved things with polka dots! I think you understand my feelings when I found out that this year they are not only possible, but also must be worn! After all, this print on dresses, trousers, skirts and bows is again triumphantly returning to the catwalk. This is an ageless classic that never goes out of style. But there is no question of any simple repetition. Pea 2019 has its own characteristics.

The peculiarity of the fashion print of the season

The print polka dot or peas, as it has been called for many decades, takes the leading position in the 2019 season. This is a real trend. Designers are sure that every lady, regardless of age, position in society, type of figure and other features, should have several things in her wardrobe at once with this fashionable pattern.

On the shelves you can find:

  • dresses decorated with peas of different sizes;
  • blouses made of light materials that are decorated in full or in part;
  • bows and scarves - as a rule, a large print is used here;
  • pants and skirts.

Important! A woman should pay particular attention to the size of the print when choosing clothes in a store. It is of great importance for creating a stylish and harmonious image.

Combine to avoid monotony

  • Today, designers advise not only to choose classic outfits with plain peas, but also to conduct experiments. For example, combine mugs of different diameters or colors in one image . So the girl will be able to feel irresistible.
  • The features of spring-summer 2019 prints are the combination of different patterns or the combination of different sizes and colors within the same type of print . Unusual dresses sparkled on the catwalks with details trimmed with large and small balls at the same time.

  • At the show of the MaxMara collection, women were called to combine several shades in one suit at once, including a large color print . Stylish classic trousers of swamp green color with a large black pattern, as well as a jacket matching the trousers, looked great with a black blouse decorated with dark green large peas and a similar coat.
  • Especially beautiful and unusual look products with contrasting colors. For example, a white elongated dress in a black small pattern with sleeves of the same color in large white peas. A woman will not go unnoticed in a similar way.

What fashionable dresses do designers offer?

A wide variety of dresses presented on the catwalks by fashion designers and stylists helps every woman make a choice. With such a pattern on clothes, you can create many different images, business, modest, romantic or even daring, slightly loose.

Different lengths, styles and fabrics allow you to choose the right sets for all occasions.

  • Translucent products in the floor, slightly fitted and decorated with polka dot of different sizes and bright colors will look great at the evening out, if it is correctly supplemented with accessories.

  • A fitted fitted mini, but decorated with a neckline with a huge bow, will suit flirty ladies who are going on a date .

  • Stylish black maxi-skirt in combination with an elastic top in contrasting white, decorated with large circles, are perfect for a summer vacation somewhere by the sea .

  • A product of a direct or A-silhouette under the belt is suitable for everyday business or even going to work in the office .

Advice! You need to choose a dress strictly according to your figure. It is equally important to choose the appropriate size peas. On a fluffy woman, the individual parts of the bow decorated with a fine print look better.

In addition to dresses, attractive blouses, skirts and even trousers decorated with polka dot prints sparkled on the catwalks. Accessories and shoes also match the clothes decorated with circles of different sizes.

How to wear a pea dress?

Every woman who chooses such a conspicuous outfit must be completely confident in her attractiveness and compelling. Only then will the dress look like it was sewn exclusively to order.

Pea makes it possible to stand out from the crowd, but at the same time flaunts some flaws in the figure. And besides, peas visually slim ! The main thing is to correctly select the diameter of the peas.

Who needs a fashionable print?

Polka dot dresses suit absolutely everyone! There is no girl who would look in clothes with a similar print unattractive. This is a unique pattern, suitable for any type of figure, face and appearance.

How to choose your own pea

  • Slender young ladies with a good figure can choose almost any option.
  • Thin people who want to look at least a little “steeper” need big peas.
  • It is better for full ladies to choose dresses of medium length fitted or flared down, which can cover lush hips and beautifully frame the chest. The print should be small, but noticeable.

Important! The small size of peas is a win-win option for any woman, regardless of the type of figure.

How to wear a pea dress

Choosing a dress is half the battle. I would like to wear it and not feel like a simple girl from the 90s! You can wear such products traditionally, using proven combinations that do not fail, or modern and unexpected.

Traditional combinations

  • The fitted or magnificent dresses look great in a romantic setting, for example, on a date with a loved one. It’s better to pick up classic shoes or sandals on a low thin “hairpin”.

  • Long sundresses made of lightweight fabric with small peas are ideal for hot summers. The fabric pleasantly fits the body, and the dress elegantly flutters in the gentle breeze. You can wear it with wicker straw bags, low-heeled sandals, ballet shoes and hats.

  • A medium-sized pea sheath dress is a great solution to dilute the dullness of gray office days. Usually neutral shades of the dress are selected, for example, dark blue, which is decorated with a medium-sized pattern. Classic discreet "boats" and a stylish bag will be a worthy addition.

Modern combinations

Well, and if it seems to you that the above methods are somewhat rustic? Then proceed to the experiments!

  • Try on your chosen dress with a leather jacket or denim jacket. Looks unexpected? But stylish! They will definitely look after you!

  • No shoes or heeled sandals! Our choice - sneakers and even boots more brutal! This unusual combination is very advantageous!

  • Do not stop at peas! Choose an additional print! Peas will not be lost, but, on the contrary, stand out against such a background.

Dress in peas should be worn, not being afraid to seem inappropriate. This is a fashionable classic and modern! So get your favorite “pea” dresses from the bins or choose new ones and shine!