Dress from improvised materials do it yourself

Costume parties and theme nights can not do without bright and unusual outfits. Many girls opt for a dress, as it is the main symbol of women's wardrobe. The classic standard model will not always be appropriate for a special occasion. To create original and outstanding dresses improvised materials can be useful.

Our ideas and photos will help you create a special outfit.

We use paper

A large amount of unnecessary paper can be found in every home. She will be an excellent consumable for creating dresses.

Materials :

  • wallpaper;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • sewing meter.

The meter is useful for removing and marking the necessary parameters. The required indicators depend on the model of the product itself. In the case when a fitted model is needed, measurements should be carried out immediately with paper . This will allow you to select the exact data and avoid the possibility of creating too narrow a dress.

To create a fluffy skirt, several layers are used. Each layer is recommended to be made several centimeters shorter than the previous one. The interlayers are fastened together with glue.

Reference. Magazines, napkins, corrugated or colored stationery are also useful as consumables.

When creating, you can use an alternative option . A semblance of sewing is made from light soft fabric. The paper frame attaches directly to the fabric side. This will significantly improve the tactile sensations with prolonged use of the dress.

Application Packages

In the manufacture of unusual dresses, garbage bags are most often used. Such material is characterized by high strength, despite the fine texture. Many needlewomen actively replace them with packages of washing powder or milk .

The garbage bag is large. From it you can create a short dress-style sheath . Cut off the excess, and secure the edges with tape. Decorate the waist area with a strap.

A fluffy skirt is formed from several packages at once . Each layer is attached using double-sided tape. Of particular note is the possibility of creating an asymmetric skirt - a short front that flows smoothly into the long back.

Note: a special refinement will help to create a method of attaching packages in the manner of fish scales.

"Vegetable dress"

To create a similar outfit, flowers, fallen leaves, branches are useful. When creating, you will need a basic kit to which the consumable will be attached. It can be a T-shirt and a skirt, a cloak of fabric.

Tools :

  • leaves;
  • flower buds;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • glue.

When using leaves, you will need threads and a needle. The material attaches slightly to the overlap of the previous layer. For the formation of a magnificent volume, the creation of several layers is recommended . To design thin shoulder straps, small-sized leaves are suitable.

To create a dress from flowers you will need a glue gun. The stem must be cut close to the bud. Flowers are arranged at your own discretion: in even rows or in a chaotic manner.

An important aspect of creating this model is its storage. Buds and leaves dry quickly and wither. It is recommended to carry out the technological process on the eve of using the product . Keep this dress in a dark, cool room. To prevent premature drying, buds and leaves are periodically sprayed with cold water.


This option will be appreciated by lovers of eccentric and unusual outfits. A basic fabric kit is also useful for creating. The balls themselves should be small in size, close to each other. In the manufacture, you can use several shades to form bright patterns and ornaments.

Tip. Instead of balloons, balls for playpen or tennis are suitable. Some girls use ball deodorant material. Before work, tools can be painted in saturated colors.

Other ideas for creating an original dress

  • Edible dresses have gained wide popularity . Many designers present entire collections of wardrobe items made of chocolate, sweets, and baked goods. The decoration for such a product will be pastel or marshmallow inserts.

  • DVDs are almost out of everyday use. Old items will come in handy when creating a spectacular dress. The wardrobe will be distinguished by its splendor and chic.

  • An umbrella is the main companion in rainy weather. Broken accessories are suitable for making an extravagant dress. As the top, you can use a bodice, top or T-shirt. The skirt is made out by several umbrellas.

  • The option with plush toys is similar to the previous one. For sewing, small-sized toys that are sewn together are suitable. A lace top will serve as a top.

In preparation for the theme party, the girls make great efforts to create an unusual outfit. The best choice is to use improvised materials that can be found in every home. 8 original ideas will help to make a choice and make a bright and original dress for any occasion.