Dress for dolls with knitting needles

The master of knitting and crocheting always has yarn from the main product. If the family has a little girl, then where to adjust the leftovers does not raise a question. Of course, these are things for the chrysalis. And how happy the daughter will be when her beloved toy has a new thing again. A few cute models specifically for dolls later in the article. A detailed description for each product and the presence of clear patterns for the implementation of the pattern.

How to knit a dress for a Baby Bon doll with knitting needles: schemes and description

Baby Bon doll is a very popular baby among toys. This model has its invariable sizes, according to which it will be easy to make a pattern and knit a beautiful dress and more than one.

It will not take much yarn and time. Two charming models with diagrams and descriptions will help make the new thing faster.

Short sleeve flared dress

A delicate striped model with a charming bow and a strip made by raglan. It fits quickly and practically in one breath, the process is very mesmerizing.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn 150 gr (pink and white);
  • knitting needles number 2;
  • satin ribbon for a bow.


Stage: hem. Knitting begins with the hem and this raglan is best knitted from the bottom up. Knit 80 loops and knit in a circle three rows of front stitch. Then, through two loops, make crochets and again switch to the front surface.

Important! Nakida is necessary not to add loops, but to obtain the lower hem of the hem.

Knit 4 more rows with pink thread.

Stage: stripes. Change the thread to white and continue only 10 rows. Next, make two circles pink. So alternate until you get 4 white stripes. At the same time, make reductions every 5 rows, reduce two loops. It is better to reduce from the sides, so it will be imperceptible.

Stage: shelf. Go to the pink thread and knit 4 rows. Set aside shelves aside.

Stage: sleeves. Knit 26 loops with knitting needles and knit the first row with the front stitch, and the second with the crochets through two loops. Then again the front surface is about 5 rows.

Stage: Raglan. Connect the two sleeves and the shelves in one big circle, observe the order. Knit in a large circle and at the points of connection of parts, knit two loops together. Knit until 10 loops remain on the front shelf. Just close the loops on the canvas pattern.

Stage: decoration. The model will complement the bow made of satin ribbon, just pass it between the loops (about 2 cm apart) and tie a neat bow in front.

If desired, you can complement the image with a beautiful bandage, knitted or crocheted and decorated with a satin ribbon.

Knitted dress with a pattern

A good model of a dress for a Baby Bon doll is a model with a full skirt and a lace pattern on the hem of the skirt. It is also raglan, but it must be knitted on top.

To work, you will need:

  • pink yarn 100 gr;
  • white yarn;
  • knitting needles number 2.

Stage: neck. For the neckline, a contrasting white thread was used. Dial the pink thread 38 loops. Knit the first row with purl loops, the second with facial but white thread. Next, distribute the loops for the sleeves and shelves and continue with the front smooth surface, but immediately with the implementation of the raglan elements. For shelves of 12 loops and for sleeves of 7 loops. For raglans do the following additions. Knit the crochet, then one front loop and again the crochet. So in each of the four raglan points. Knit only 9 rows.

Stage: shelves. Set aside sleeves on extra knitting needles and start with shelves. They are tied together in a circle. Knit 10 rows of facial smoothness without additions and then make a row with crochets every 4 loops. These are places for the flagellum.

Stage: hem. Go to the pigtails diagram. In total, 9 rapports should be obtained and therefore add the necessary number of loops if necessary in the first row. Between the pigtails, the back loops. Next, to expand the hem, you need to add loops in the spaces between the braids and in the wrong stripes. For each strip add one loop every 7 rows. Knit the required length, in the penultimate row, with the purl stitches, sew a row of white thread and again purl of pink. Close the loop and the hem is ready.

Stage: sleeves. Knit 8 stitches of the front surface for each sleeve and make the end similar to the hem.

Stage: decoration. As an ornament, you must pass the cord around the waist and tie a neat bow in front of the bodice. On this dress, knitting for the Baby Bon doll is ready.

We knit a dress with needles for a Barbie doll with schemes and description

Despite the very small size of the Barbie doll, several models can also be knitted for them. It turns out very luxurious products, and the doll seems to come to life before his eyes. Well, what girl will refuse the thing for Barbie, which will be so similar to the real one.

Dress with Collar

Very warm and casual dress for a toy. High collar with decoration, imitation of a belt and beautiful elastic bands around the edge. Very reminiscent of the real image of a lady.

To work, you will need:

  • some gray yarn;
  • knitting needles number 2.

Stage: sleeves. Knit sleeves from 18 loops set. The first 12 loops are a pattern of the front surface. The last loop is a garter stitch. So it will be an imitation of gum. Make two parts 17 rows high.

Stage: shelves. Dial 32 loops and knit in a circle first with a garter stitch 3 rows, and then with a facial smooth surface. To simulate the belt through 27 rows, connect small lines of purl loops. Then again the usual facial surface and make an addition of 4 loops. Knit to the collar, but after the armhole separate fabrics.

Stage: assembly. Sew sleeves and make side seams along the sleeves. Loop the collar and loop around the front in a row of 10 rows high.

The dress is knitted, and you can decorate it with a small flower on the collar. You can use a small button to match.

Party dress for Barbie dolls

A very beautiful combination of lace and front fabric. The flower will complete the picture.

To work, you will need:

  • red yarn;
  • black lace;
  • bead;
  • hook;
  • knitting needles number 2.

Dress knit on top. This is a model with a very short sleeve and raglan. Spoke 24 loops and immediately begin adding on raglan. To do raglan as: yarn, front, yarn. Run 5 rows of raglan. Then simply close the sleeves, and continue the shelves together in a circle. Do not add to the waist line. Next, add 4 loops and continue the front surface to the required length.

Decorate the finished version with lace and flowers with a bead. You can crochet two small flowers of red and black yarn. So Barbie is ready for the holiday.

Dress with long sleeves

Luxurious dress with long flared sleeves and flared skirt. The model emphasizes all the charms of the figure. The young princess will be glad to see her doll in such a wonderful outfit.

To work, you will need:

  • thread iris;
  • knitting needles number 2.

Stage: hem. The product starts from the bottom up. It is better to knit whole in front and back. Therefore, 80 loops are typed and a pattern is tied up with a gradual decrease in 4 loops in two rows. Knit to the length of the mini skirt. Next, go to the front surface and knit to the armhole of the sleeves. After knitting separately in front and back of the bodice. To reduce the neck, decrease one loop in each row. Knit to the shoulders.

Stage: sleeves. To collect 38 loops for the sleeve and knit according to the pattern of openwork. Gradually do the reduction and in the shoulder go to the front surface.

Stage: assembly. Sew in sleeves and complete shoulder seams.

Stage: decoration

The product will not look so fabulous without small white beads. The combination of blue iris and white beads makes this model fabulous.

How to decorate a knitted dress for a doll

The dress for the doll can be decorated with embroidery if the child is small. For older children, beads, a different scattering of pebbles and many interesting applications will not be dangerous. You can weave and a flower, all kinds of lace trim, lace trim and many other decorations will come in handy.