Dress code Smart casual (office) for men

Smart casual (or “slightly loose”) is one of the conflicting styles. They talk and write about him quite a lot, but it is difficult to formulate an exact definition. Clothing in smart casual style is preferred by men who need to look solid, but at the same time informal. Next, we will try to analyze the features of the dress code and its main elements.

Smart casual dress code definition

In different sources there are various interpretations of this stylistic direction. In each state or company, the meaning of the dress code is individual. After all, what is acceptable in one place, in another, may look inappropriate and even indecent.

Smart casual does not provide a strict framework; it can successfully combine classic and trendy elements of clothing.

The advent of smart casual

It is believed that Smart casual originated in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. It was an era of development of the largest corporations that did not impose special requirements on the appearance of employees. The style gained its popularity only in the middle of the century, when the “white-collar workers” appreciated the convenience and sophistication of the outfit. The first images looked rather timid and unconvincing. For example, men began to put on a simpler version of cotton instead of a strict jacket.

Basic elements of dress code smart casual for men

The main condition for compiling the image of a smart casual is to find harmony between classic and informal things. With the advent of this style, men became more free to choose clothes. Even with a small number of items in your wardrobe, you can combine several interesting bows.

Men's shirts

The base item in Smart casual style is a dark blue shirt. It is combined with all wardrobe items and will never lose its relevance. The main thing is to choose the right shade. Ideally, you need to have as many shirts of various colors and cuts as possible.

Important! To highlight the individuality of the bow, a checkered shirt or striped shirt will help.


A monophonic t - shirt with a shallow neckline will be a win-win in the office style . It is important that it is combined in color with other elements of clothing. They put on a jacket or blazer, which is conveniently removed if desired.

Blazer and jacket

Many men confuse a blazer and a jacket, because outwardly they are very similar. However, they are worn in different cases. So, for warm weather, a cotton or linen blazer of muted brown, beige or green is suitable.

A men's blazer can be worn instead of a vest under a jacket. In cool weather, you should stop your choice with a tweed jacket.


In a conservative embodiment, the cardigan should be sewn from a thin fabric or knitted . The collar can be either v-shaped or shawl-shaped. Sport models are zipped, and classic ones are buttoned.

Tie and other accessories

A fresh tie will add a fresh touch to the image . However, in this case, it is not a mandatory attribute. If the event requires its presence, then opt for a thin knitted tie.

It is better to refuse standard office models . The tie can be matched to the color of the pocket square . Of the accessories, you should pay attention to sunglasses and a tie clip.


In the selection of trousers, image makers are advised to abandon the classic models with smoothed arrows and straight shapes. The best choice is khaki and chinos products.

Important! The color of the trousers should be combined with the shade of the upper part of the suit, belt and shoes. Light tones are chosen by young people, and darker ones are chosen by more mature and respectable men.

But jeans must be selected in Smart casual carefully so as not to violate the border and not go into casual.

Attention! The highlight of the image can be tucked up from the bottom of the pants in combination with loafers on the bare foot. The sleeves of the shirt and jacket can also be rolled up.


The belt is chosen depending on the type and color of the trousers. Since the style is quite free and laid-back, it is permissible to use different, opposite in color things in one bow.

For chinos, a narrow belt in the color of the shoe is recommended. And for jeans, the usual classic option is suitable.

Men's shoes

In choosing shoes, it is better to show imagination and experiment. However, the model should be as close as possible to the classics. There are no color restrictions, but black is still better to replace with bright brown .


Of course, some boot options are more practical to wear on bare feet. However, in most cases, socks will be needed. They should be in color with some detail of the image, for example, with a tie.

Fashionable men's images Smart casual (smart casual)

Consider the variations of images in the style of Smart casual:

  • Classic look. The selection of clothes begins with a shirt. It should be plain or with a simple print. You can refuse a tie, and put on a blazer on top. Chinos in a neutral shade go well with shoes and a chocolate-colored strap.
  • Free. In this option, jeans, a white shirt and a dark jacket are appropriate. A vest with a tie or a cardigan is also suitable.

  • Layered image. To create it, you need a one-color shirt, cardigan, jeans, cardigan. The more clothes, the better.
  • In cold weather . Be sure to have warm wool pants and a turtleneck. You can wear a blazer on top.
  • Sports image . The main attribute here will be fashionable sneakers. In such a variation there is a fine line between Smart casual and casual styles, and its transition can be very difficult to notice.

Successful combinations of clothes and colors

As in any style, there are the most successful combinations of clothes. So, according to most famous designers, a blue blazer is a universal thing in a smart casual wardrobe that fits any look .

A good combination would be a combination of a dark top and a light bottom . For example, a dark blue sweater with beige pants. An integral element is a white shirt.

The main colors of the dress code will be black, white, gray, beige, brown, shades of blue and burgundy.

Advice! If, nevertheless, it was decided to refuse the tie, then it is better to leave the top button of the shirt open.

Smart casual can be called a connecting component between a business formal outfit and comfortable, practical clothing. In terms of convenience, it is second only to sports style. The uniqueness of the dress code is hidden in its minimalism. After all, you can have basic things and, with a competent approach, combine them for a specific situation.