Dress code "Cocktail" (evening elegant) for women

Surely many women had to attend a cocktail party. Usually its beginning coincides with 17-00, and the duration is four hours. Such meetings are not solemn, but knowledge of a number of rules regarding the choice of dresses and additions to them is still necessary. Nowadays, exhibitions and presentations are often hidden behind this sign.

The basic rules of the dress code "Cocktail" for women

Of course, these kind of evenings do not imply any special formality, but certain requirements are mandatory. For women, these are special styles of dresses designed specifically for cocktails, in accordance with the type of party, season, individual characteristics of the figure and age ...

For example, if an entertaining cocktail party could well decorate a mini-dress with bright accessories, then at a business banquet such clothes are strictly prohibited .

Types of Cocktail Events

The criterion for dividing cocktails into species is the reason for their holding. There are three types: business orientation, classics and social gatherings.

To participate in them, every woman should have a minimum in her wardrobe : a cocktail dress, high-heeled shoes, a clutch bag, a set of accessories (photo).

Classic Cocktail Dress Code

To meet in a business-like manner at an expensive hotel, it is better to go in a black sleek dress without sleeves, to the knees or lower, with a shallow neckline and no cuts + a simple engagement ring, inexpensive earrings and watches + closed “boats” with a thin heel.

Important! Do not wear expensive gold earrings and rings.

Dress Code Cocktail attire

Feel free to wear a dress to the knees at the exhibition or theater, or even a little higher. Its upper part should be quite strict, without an open cut on the chest and back .

At the same time, there are no restrictions on the color of the fabric, style or decorative gizmos . It will be very useful to have long gloves, as well as stylish jewelry gizmos from good plastic. Model shoes.

Cocktail dress code for business receptions (parties)

At gala parties that open until 8 p.m., dresses are most often worn 10 cm below or above the knees, the style of which is based on open shoulders . Color does not matter, decor is welcome, but not required. Pantsuit (trousers) are not welcome, but possible in business negotiations.

In summer, open-type shoes, as well as sandals with small heels, are suitable .

Important! Do not wear too expensive jewelry. But ordinary gold and good plastic are always in fashion.

Cocktail Party Principles

Such evening meetings with business partners are aimed at conducting small-scale conversations and making new connections. In our society, they are most often unofficial, with all kinds of food and drink.

It is crucial that all participants know in advance the time of the start of the party, the venue and purpose of the visit.

How to behave at cocktail parties?

First you need to give the owners confirmation of receipt of the invitation. The next step is to find out in advance all the obscure points, having decided on the declared dress code .

In order not to seem impolite, you need to be punctual, that is, come for 5-10 minutes. later than the announced start of the evening, but no more than 20 minutes.

Important! All gathered should be not only properly dressed, but also in a positive mood.

Among the basic rules of conduct are:

  • shake hands, a “dry” kiss is possible;
  • friendly smile;
  • nice measured conversation with jokes and quiet laughter;
  • adherence to food and drink culture;
  • a couple of sips of champagne will help to start a conversation; the glass must be held by the leg;
  • dances are allowed, if it is in the plans of the organizers;
  • leaving, thank the owners (if this is not possible, then send them a bouquet with a card home within 24 hours).

How to choose a cocktail dress?

Dress is an important component of your image, which will hide the imperfections of the body and emphasize the beauty. Important points of selection is its combination with the type of hairstyle, model of shoes, accessory solutions.

The beauty of the image and the correct choice depend on the elegance of the cut, the desired length, moderation of the neckline, and the consistency of the color scheme.

Differences between a day cocktail and an evening cocktail

Absolutely, the choice of a fashionable ensemble for an evening cocktail will have serious differences from the event held during the day.

In the evening it is preferable to dwell on the strict classics and feminine elegance of the kit . The evening version of the dress should be more elegant.

Clothing for an evening cocktail.

Dress selection by age

When choosing a dress, you need to consider age-related features :

If a woman is slender and she is less than 25 years old, then a length of 15 cm above the knees, a bright range and a peculiar cut are acceptable.

Important! The main rule in using jewelry is moderation.

From 25 to 35 years - there is no strict regulation on the type of cut and color of matter ( except for pinkish, acid lemon shades and light green tones), but you should not wear a mini dress (unless your figure is close to ideal), optimally - lower knees, and the splendor of the skirt is not welcome.

Summer dress

Perfect cocktail dresses in light pastel or bright colors . In some cases, you can also wear a translucent dress (just above the knees) complete with suitable sandals, fabric with a floral pattern is suitable for him.


The best choice is knitwear or dresses made of black or gray wool with a seasonally fashionable pattern and sleeves to the wrist, especially in winter.

But beige, gold shades and dark blue tones will also be quite appropriate .

You should choose suitable accessories for them in the form of bags, watches, various accessories. You can wear small simple hats, gloves with high sockets and bolero capes.

Dress styles

Suitable styles include:

  • A-silhouette;
  • “By smell”;
  • costume option;
  • according to the type of combination (lace and underwear clearance are unacceptable) .

Important! Inappropriateness of the "baby-dollars", as well as "packs" and "oversize."

Shoes & Accessories

A cocktail is a style of high heels (at least 7 cm) and closed shoes.

It is unacceptable to walk without pantyhose and stockings even in extreme heat.

Only sometimes it is possible to replace "boats" with open shoes such as sandals.

On a note! Bags are exceptionally small (clutches) for smartphones, purses and lip gloss.

It is unlikely that you will need a notebook for notes, a cosmetic set and other little things here.

Headgear is worn when declared by the organizers.

What is allowed and prohibited in the cocktail dress code

  1. High thin heel, starting from 7 cm, the back and toe are solid. In summer, informal parties in the evening involve wearing sandals.
  2. A prerequisite - pantyhose or stockings made of kapron, bodily or black.
  3. Do not wear very short mini or floor-length dresses.
  4. You can open your hands, but the neckline should be worn moderate .
  5. A small clutch bag and no bulk bags .
  6. In the cold season, the cocktail set should be in darker colors than in warm.

Thus, despite the concession regarding cocktail clothes, there are certain rules and they must be strictly followed. This applies to all components of the image, not just dresses.