Dress code business casual (strict business) for women

Those who want to look fashionable and stylish have heard the expressions “casual” or “casual style clothes” and “business casual” more than once. Things made in this style can be very diverse. Thanks to this, casual is a universal style and is suitable for both creating an office and for romantic walks.

What is casual style?

If you look in the dictionary, you will see that the word “casual” is translated from English as “careless”, “free”, “unofficial”. It combines elegance and homeliness. First of all, it is comfort: comfortable trousers, bright T-shirts and blouses, soft pullovers, skirts and dresses of simple cut.

Due to its versatility and conciseness, casual is one of the most popular trends in clothes outside the office.

Features of a business casual style for women

Not so long ago, in the office sphere, there were strict rules regarding clothing acceptable at the workplace: for men - a suit and tie, for women - a suit with a skirt of a certain length, always with tights, a trouser suit.

Now employers have become less demanding. But a certain set of rules has been preserved. This is how the business-casual dress code (strict business style) appeared . It means the most suitable option for an office suit that looks businesslike, but is not overly formal.

The office now does not have to wear a strict business suit. But forget about sophistication is not necessary . This can be achieved by combining traditional business things with more convenient and stylish ones.

You can add ease to a business suit with the following things:

  • Jeans. They must be of strict classical cut.
  • Tops. You can wear a light silk top of any shade. The main thing is that it should be monophonic.
  • Dress . A sundress or loose-fitting dress, complemented by a wide belt, will be a wonderful office outfit in the warm season.
  • Cardigan. Soft cardigan made of natural materials can be combined with a sundress or dress.
  • T-shirt A cotton or knit t-shirt will suit strict jeans.

Despite its democratic nature, the business casual has some limitations:

  • It is forbidden to wear clothes decorated with sequins, inscriptions or stripes in the office. These are street style attributes.
  • The dress should not have a deep neckline.
  • Wearing torn or transparent clothing is not allowed.
  • Only one accessory that emphasizes individuality is allowed.

Despite the fact that business-casual allows slight negligence, hairstyles, makeup, manicures should be neat, and the image - appropriate to the position.

Business casual wear for women

A variety of things made in the style of business-casual, allows you to easily make a wardrobe for any situation and season. In this case, the resulting image will be stylish and concise.

Conference Business Casual

Creating the right and harmonious image for attending the conference is quite simple. When choosing the right things, you need to consider: time of year, topic of the conference, venue Based on the foregoing, an elegant thing designed for the evening can be added to a business suit. Accessories will help to complement the look : belt, light silk scarf, jewelry.

If a business event will last more than one day, you should bring along a few things of neutral pastel colors. these colors are universal, they are easy to combine with other elements of the wardrobe.

Summer look

In the warm season, it is quite difficult to comply with the office dress code, while maintaining a stylish and laid-back look.

For hot weather, you should choose things of light shades made of light natural fabrics: silk, cotton, linen. The best option would be dresses and skirts.

Off-season look

In the cold and rainy season, as never before, you want warmth and comfort. To create the image was comfortable and at the same time stylish, you should give preference to soft pullovers, cardigans, trousers made of insulated natural material, vests, coats, shirts with long sleeves.

From shoes, boots, moccasins or boots are suitable.

Basic things in business-casual style


When choosing trousers, it is worth giving preference to shortened, narrowed or straightforward models. When composing a wardrobe, you should choose trousers in neutral shades, for example, black, burgundy, dark blue .


Jeans are also suitable for creating an image in the style of a business casual. Preference should be given to classic models of neutral blue. To add elegance and sophistication to your look, you can add pumps to your jeans.

Women's shirts

A business casual allows you to wear both strict shirts and more democratic and feminine silk or lace blouses.

If you put on a shirt made of cotton, then you should choose a model of a calm neutral shade. The blouse can be bright color or with an original print.

Tops for women

In addition to blouses and shirts in the office, you can wear a light top, a long sleeve shirt or a blouse with a drop-drop. No need to be afraid to choose things of bright colors or decorated with print. To make the look more harmonious, classic trousers in neutral shades should be worn under a bright top.


A cardigan made of high-quality natural materials will be the perfect complement to a dress or sundress.

Knitted cardigans will go well with classic jeans, the image can be complemented with elegant shoes in bright colors.


A jacket will be an excellent choice for giving the look to style. It is indispensable in the cold season. It is worth giving preference to elegant jackets of neutral colors.


Warm cozy sweaters made of soft natural materials are not only ideal for wearing in the cold season, but will also be a great addition to a business-casual outfit.

When making a wardrobe, you need to purchase several sweaters in neutral and bright colors. They can be combined with both skirts and trousers.


Despite the fact that pants are a more suitable option when creating a wardrobe in the style of a business casual, dresses can add variety to it . They are indispensable in the warm season, will make the image more elegant and feminine.

When choosing a dress, it is worth giving preference to classic models suitable for office knee-length.


A skirt is an essential element of any wardrobe. The model “pencil skirt” is especially relevant for the office. The skirt can have a classic style, and can be pleated or with a slit. It can be combined with strict blouses, silk and lace tops, strict jackets.


The democratic business-casual style allows you to wear different models of shoes: classic pumps, sandals, loafers, moccasins, boots, ankle boots.

The main thing is that the product should not have inappropriate jewelry, for example, large buckles.


To complement the image, you can use various accessories: belt, watch, light scarf, jewelry. However, it is worth remembering that there should not be many accessories . Otherwise, the appearance will be overloaded with details that will only spoil the appearance.

Business clothes for overweight ladies

Gone are the days when it was very difficult for full ladies to make up a stylish and at the same time comfortable wardrobe. Now there are a huge number of clothing models that will help create a stylish business image.

When choosing a particular model of clothing, you should make sure that it provides an ideal fit. Of the skirts, the best option would be a classic skirt or year. Pants are desirable to acquire medium length.

You can complement the look with a wide belt and elegant shoes with a steady heel. Elongated bluzones easily hide overly curvy shapes.

The secrets of creating an image in a business casual style

In order for the created bow to be strict and at the same time elegant, laid back, you need to follow some recommendations:

  • Things should be of high quality, made from natural materials.
  • First, you need a few basic elements of the wardrobe. Based on them, an image will be created in the future. The selected items should be of high quality and expensive, calm shades . They can be supplemented with inexpensive stylish elements.
  • Do not forget about the length of the skirt: it should be no higher than the knee.
  • Neckline in the office is excluded.
  • Blouses, skirts (trousers), and also dresses should not fit the figure, only straight, slightly flared silhouettes for business style;
  • Do not forget about accessories. Elegant jewelry, belts, light scarves will be a great addition to a business-casual wardrobe.

Making a comfortable and elegant business casual wardrobe is quite simple. The style is deservedly considered comfortable and popular. Large space in a combination of things and shades allows you to create a unique image that will be appropriate in any situation.