Dress with braids knitting scheme and description

Dress is women's favorite clothing. It has many shapes, can be of various lengths and is made in two ways. The first is sewing fabric items. And the second is knitting or crocheting with patterns. The latter method is most preferable, since there are much more skilled craftswomen who have the necessary skills to create this thing than those who can sew. In addition, with proper preparation, even an inexperienced needlewoman can knit a dress. It is enough to choose from a large number of proposals an option in which there are patterns of patterns and an approximate description.

Most often, knitted variations of this little thing are especially relevant in the cold season. Therefore, the best solution would be to make a warm dress with a braid pattern.

How to knit a dress with braids and a volumetric collar with knitting

First you need to purchase the right material. Cold weather involves the use of warm fiber, and the relief of the patterns is a sufficient thickness of the thread. It is better to opt for wool or acrylic yarn with parameters 350m \ 100gr and use knitting needles No. 3.5. It is advisable to purchase a special knitting needle for braiding. This will facilitate your workflow.

Also, before starting work, it is necessary to take measurements, and build patterns of parts. For construction, you can use ready-made drawings, adjusting them according to your measurements.

First you need to decide on the model and length of the product. And also to decide whether this thing will fit your figure or you prefer loose fit.

Next, you need to build a pattern based on your decision. In this case, do not forget to throw a couple of centimeters on the sides for a free fit.

Then tie a pattern and make knitting calculations. Only after completing all these steps can you start the workflow.

Attention! Before performing the calculations, do not forget to wet-heat the sample.

Let's take as an example the execution of a fitted model. The secret to this thing is hidden in the use of knitting needles of several sizes: No. 4, No. 3.5, No. 3. Performing the canvas transition from a larger to a smaller one and vice versa, you will provide a tight-fitting shape of the subject in the area of ​​the waist.

For this embodiment, take approximately 700 grams of high-quality acrylic yarn and circular knitting needles No. 4, No. 3, 5, No. 3.

Execution process:

  • On knitting needles No. 4, dial 58p and knit a horizontal strip of the desired size, while distributing between the edge patterns as follows: 12 p according to 10.4; 32 p scheme 10.1; 12 p scheme 10.2. Sew a strip in a circle;
  • Draw along the edge of the resulting ring the required number of loops and knit, alternating the pattern according to the pattern of 10.2 and a single-row “rice” (1p: faces, out. 2p: out, faces). In this case, perform a smooth transition to the knitting needles in the waist area in the following order No. 3, 5-No. 3-No. 3, 5. Knit to floodplains;
  • Next, knit the front and back parts separately. Perform a decrease for floodplains, and make a neckline;
  • Start knitting the sleeves from the set on knitting needles No. 4 42p and knit the cuffs with an elastic 2x2, while adding 5p to 1 point on both sides. Next, when switching from elastic to the general pattern, add 28p evenly;
  • To continue the work, distribute the loops between the edges as follows: 21 p single-row “rice” pattern, 2 out, 32 p according to 10.1, 2 out, 21 p single-row “pattern” pattern. At a sufficient height, form a sleeve ridge;
  • For the gate on the knitting needles No. 4, complete a set of 22 p. Knit the canvas according to the scheme 10.3;
  • Perform shoulder seams, stitch sleeves. Sew on the collar.

Attention! Before assembling the product, do not forget to hold the WTO parts.

Dress with braids without a collar: how to do it yourself

Not all representatives of the weaker sex face model with a collar. But this does not mean that in the knitted arsenal there is no variation suitable for you. For example, the model below is simple in execution, but at the same time differs in special charm and refinement. To some extent, this contributes to its light, pleasant coloring.

The example below is made raglan method from bottom to top. The main pattern is knitted according to pattern A.

Work process:

  • For the front, dial the estimated number of loops and knit 10 cm with a 2x2 rubber band;
  • Next, continue the work with the main pattern. At the same time, to form a floodplain, perform a raglan line;
  • The detail of the back is performed similarly to the front, only with a higher line of closing the loops;
  • For sleeves, dial the calculated number of loops on the knitting needles and knit 10 cm with a 2x2 elastic band. Perform the necessary increases and formation of the ragged line;
  • Carry out wet-heat treatment of parts;
  • Perform ragged seams;
  • Run side seams;
  • Tie the neckline with a "crustacean step".

Ideas for decorating dresses with braids

For products of this type, you need to be very careful in decorating, as there is a danger of getting a "heavy" appearance. But it’s quite possible to resort to some tricks:

  • One of the ways to decorate this little thing is to sew small beads or beads on the canvas in a certain order: along the neckline, diagonally from one shoulder to the waist in the form of a triangle, and so on;
  • Another decorative element that can emphasize the beauty of clothing can be a wide or narrow belt;
  • Also, if the cloth is partially tied with braids, the top trim is fringed or lace.

Also, decorative elements in the form of patch pockets or asymmetric fasteners can serve as decoration.