Dress bat pattern

A bat dress is a great option for a figure of a different type. With this sleeve you can make wide hips visually narrower.

But for girls of small stature, the choice of such an outfit must be approached as carefully as possible, because a large volume from above can visually reduce growth. But if you have already purchased such an outfit, then be sure to wear it exclusively with high-heeled shoes.

Today we will talk about how to sew a dress with bat sleeves with your own hands, what material is better to use and what else may be needed for sewing.

Features of the dress bat

What is the advantage of bat dress? The fact that this outfit suits both very young girls and women in age. A short dress will perfectly emphasize the legs, and a dress on the floor will look more elegant.

A white dress to the knees can be used as a cocktail dress. It is well suited to a girl of any complexion.

It should also be added that these outfits look more advantageous with high-heeled shoes. Shoes without heels can visually make growth lower, and increase the emphasis on the hips. Classic stilettos are a good fit. Overweight girls should be preferred along with the knee or the floor.

This year the dress has not lost its popularity. Chiffon blouses are relevant, which remind the wings of moths. Such an image can not only refresh, emphasize the harmony of the person, but also hide the excess weight. Due to the free sleeve, emphasis is placed on the chest area.

Material in this case plays an important role. The dress can be made in a completely different style. It can be an evening outfit, a cocktail dress, or a hippie dress.

A short dress can be worn under leggings or skinny jeans. Girls with extra pounds should not choose thin material, it is better to give preference to knitwear, which will hide all the flaws of the figure.

Such outfits adore girls in position. After all, it is convenient to move in it, and it’s quite simple to hide another small tummy from unnecessary eyes.

A dress made of light material, such as chiffon, is suitable for celebrations and for a walk around the city with a young man. You can make it yourself, the sewing process will not take much time.

For festive events, a lace-top outfit is also good. But velvet dresses cannot be forgotten, because this is the best option for a wedding, birthday, corporate party, graduation party.

What you need to create a bat dress

First you need to decide on the material for sewing the outfit. It is better to give preference to a thin fabric that will hang down, creating wrinkles. For holidays, chiffon, satin, velor, silk, guipure are well suited. For every day you can sew an outfit made of cotton, wool, knitwear.

In addition, for sewing an outfit, you must:

  1. scissors;
  2. thread and needle;
  3. basting pins;
  4. paper for a pattern.

How to make a pattern for a dress of a bat

The advantage of this outfit is that we can sew it with our own hands. If you are familiar with the basic skills of cutting and sewing, then it will not be difficult for you to make a pattern and sew such an outfit.

During the cutting out of the outfit, it is necessary to take into account some nuances - whether it is the neck of a boat or a collar, or maybe a neckline should be made on the back. The bat suggests that the skirt will be skin-tight. Hips must be measured as accurately as possible.

Reference! In order that the sleeve does not seem short it is necessary to make accurate measurements from the beginning of the neck to the required length. It is necessary to cut out the material from the inside.

The main advantage of the model is the flying sleeve, which is why for work it is necessary to select the lightest fabrics that will beautifully fall off in layers. Sewing it is not difficult if there is at least a little experience in tailoring.

How to sew a dress with a bat sleeve

If you urgently need a new dress, but there is no time to cut, then a bat dress is exactly what is needed. This is one of the easiest options. According to the finished pattern, you can make a blank in a matter of minutes. Sewing dresses will take only a few hours. It does not need to sew sleeves and make undercut, and this already greatly facilitates the work.

For pattern, you can use the return sheet. The canvas is laid out on the table face inward. If you notice, then the shoulder point in this model is slightly raised. Mark the length of the sleeve. After that, it is necessary to cancel the necessary width of the cuff below. Do not forget to leave allowances for seams of 2 cm.

Both the back and the front are done seamlessly in the middle. For a dress above the knee, two meters of fabric will suffice.

Carefully cut the workpieces, and then connect the seams with pins. After that, sketch the seams. Then stitch seams on a typewriter. On the neck you can use a decorative stitch. After that iron the seams.

Excess material can be cut off, leaving a margin of about 0.8 mm. After that, the product is turned on the front side and measured out, how much fabric you need to hem from the bottom.

Tighten the bottom and iron. Hem by hand. After that, you can make a belt. A strip is cut out with a length of 200 cm and a width of 8 cm.

The strip is folded with its face inward and sewn along the edge, while remembering to leave a small hole so that the belt can be turned out. The belt is turned on the face, ironed, and then the hole is manually sewn.

With this belt, you can wrap the waist a couple of times or simply tie a beautiful bow at the back or side at your discretion. That's why he comes out so long. But if there are no such residues of matter in such quantity, then you can use a ready-made thin strap.

We hope that our recommendations will be useful to you, and you will definitely try to sew the outfit yourself. Creative success!