Dress for Barbie crochet

Barbie is the favorite toy for any girl. After all, here, like in no other toy, you can show your taste.

Fashionable Barbie is the one who has several evening dresses in the locker. Dress cocktail, ballet, shoes, hats and many interesting accessories.

Barbie dress does not have to be bought at the store. You can make it yourself. Ask mom to tie some interesting patterns.

Especially for the fashionable barbie, here are collected three juicy dresses in which your doll will be the brightest of all, even on an everyday walk.


To knit a barbie dress, you can use a variety of yarn. But most often craftswomen use a thread of iris.

This is a very thin cotton thread, from which not only magnificent napkins are made, but also interesting outfits for Barbie.


The hook is always selected depending on the thickness of the thread of the ball. Therefore, when knitting, the thread is first selected, and then the hook for it .

Moreover, most balls always have a hint as to which hook is allowed to use for work.

Important! The hook for the thread should be two times thinner, in its narrowest place, than the thread itself.

Sample is important, who does not know how to loop on a hook

Set of hook loops

Set of 1st chain on a hook


From a chrysalis, as well as from a person, measurements are taken initially . Further, with patterns, make up patterns and only after that they begin to create models of dresses and other clothes.

Barbie are the same size. Therefore, a small picture displays the main measurements that can be used when creating a dress crocheted.

Barbie dress everyday

A very fashionable trend is displayed in a dress for Barbie - these are geometric figures. Everything in pastel shades and in general does not look vulgar, but very cute. We will analyze in detail knitted products with a description.

To work, you will need:

  • iris threads (green, white, beige, pink);
  • hook number 0.75.

The basis

Products start from the hem. You need to dial 32 air loops. Next, perform a lifting loop. Immediately start knitting a single crochet. It is they who form such a dense and neat knit. The pink thread starts.

It is necessary to knit a canvas of 32 single crochet in a circle in a circle so that there is no noticeable seam, you can knit in a spiral, just do not perform lifting loops. Knit 14 circles according to the pattern with a pink thread and switch to a white thread. Use it to make 4 and insert the green yarn into 12 loops on the right side.

To knit one circle so with alternating white and green thread, and from the opposite edge symmetrically introduce beige yarn. So knit 11 rows. Next, instead of green, knit simply with white thread and beige for 5 rows. Then, in the same place where the loops of the green thread were listed, introduce the same number of loops with the pink thread. Knit 8 rows with reductions in one loop in each.

Next, knit without reduction and without a beige thread (in its place again white) 5 rows. Add in place beige green and knit three circles and remove pink. White and pink to knit 5 rows and the last time add beige in place of a pink thread. At the same time, start adding one loop in each row. Knit with additions of 8 rows.


Knit a circle without changes, only on the sides for strapless add 10 loops, skipping 4 columns in knitting. The next 3 rows are performed according to the scheme and in each air loop, one single crochet.

The product is finished, it remains to hide the threads and try on a doll a beautiful new thing.

Spaghetti Strap Dress

A very elegant model designed for a special occasion. Maybe a beautiful Barbie is going to a ball, then she just can not do without such a model.

To work, you will need:

  • iris thread (white, beige, dirty pink, pink, burgundy);
  • hook 0.75.


The dress is knitted from the top. It must be knitted from the bottom up, then the straps are tied. Then, the hem of the model is tied from the bottom edge . The top is made with simple single crochet columns. To obtain a wave at the cutout, it is necessary to knit the last row with single crochet columns, and add 3 columns with one crochet from each side in front.

Pick up 28 air loops for the top and knit a row with single crochet posts. Close the circle and continue the circles of single crochet posts. Knit like 3 circles, then with single crochet and inserted three columns for the wave. The last row is the single crochet for a tight corset edge.


It is more convenient to tie the straps separately, and then sew them to the bodice. For straps, take burgundy yarn . Collect 10 loops and knit single crochet into each loop. Then with the same columns, only knit two columns into one.

White lace is performed in a similar pattern with burgundy, only instead of three rows do 4 and in each row do two single crochet in the previous one.


It is necessary to complete the hem according to the above diagram. Start knitting from the bottom of the bodice, but immediately make additions, knitting the main pattern 4 loops each. Knit 4 rows with beige thread. Next, three pink and three beige. Go to white and complete 29-30 rows. Can be made a little longer, or shorter.

Important! The length of the product can be changed, since each person has their own density of knitting and even 30 rows may not be enough for a good dress length.


It remains to sew the straps and you can try on. A dress with such a pattern stretches well and it will be convenient to wear this outfit even for a little girl if mom is busy.

Dress pattern "shell"

Lace dress shell, from which it is simply impossible to take your eyes off. You can do it in just 40 minutes.

To work, you will need:

  • turquoise iris yarn;
  • hook number 0.75.

Barbie shell pattern

Doll dress bodice

The bodice of the dress is made using a mesh. For him, you need to dial loops for 12 rapports of the grid pattern. Knit 20 rows.


The hem is made by the pattern of shells and knitted from the bottom of the bodice down to the legs. To do this, you need to knit 6 rapports from the shell pattern throughout the circle. Make the required number of rows so that the length is up to the floor.


The top must be done as a separate part. You can sew it after completion. These are 10 rapports around the circumference and 4 rows in height. To look good, send the shell in the same direction as the hem of the dress. It so happens that the cape is also knitted from top to bottom.

The dress is ready and you can send Barbie to the ball . The most beautiful prince will definitely fall in love with her in such an outfit.

Dress your dolls and knit the coolest outfits for them, because this can be done from almost any residue of yarn. So many beautiful things have already been invented by masters for these dolls, but you can do something completely unique.