Dress bag

Finally, fashion has listened to the needs of women, and now the trends are really convenient! Backpacks - this is the most popular option for carrying things for today, which has come to replace elegant handbags and clutches. But the backpack, as a sporting element that was previously used only in hiking and active events, causes a stupor for many how to wear it in everyday life in combination with everyday and office clothes. Is it possible to combine convenience and attractiveness with an attractive appearance, and how to wear a backpack?

Which backpack can be worn with a dress

Backpacks with a dress are one of the most popular combinations of this season, which raises many questions: emphasized feminine outfits and a sports bag, can they be combined? There are a lot of options for backpacks today, so you can choose not only massive models to the image, but also elegant options that will only emphasize the femininity of the hostess.

Backpack sizes

The size of the bag in the selection of along with plays a key role - the material, model and color are much less important here. Highlighted light, neat dresses require a small backpack, which is now at the peak of popularity. The modern fashionable backpack is very different from its comrades precisely in size - often it is so small that it does not exceed the size of an evening bag . Therefore, with dresses of any model, you can safely use small backpacks, regardless of their design. Young people neglect this rule, so on the streets you can often meet girls in dresses with voluminous briefcases of coarse fabric. This option also has a right to exist, however, the use of chiffon and tulle elements in the dress should be avoided - they will look awkward with a large bag.

Production material

Material also matters, so if fashion trends matter for a woman, then she definitely should prefer the skin - it doesn’t matter, artificial or natural . Leather is not only especially popular with designers now, but it will suit any dresses, as well as soften the appearance of even the coarsest and most massive portfolio.

The next most popular options are from ordinary hard matter. They are relatively inexpensive and not picky in operation, unlike skin. In addition, they allow you to attach badges and stripes to them, which also became unexpectedly popular - greetings from the 80s.

How to choose a backpack for any dress

When choosing a backpack, you should pay attention not only to the materials used in the image, but also to the length of the dress. If the girl is a student, not afraid of experiments, appreciates practicality or gravitates to the style of boho, then you can ignore the strict recommendations and carry massive briefcases with a skirt on the floor, feminine dresses and sneakers, business clothes. For office young ladies, a medium-sized or small-sized leather backpack will be a win-win option - it is not only convenient, but also in perfect harmony with most clothes, including business dresses.