Drape skirt styles

Stay fashionable and not freeze? It is easy if you get skirts from warm and solid materials. For example, from drap. Suitable for any style and warm up in the most severe cold.

Drap skirts: cut features

Drap is made on the basis of weaving two layers of threads - one hundred percent woolen or mixed with synthetics. Therefore, the material is dense and heavy. Draped skirts are always massive and voluminous, even if you choose a simple style like a trapeze or pencil .

A modern fabric is considered pure-wool if the percentage of synthetics indicated in the composition is less than the number “15”: exactly as much chemistry is present in the wool that the fibers are processed.

However, the softness of the fabric does not impede the creation of styles with beautiful draperies and folds: the fabric is smooth and slightly “tumbled down” in the upper layer rather plastic. Sewing from a drape of models like a year will also be successful. At the same time, the obtained form of the thing is preserved for years due to the density of the tissue, which does not prevent it from “breathing”, while saving it from the cold.

Fashionable styles of skirts from a drape

With all the variety of options, there are unconditional favorites.


Versatile, suitable for any style and going to almost all styles is good in any color design. Especially popular:

  • saturated black;
  • all shades of gray;
  • all red gamut;
  • brick and terracotta colors;
  • mustard.

Of the prints, the large and small cage, “paw”, “herringbone” are always relevant.

A tight-fitting skirt made of soft material looks moderately feminine and strict enough to become the basis of a business, casual or classic outfit in a duet with a fitted jacket, turtleneck or thin sweater, a strict blouse. Need a less restrictive look? Elegant blouse and jewelry to help!

When choosing a drape pencil for working everyday life, it is better to choose a fabric option with a small admixture of synthetics: this option is less wrinkled from a long sitting at the desktop.


A trapezoidal shape, appropriate both in the office and at the party (it’s all about accessories!), Is suitable for a skirt made of drap like no other - the dense fabric perfectly “holds” the contours of the silhouette slightly expanding downward. Any figure looks advantageous in this model.

Woolen skirt-a-line can be equipped with folds, which will add to it splendor and ability to keep warm.

Drape skirts can be washed at a temperature of no higher than forty degrees and only by hand, without twisting. Special requirements for washing powder - only for wool!

To the floor

A long skirt made of drape is warm and very stylish. Moreover, the images can be very different. Modern fashion allows maxi to be narrowed and flared, equipped with folds and draperies, and the abundance of colors allows you to acquire options for both weekdays and holidays.

In combination with a top with straps, worn under an openwork blouse, an outwardly bulky model will give the appearance of airiness, especially if you complement the ensemble with heeled shoes. A similar effect will be with a tight blouse and bolero.

The relevance of such a thing in a romantic style and boho is not in doubt. An unexpectedly spectacular draped maxi-skirt is also military: a strict dark sweater, boots on rough soles, a beret, a backpack - the look is ready!


Young and frost-resistant you can not refuse mini-skirts, especially if you wear them with tight tights or leggings and fur boots . Styles can be any:

  • trapezoid and straight;
  • poluklesha and in a fold in the manner of a kilt;
  • on the yoke;
  • with side draperies.

Coloring and drawing can be anything - from a cage to ethnic ornaments. Fringes, leather inserts and belts are welcome.

Is the image too frivolous? A strict sweater and a long coat will somewhat soften the impression.