Does Putin go shopping?

Sooner or later, we all go to the store for new clothes, this is an integral part of our life. But did someone see the president on shopping? How and what clothes does he choose? Just walks from store to store and chooses, tries on? Interestingly, does he buy his own clothes or is such an impeccable style created by specialists? Indeed, compared with his first inauguration, the image has changed dramatically.

Does Putin buy clothes, shoes

This information has not been made publicly available. And not because it is too personal, but for the safety of the head of state.

But according to some sources, it is known that Vladimir Vladimirovich is not involved in the purchase of clothing. Although he has favorites among brands and his own style, which his assistants adhere to when choosing a wardrobe.

However, having analyzed his wardrobe, the thought creeps in that he nevertheless chooses some things himself. So in his wardrobe was noticed a simple T-shirt with a print “Army of Russia”, the cost of which is about 300 rubles. It is unlikely that stylists made such a choice.

INTERESTING! At a meeting with young people in the Crimea, he said that he did not bother about clothes - that there was something in the closet, then he put it on. He says: "There is such a word as" bother ", I don’t bother much about this."

The fact that the president of the Russian Federation does not particularly worry about clothes is visible in his unofficial photo. In addition, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov once explained the principle of choosing sports shoes: “Putin does not prefer a specific brand of sneakers. Which turned up, they buy. ” One of the photos shows Forward sneakers of the Russian brand, worth 3400 rubles. But in business shoes, he prefers Italian brands, famous for their handmade work and high-quality leather.

Based on this, it can be assumed that Putin is engaged in shopping. But when and how this happens - no one knows. Maybe Vladimir Vladimirovich uses online stores? Unfortunately, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to find out.

Who is involved in the purchase of things

There is nothing to be surprised when a busy and world-famous person trusts his appearance and replenishment of his wardrobe to qualified specialists. This is not a fishing t-shirt to buy. Therefore, in the arsenal of the head of state there are specially trained image makers. And it is worth giving them their due - 19 years later, after the first inauguration, the image of Vladimir Vladimirovich has changed significantly. For the better, of course. His fans are looking for the same clothes, trying to recognize the brand by photo and video.

IMPORTANT! The image of the head of state and other political figures requires strict observance of the rules for using things of famous brands. Such clothes are usually sewn, on order. It should not have any identification marks - all tags and labels are removed.