Do you need to iron terry towels after washing

Surely everyone will have soft terry towels in the house - how pleasant it is to use them after a hot shower or a warm bath. But often after the first wash, the products become less attractive, stiff and not too pleasant. What affects the preservation of their original qualities?

Does the fact that after washing we are used to ironing our towels with an iron play a role? Is it worth it at all and why? You will learn about all this, as well as the rules for drying and storing terry towels in this article.

Do you need to iron terry towels after washing

First of all, we decide that terry towels do not need to be ironed. This is because the effect of high temperatures has a very negative effect on the condition of the villi and just turns the product into a rough, hard and unpleasant to the touch.

The same applies to drying such towels on a battery or in other places where strong heating of the surface and air is carried out. If you prefer soft and delicate terry towels instead of a hard rag, then such drying and especially ironing should be neglected.

Reasons not to iron

Try to look at your product under a magnifying glass - so you will notice that the pile consists of small fibers resembling loops. Ironing, which is accompanied not only by the action of extremely high temperatures, but also by a strong pressure on the fabric, leads to the fact that such loops cease to hold their shape. Due to this, the initial softness and good moisture absorption are lost. The product begins to resemble hard sandpaper, which is used to polish various surfaces.

IMPORTANT! If the towel still needs to be ironed, which is extremely undesirable, then experienced housewives recommend using vertical steaming. Although it is harmful to the terry product, but still the result will not be as deplorable as in the case of a conventional iron.

In addition to the fact that the thing becomes stiff, it will start to absorb moisture even worse, and this is the main function of the towel. Therefore, it is important to properly care for the product. Drying and storage also play an important role.

How to dry and store

So, you have decided to never iron all the terry towels that are available at home.

But now it's time to think about whether you dry and store them properly. Both of these processes are also important and have a great influence on the appearance and properties of the product.

Towels can be dried in the automatic mode of the washing machine - in most cases, this solution provides a beneficial effect on them, and things become even softer and more pleasant. Another option would be hanging on a balcony or in a well-ventilated area. But no batteries, as mentioned above.

Before you start the drying process, it is advisable to shake the thing so that the loops again take their original shape.

In addition, in no case should you allow exposure to terry towels in direct sunlight. They also badly affect their appearance and functionality. Therefore, you need to store things in a dark, dry and cool place, so that they continue to delight with their tenderness and good absorption of any moisture.

Now you know why it is impossible to iron terry towels, how to dry and store them correctly and what mistakes in leaving lead to the fact that until recently soft and fluffy products turn into a kind of sandpaper. Following these simple rules and tips, you can save those qualities of terry things for which everyone loves and appreciates them, as well as spend less time refusing to iron.