Do men wear thongs

Men's thongs are not such a rare occurrence these days. Some representatives of the stronger sex consider this option of underwear very convenient and practical. Moreover, men, like girls, try to decorate their body in order to please their partner. Many people incorrectly believe that only representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation can wear such a thing. In fact, this is completely wrong.

Features and differences of male string from female

Men's thongs in style differ little from women's thongs, having only a larger amount of tissue on the front side due to the physiological characteristics of the body. As a rule, men's thongs are several strips of one-color fabric that tightly fit the body, leaving the buttocks open.

Such underwear is well suited for tight clothes, folds will not stand out ugly under the fabric. Many men who prefer freedom of movement prefer this type of underwear.

Important! Experts have proven that regular wearing of thongs can lead to some health problems. That is why such underwear is best used as an exception, if necessary, wear a tight-fitting suit.

Can a man wear a thong?

Experts in the field of men's health note that such underwear can be used by men as an accessory for sexual games with a partner or underwear for sports. The main thing is to choose the right quality pants:

  • coward material must be natural (cotton or microfiber);
  • the product should not compress the body;
  • the fabric must necessarily "breathe";
  • thongs should not rub.

Important! A man must understand if he is overweight, most likely, such a model of underwear will not work. Narrow strips of tissue will dig into the body and cause discomfort. At the same time, clothes will also not look very attractive.

As for health, doctors say that regular wearing of thongs leads to the formation of hemorrhoids and stagnant processes in the male genital organs. It is better to wear mini-panties in exceptional cases, if circumstances so require. Then health will remain excellent.

Each man himself chooses which underwear is better and more comfortable for him to wear, but you need to monitor your health and not use too tight underpants in everyday life. The stronger sex can easily use mini-briefs for sports, because they do not constrain the body and allow you to freely exercise. But wearing such underwear daily is quite dangerous, as it is fraught with violations of blood microcirculation in the genital area. In addition, if thong is still preferred, you need to choose the right models that will "breathe" freely and not restrain the body.