Do-it-yourself towel cake

Today, practical gifts have come to the fore. People stopped buying in unlimited quantities useless souvenirs and unnecessary, but beautiful gizmos. However, you can also give a simple and practical gift beautifully. For example, a set of towels, which is always useful in any home, can be decorated in the form of a cake, decorating it with decorative elements. A special advantage of such a gift is that it does not have a gender. Such a present is suitable for both men and women.

How to fold a towel in the form of a cake

To prepare a pleasant and practical surprise for a loved one is not necessary to spend a lot of money. Banal, at first glance, a set of towels can be turned into a real masterpiece.

The benefits of fancy packaging

Textile cake has several undeniable advantages over other gifts.

  • Practicality . Textile products are sure to come in handy on the farm and will be used for their intended purpose.
  • Originality Unusual design and presentation make any, even the most ordinary-looking thing unusual.
  • Beauty It is much more pleasant to get an artfully designed “cake” than a regular cardboard box with textile products.
  • Availability You can make a composition yourself, at home. Therefore, such a surprise will not cost too much.
  • Unusual A gift in the form of a sweet treat looks very creative and fresh.

Important! There is a lot of idea for the embodiment of the most beautiful and original towel delivery as a gift. You should include the fantasy at full power and choose the perfect composition for the hero of the occasion.

One-tier “cake”

Specialists in the design of gifts offer two options for composition: single-tiered and multi-tiered.

Advice! In the first case, you can use one large product for the bath, and in the second - a set of textile products of different sizes.

To compose a single-tier composition from the product is not difficult.

  • The textile product just needs to be folded several times to get a strip about 10-15 cm in size.
  • Next, the towel is twisted into a tight roll and fixed with a rubber band .
  • Subsequently, the resulting composition can be put on a beautiful stand and decorated with satin ribbons and artificial flowers.

Layered Cake

To make a cake with two or more tiers, you need a little more time, skill and materials. To compose, in addition to a set of towels, you will need thick cardboard, scotch tape and decorations .

Next you need to follow the step by step "recipe".

  • We form the basis of the future composition from cardboard, glue the edges with tape.
  • Each item is wrapped in a double folded towel. The ends are refilled inside the structure.
  • We decorate the resulting composition with artificial flowers and fruits, as well as satin ribbons and bows.

Oddly enough, but making a large multi-tiered cake can be even much easier than a single-tiered one. The main thing is to be patient and do everything carefully so that the gift is truly beautiful and original.

How to fold a piece of cake towel

Some people prefer a more complex composition in the form of a cake, cut into pieces. Or they want to give a small present in the form of a separate piece of cake to a loved one. Make it easy, you just need to be careful and be patient.

For work, you will need a specially cut out form of thick cardboard, a towel, safety pins and various decorations .

The execution process is as follows.

  • A towel folded into a triangle is placed on the prepared cardboard .
  • So that the product does not move out and holds well, it is stabbed with safety pins .
  • A magnificent piece of “cake” is formed from the remaining canvas .
  • Decorate with artificial flowers or fruits.

Advice! You can place the composition in a translucent package to simulate a natural culinary masterpiece.

A towel is a great gift for any occasion for both men and women. The main thing is to learn to present it correctly and beautifully. Then there will be no problems with presentations for relatives.