Do-it-yourself swallow costume

The New Year is approaching, which means that soon all children will start celebrating in kindergartens or schools. How to make your daughter look original and interesting, but not spend money on an expensive suit? An excellent solution would be to make a costume yourself from improvised means and allow your daughter to participate in the creation along with you. So you will be able to do exactly what she wants and show the child that you care about him and are ready to spend time and effort for the sake of his holiday.

Which suit to choose? In this article you will learn how to dress a daughter with a swallow, what will be required for this and how different the variations of this seemingly simple New Year's costume can be.

Costume options

The simplest thing will be to take as a basis the already existing things and decorate them so that the image of the swallow is immediately guessed by everyone around. To do this, you can take a white dress, suit or other white things, supplementing them with a mask, mantle or some headdress.

There are many options and it’s very easy to choose the right one: imagine a real swallow or look at photos of ready-made suits on the Internet, and then remember what might suit your home. Surely the child has white things, and after drawing lessons or labor lessons, there is colored paper, glue and other items for creativity, with which you can perform attributes for the image.

We will consider several options for a swallow costume, and which one to choose is up to you and your daughter only.

We do a swallow costume for a girl with our own hands

The main colors for the future outfit are black and white, which eliminates the need to buy fabric or things of a special kind. You can even use a one-piece black swimsuit, wearing white tights under it, if your daughter has ever been involved in dancing. And if there is nothing suitable, but you have a desire and white fabric, then the outfit can be sewn yourself.

What will be needed for sewing

Depending on what you will be sewing, a dress or a separate suit with pants and a turtleneck, you will need a pattern suitable for this thing, fabric, scissors and a needle. You should not take complicated things, especially if you have little experience in the field of sewing. So there is a good chance of making a mistake and spending too much time. Things can be left monophonic, and the emphasis is on attributes.

For a mask and other elements you will need colored paper, glue and any decorative elements found in the house: feathers, rhinestones and others.

Costume base

Using a pattern, make a dress or other item from a white fabric. Be sure to process all the edges and pay attention to the size of the resulting product: the child should be comfortable in it, because he will spend several hours in clothes, will dance and participate in various children's competitions.

If you take ready-made clothes, then make sure that she is not a little girl and that she will not be hot.

IMPORTANT! White color is very sensitive to spots - be prepared for the fact that after the holiday a new turtleneck may no longer be the same snow-white. Therefore, choose those things that you can definitely bring back in proper shape or those that can be sacrificed for the sake of the holiday.

Mantle with a tail and swallow wings

An important element of the costume will be the bird's tail and wings. All this can be placed on a mantle, which is easily sewn and will not greatly interfere with movements. In addition, this eliminates the need to search for other black things and will increase the similarity of the costume with a real bird.

In order not to attach wings separately, you can process the edges of the sleeves in the form of a fringe, so that they resemble feathers. And the mantle itself needs to be narrowed towards the end and with the help of slightly wider notches to form a “tail”.

For the mantle, it is better to choose the most lightweight fabric that will not hang on the girl’s shoulders with a heavy load. Flying silk or chiffon will be the best choice.

We make a hat

You can put on your head either an existing black panama hat or cap, or you can also make the head of a swallow yourself.

If you are going to make a mask, then the headgear should be as simple as possible, preferably monophonic, black. In the opposite case, there is such an option: to make a swallow’s head out of cardboard with a beak. It will be a not very wide rim, a pattern and a beak glued to it. This method is suitable for mothers who can draw and love to do it.

Mask swallows

It is also easy to make a mask. To do this, you will need:

  • swallow pattern;
  • scissors;
  • rubber.

It is very important not to make a mistake with the size of the mask. It should ideally suit the child both in girth of the head, and in width and length, as well as the location of the slots for the eyes.

It is important that the girl can fully navigate in space with the mask on her face and it is comfortable for her to breathe.

Instead of a mask, it is easy to carry out a small beak on an elastic band. It is made either from black and colored paper, or from plain paper and then painted.

Now you know how to make a full-fledged costume of a swallow on your own, using improvised means and involving a child in the process. In this way, the girl will look unusual and beautiful, so she will remember the New Year as one of the best holidays!