Do-it-yourself sorceress costume for girls

Each children's holiday is accompanied by bright carnival costumes. One of the most popular is the wizard costume, which is suitable for both a boy and a girl. In most cases, the price of such products is too high, which can negatively affect the family budget. Having shown a little ingenuity and imagination, the suit is easy to make yourself.

We’ll tell you how to make such a suit with your own hands.

Costume for the girl

Good fairies and sorceresses are the favorite heroes of little girls. To create a suitable image, a light flowing dress or a fluffy skirt with a top is suitable.


To make the sorceress's dress, you will need the following materials:

  • tulle (the color scheme depends on personal preferences);
  • rubber;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • Satin ribbon of a bright shade.

Completing of the work

With a rubber band we measure the child’s waist size, cut it off. We sew both ends of the elastic band on a sewing machine or manually. From tulle we cut out tapes. The length of each ribbon should be multiplied by 2. Fold each ribbon in half, thread the ends into the loop formed. Within a few minutes, the skirt will be ready.

We tie a light bow made of satin ribbon on the belt .

To decorate the skirts, small artificial flowers are suitable, which are attached to the material with glue .

As the top, you can use a top or bright T-shirt, decorated with artificial flowers, rhinestones, tinsel or satin.

Reference: in the manufacture of skirts, you can use ribbons of different lengths. Such a product will stand out with its original appearance.

Suit for boy

Good stories about wizards and magicians are especially fond of young defenders. As a carnival outfit, you can choose a wizard costume that is easy to make yourself.


The wizard costume will require the following:

  • satin fabric;
  • braid;
  • decorative stars of different colors and sizes;
  • scissors;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • glue;
  • sewing meter;
  • pin pencil or piece of chalk;
  • sewing machine.

We sew a magic mantle

The main attribute of every wizard is the mantle. Use a satin fabric to sew it.

  • Sewing meter measure the required length from the neck to the toes. Fold the material in half, mark a semicircle and cut it out.

Help : do not forget about the neck cut.

  • Sew a beautiful braid around the edges . In the throat area, the strip should remain long so that it is convenient to tie it.
  • Around the entire area of ​​the finished mantle, stars are placed in a chaotic manner . They can be attached with glue or thread and a needle.

The mantle is ready.

Tip : the bottom of the trousers can be supplemented with lace, the neck of the shirt with a magnificent bow.

Wizard Costume Attributes

The main companions of every wizard are a hat and a magic wand, a fairy has a flower headband, wings and a wand.


  • wooden stick;
  • cardboard;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • wide elastic;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • tulle;
  • metallized paper;
  • artificial flowers;
  • decorative stars.

Magic wand

To create a magic symbol, a wooden stick of short length is suitable. We wrap it with metallized paper, fix it with glue. As decor, rhinestones, a knob in the form of a star or a small figure are suitable. Such a stick will appeal to both boys and girls.

Help : you can also purchase a plastic magic wand in the gift shop.


An irreplaceable element of a boy's suit . From a cardboard we roll up a high cap, fasten the edges with glue. We fix an elastic band over the ears that will fix the headgear.

For decoration, you can glue the cap with a satin fabric decorated with asterisks.

Fairy wings

The wings for the girl are also made of cardboard. We cut the workpieces, fasten the halves with glue. The gum acts as a retainer on the shoulders. It can be attached to the wings using a stapler. On the wings themselves, tulle is glued in the tone of a skirt or other shade .

Attention : the wings can be decorated with rhinestones of different shades and sizes, which are attached with glue.

An unnecessary wide accessory or wide elastic is suitable as a rim. We measure the circumference of the head of the child, sew the edges. Artificial flowers are cut off from the stem and mounted on an elastic band using glue.

Costumes for a boy and a girl are ready. Outfit for an adult is done the same way, only the sizes of clothes change.

Useful Tips

  • The costume for the boy can be complemented with an artificial white beard . Then the child will look like the famous wizard Merlin.
  • A cone hat is suitable for both a boy and a girl . In a girl's outfit, she will replace the bezel.
  • A tulle skirt for a girl can be made of material in different shades . Such a product will look brighter and more original.
  • As a costume for the young sorceress, you can use a festive dress. We decorate it with several ribbons of tulle, bright artificial feathers and wings.

Each child perceives the holiday as something magical and fabulous. Colorful costumes and vibrant scenery add a special atmosphere. A wizard costume, sewn and made with one's own hand, will help each child to feel like a real magician at a holiday. Do not forget to take a photo of the wizard as a souvenir!