Do-it-yourself skirt with a train from tulle

Light and airy tulle skirts have gained popularity among fashionistas of all ages. Among a wide variety of styles, a spectacular skirt with a train especially stands out against the general background. Using certain recommendations, you can sew such a product yourself.

Recommendations for creating a skirt with a train of tulle

To get a beautiful skirt with a train, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Before you start sewing a skirt with a train, you should carefully consider its design. It is important to understand how long the loop will be convenient.
  • It is also necessary to choose the right splendor of the skirt and its color. It depends on the individual characteristics of the figure and the format of the event for which the product is being prepared.
  • Materials must be of high quality. Before sewing, it is necessary to check the tulle so that it does not have holes or other flaws.
  • Stitching parts is better with special monofilament, which is a thin transparent fishing line. It will not be visible on the product.
  • Fatin must be pulled a little while stitching, but so that it does not stretch.
  • Satin ribbon for edge treatment should be stiff.

How to make a pattern for a skirt with a train of tulle

To create a skirt with a train, you need a cut of tulle about 3-5 m long with a width of 3 m. The amount of material is determined by the degree of fluffiness of the skirt and the desired length, therefore it is determined independently. You will also need a satin ribbon or regiline (about 35 m.), Decorative elastic and sewing accessories.

Having prepared the necessary materials, you can begin to cut out the elements of the skirt. Follow a certain sequence of actions and some nuances:

  • Fatin must be ironed and folded in four layers in width.
  • Next, proceed to cutting the strips. A total of five pieces are required.
  • The shortest part will be the front part of the product, and the longest part, respectively, will be at the back. The remaining three parts will be on the sides.
  • Therefore, first determine the longest and shortest parts. For example, for sewing a skirt on a girl of ten years, five parts of tulle 60, 80, 100, 120 and 140 cm long will be required. In this case, each part differs from the previous one by 20 cm. This gradation is easy to calculate.
  • Each of the side parts must be cut in half. Thus, each part will have a width of 1.5 m. As a result, we get the right and left side parts.
  • The resulting pieces must be laid in a special way. They are folded in several layers in width and in half in length, along the share. This must be done to make marks in the middle of the obtained bend. Marking can be done using pins. At this point, the details will later be stitched together.
  • It is better to staple parts with an overlap of about 1.5 cm. You can also stitch in the usual way. At the beginning and at the end you should do the tack
  • When ironing parts, the iron should be at the very minimum mode so that the tulle does not deteriorate.

Attention! Cut material with sharp and well-sharpened scissors. The edge of the cut should be pre-equalized. If it is bent, it is better to straighten it immediately with an iron, so that in the future the product turns out to be neat.

How to sew a skirt with a train from tulle with your own hands

When all the parts of the product are ready, you can begin the stitching process. Consider this process in more detail:

  • To begin with, you should decompose all the elements in the order that they will connect with each other, from the smallest to the largest.
  • All details must be stitched together with marks made in advance. The result should be a looped circle. Begin with the front part. On the last part, the skirt is looped.
  • Leave a small hole in the middle of the seam, about 3 cm. In the future, the gum will be located there.
  • Next, fold the skirt in half and iron it with an iron.
  • We lay out the parts one by one and smooth the edges so that the steps of the skirt turn out smoother. Excess tissue must be cut off. This is because the parts were cut in different lengths.
  • Next, we process the bottom edge of the skirt. Regiline or satin ribbon can be used. With this treatment, the product will be lighter, airier and have a beautiful shape.
  • Strips are placed on the front side of the material, going on it about 5 mm.
  • Next, fold the skirt in half and iron the seam (waist line). It can be folded so that the upper part is shorter than the lower.
  • We sew along the entire perimeter of the waist seam at a distance equal to the width of the elastic. It is necessary to leave a small indentation, into which it is subsequently necessary to insert an elastic band. Its length is defined as the waist circumference minus 2-4 cm. Depending on the stretching of the elastic.
  • We insert the elastic with the help of a pin and add to it the whole width of the skirt. Next, we sew the elastic into the ring. This can be done both on a typewriter and manually.
  • We straighten the fabric evenly at the waist and separate the layers of tulle from each other so that the skirt is more voluminous.

Important! When stitching the circle, make sure that the parts are sewn together by the appropriate sides so that they do not twist and do not have to redo the vicious circle.

A skirt-pack with a train will always look spectacular and unusual. It is not necessary to go to the store for such an outfit. After all, even having initial sewing skills, you can easily sew a beautiful product yourself.