Do-it-yourself rug

Why is a carpet needed in the house? For warmth and comfort. What about the rug? Same. Man-made rug has become a symbol of wealth, art and labor of the worker. Today’s needlewomen will weave, tie rugs, rags, rugs with their own hands and low budget from yarn and thread. There are many ways. The easiest is to weave a rug of thread. We will share this master class.

Materials and tools for manufacturing

The basis

To make a soft warm and comfortable doormat, you will need a carpet canvas or sirloin

the grid. Such materials are often used in practice, and which of them to apply, no difference. If there are other materials at hand: canvas / tarpaulin mesh, burlap / matting, then you can take them.

Attention! Synthetics, wool and silk should not be used as a base. They can slide on the floor, which will cause inconvenience to you and your guests.

Carpet canvas is available at the store. Usually it is cut off 1 m.

As an option, you can also use a building mesh, it is strong and durable.

Other materials

For decor, you need threads . The remains of yarn of different colors will do, it will be even brighter and more sunny.

Of the devices you need a hook with a foot . If it is not, then you can work with an ordinary knitting.

How to make a rug from threads on a grid

  • First you need to prepare the threads. They will be the main look and decoration of the product. They need to be cut into identical segments along the length and width . The more, more precisely, the longer the thread, the more fluffy the pile.
  • Now you have to attach the threads to the base. A hook will help here. Crochet you need to push the thread through the canvas section and tie it on the back . So time-consuming, slowly, but carefully you need to tie each cell with a thread.

Attention! At will, you can do everything in one color, or you can make a picture, ornament, pattern.

For other weaving, we will need patterns for embroidery, which can be searched on the Internet.

  • When marking, be sure to leave a few cm for the canvas.
  • At the end of the work, for the accuracy and fluffiness, we “comb” the product. When tying the yarn, the length may vary. To prevent a big difference, you can cut with scissors. Everything is different here, the shorter the “haircut”, the clearer the picture.

Crochet with a foot can be tied in a slightly different way. The knot is tied, but the thread does not come out to the end.

Rug from knitted ribbons on a grid

And there is another way in which weaving is performed from narrow patchwork strips. They can

turn out of ordinary things: t-shirts, knitwear and other fabrics. It is important that the strips should be at least approximately the same length. In addition, scissors, a hook will be required.

Now we start weaving.

  • The ends of the mesh need to be fixed with tape, since in work the base can bend, fray.
  • The necessary fabric needs to be cut. We repeat: the patches should be at least approximately the same length with a parameter of one and a half cm. If you take the length longer, the mat will be fluffier and softer.
  • As described above. In each hole in the mesh you need to skip the flap, tie it. You can use the hook, it’s more convenient.

True, be patient. If all the flaps are untied, then you can sew them or stick to the base. For example, to burlap or other dense material.

The rug itself can be laid anywhere. Little time will be spent. If you have time and creativity, then why not make a spectacular and stylish rug? Good luck