Do-it-yourself raven costume for girls

For any occasion, the girl wants to look beautiful and loves to dress up in the most interesting costumes. The issue of choosing an image will be especially relevant on the eve of the most magical night of the year. On New Year's Eve, I want to pick up something unusual and memorable.

A suitable, original and rather rare option would be, for example, a raven costume. You can find it in stores or order through the application, but you can do it yourself.

The manufacturing process does not take much time, resources and effort. But will introduce your child to the process. After all, the outfit has details that even the smallest children can fulfill.

In our article, we will describe in detail all the stages of making a costume for a girl and give useful tips for tailoring a costume.

Costume base options

In order to achieve complete similarity with this interesting bird, there are several ways to create the main part of the outfit. She will serve as a "body" for the created image of the crow.

The easiest option is to use a regular blouse or t-shirt made of black knitwear . This is easiest to accomplish, but the image will be unfinished and will only remotely resemble a crow. The most plausible and interesting additions can be the creation of artificial plumage around the body.


Attach an airy and lightweight black fabric. Cut feather-like rags from silk fabric and sew them to the back.

IMPORTANT! For quick and interesting work, let your child create with you too. This will give invaluable experience and bring you even closer.

Materials and Tools

To create you will need to prepare the following.

  • Measuring tape and pencil.
  • The fabric is black and gray.
  • Threads of black color with needles.
  • Wide and narrow elastic bands.
  • Durable shoe laces.
  • Scissors.

IMPORTANT! The amount of fabric and the size of the elastic bands depends on the height and circumference of the waist. It is better to purchase fabric in advance and with a margin.

Image Details

To obtain a natural image and create an appearance that really looks like a crow, you need to think through all the details. The crow, like any other bird, has a body, beak, wings, legs. The more attention you pay to the small details and think over the costume, the more beautiful it will look against the general background.

But if there is not much time, then we can limit ourselves only to the main parts. We suggest using the ready-made instructions described below.

How to make wings

To create any of the details of the costume, the first thing you need to do is build a pattern. To do this, you need graph paper, a pencil and a mental representation of the image of the future product.

We start making wings.

  • Measure the length of the arm bent at the elbow joint at a right angle from the shoulder to the hand.
  • Make a blank that resembles a wing in two sheets of paper base . The central part should be equal to the length of the child’s arm.
  • Transfer the workpiece to the fabric and cut it along the contour, leaving 1 cm of allowance for the seams.
  • Do the same for the second wing.
  • Sew the parts together.
  • Now think of attaching the wings to the shoulders. To do this, sew the elastic bands of the required length to each wing at the level of the shoulder blades and to the belt of the trousers or skirt . Size should be selected in advance according to the circumference of the shoulder.
  • If necessary, adjust the tension of the straps and attach additional fastening of parts to the fingers of the brush with small laces or elastic bands . To do this, wrap them around the middle or ring finger, connect the ends together and sew to the fabric from which the wings are made.

How to make a tail

The next important detail of the costume is the tail. For him we need a triangular pattern of black fabric . Draw an elongated triangle on paper, apply it to the material and cut along the contour. For the manufacture you will need two such parts. Stitch both parts along the contour, the seams should be inside.

Make feathers from another material . Glue small feathers closer to the base, and attach large and long ones to the tip. This will create the effect of magnificent plumage. For greater credibility, you can make small cuts on the sides and slightly dissolve the fabric.

Now attach the tail to the main body of the costume. You can do this with threads or sew in elastic.

TIP! To give and maintain shape, you should install a wire along the fabric contour, bend it along the perimeter of the tail and pass between the layers.

How to make a beak

There are several manufacturing options for this part.

First way

It means a cardboard product attached to an elastic band. Such a beak can be worn on the head at the level of the nose. This will create an imitation that your head is part of the costume.

Second way

More difficult to manufacture, but it looks very beautiful. To do this, you need to cut 2 squares out of black cardboard. After that, make of them the upper and lower parts of the beak, respectively, bending them into flat pyramids. And then connect them together with glue or thread.

The inner surface can be painted with red paint, and at the top draw small circles for similarity.

Sew the finished part to the cap. In this outfit you will look like a real crow.

Headgear as an optional attribute

If you decide to make a beak that attaches to the cap, you need to think about creating a headgear. Turn on your imagination and give the image an exquisite style. A few options for the crow's head.

  • You can make an air pompom from a black transparent fabric, decorated with gold brooches or beads.
  • A hood attached to the body of the suit . This option is very convenient and can be removed at any time.
  • A good way would be to create a knitted hat . You can use the purchased item or do it yourself. Glue the entire surface evenly with feathers from the fabric and attach the beak.
  • Do not forget about such an important detail as the eyes. Cut them out of cardboard, for this, take two colors: yellow and black. On top of the yellow circle, stick a small black pupil and attach eyes to the headpiece.

Important! The costume for the boy has no significant differences and is performed in a similar way.

The choice of shoes for the suit

Shoes can be absolutely any, the main thing is to maintain convenience and comfort for but d. Since there will be various competitions and dances at the event, the leg should not get tired and squeezed.

If you want to choose something suitable for the look, you can wear shoes with a small heel or ballet shoes . The strap should have a large shiny plaque, similar to those shown in cartoons.

High light socks and elastic bands with fluffy fabric on the legs are well suited for the suit.

Useful Tips for Making a Raven Costume for a Girl

A few useful tips that you should pay attention to when tailoring a costume so that it turns out to be good and look beautiful at the holiday.

  • When creating the plumage, cover it with a layer of colorless varnish . You do not cover the entire feather, but only its edges. This will give shine and elegance.
  • For young fashionistas, it is worth using decoration elements: sequins, tinsel, beads .
  • To prevent the fabric from diverging and crumbling, sew it with a double seam, then bend it in and iron it with an iron.
  • Try on the product on the child during the manufacturing process to make the costume fit in size.

Please your daughter with a wonderful costume for New Year's Eve and become a real sorceress for her.