Do-it-yourself pear costume for a girl and a boy

The pear carnival costume is quite versatile. Try on such a role at the celebration can be both a boy and a girl. And to make an outfit independently under the power of each mother. How to sew a pear costume for a boy and a girl will be discussed in the article.

Options for a boy

Models for boys are most often performed on the basis of trousers and shorts. For the upper part of the costume sew a vest or shirt. Casual t-shirts and turtlenecks are also often used.

Important! Unlike girls' costumes, outfits for boys are often performed with headgear. Boys can not put their hair in a hairstyle, like girls, so all kinds of hats, masks and hats will be a great solution.

DIY pear suit for a boy

Consider a model based on a vest and panties.

Take measurements. In order for a suit to sit well on a child, you need to take measurements correctly. For a vest, you need to know the length of the back and front to the waist. For panties - measure the waist circumference, the length of the leg from the back to the heel.

By the way! Boys are a very restless people. Standing calmly even for 5 minutes can be difficult for them. But to take measurements correctly, it is necessary. Therefore, the whole process can be divided into 2 stages: first take measurements for a vest, and then for trousers.

Preparation of tools and materials

The boy's costume is made using the following elements:

  1. The fabric is yellow and green. It is worth immediately deciding what color the clothes will be and what decorative elements on it will be. Any convenient and visually bright fabric will do.
  2. Foam for making a vest.
  3. Gum.
  4. Satin ribbon yellow or green.
  5. Threads, scissors.

Pear suit pattern

When the necessary measurements are taken, they begin to build patterns. For a vest, it is necessary to depict 2 details in the shape of a pear on the foam rubber. The length of the pattern should correspond to the measurements "the length of the back to the waist" and "the length of the front to the waist." Similar patterns need to be made on yellow fabric, but here it is necessary to take into account allowances for seams. There should be 4 pieces of fabric.

On a green fabric, we depict a leaflet with a length of at least 15 cm. It will be decorative elements of the vest.

We build a pattern of panties on the basis of the usual pajama trousers of the child. To do this, put the pants on a yellow cloth and draw a contour. In this case, you must take into account the waist circumference of the child and the length of the pants. They are best measured in advance, rather than relying on the size of your pajama pants. Separately, cut out the front and back of the pants. It is imperative to leave allowances for seams.

Making the basics of the costume

When all the details are cut, they are sewn together. There is two steps to doing the job:

  • Sewing a vest. Patterns of fabric are sewn together. It turns out 2 peculiar "covers" in the form of pears. Foam patterns are inserted into the fabric blanks. Of the satin ribbon make straps that are sewn to the details of the vest. On the sides of the vest can also be fastened with inserts of satin ribbons. You can also sew an ordinary green yolk and sew on it an image of a pear.

By the way! The vest must be free so as not to hamper the movements of the child.

  • When the vest is ready, a green leaf is sewn onto its front.
  • Tailoring of trousers. Patterns are sewn together. Next, the elastic is inserted and the edges are processed.

Making pear hats

The pear hat for the boy will also be made of fabric. If the main elements of the clothing are yellow, then the hat is made green, and vice versa.

For a hat made of fabric, you need to cut a circle with a diameter of at least 40 cm. The circle is collected on an elastic band, a hat is obtained. Headdress is trying on a child. A small leaflet is sewn onto the top of the head.

The pear dress is ready and waiting for its owner. Each boy will appreciate such a suit.

Pear Outfit Ideas for a Girl

There are a lot of options for dressing pears for a girl. These are sundresses, and dresses, and magnificent skirts in combination with t-shirts and vests.

If the time for making a costume is short, then you can make not a whole outfit, but its elements. These details complement the daily clothes of the child.

The choice of model depends on the availability of free time and sewing skills for mom.

How to make an outfit for a girl with your own hands

Consider a model based on a sundress and a mask. In this model, the beautiful pear will be comfortable at the holiday, while this model is very bright and easy to manufacture.

Preparatory stage

Sewing a suit begins with a pattern. For her, it is necessary to put on the yellow fabric the usual everyday dress of the child and circle it along the contour to the waist. From the belt, the pattern expands.

The decorative element of the dress will be the image of a pear. It is cut out of green fabric.

The main part of the costume

The main stage is sewing dresses. Patterns are cut, stitched together. On the hem of the dress is going to elastic. But to tighten the edge too much is not worth it. Dress should not interfere with the movements of the child. The armholes and neck of the dress are processed. You can also make an option with a tutu dress.

When the dress is sewn, it is complemented by the image of a pear. To do this, a blank of green fabric is sewn onto the front of the garment.

Jewelry Making

A decoration for the outfit is a mask. To make it, you need to cut a strip of 5 cm wide from white paper. The length of the strip is equal to the circumference of the child’s head. The blank is painted yellow or green. When the item dries, a pre-prepared image of the pear is attached to it. It can be found on the Internet, printed on a color printer and laminated. Using a stapler, the parts are interconnected. The mask can be replaced with a hoop.

The costume for the girl is ready! It is comfortable, easy to use, but very bright.

Children's parties are always an exciting and interesting event for both children and parents. To make a holiday unforgettable under the strength of every mom. If you approach the manufacture of the costume creatively, then the child is delighted and in a good mood at the holiday.