Do-it-yourself merino wool blanket

Merino yarn with the thickest thread managed to win more than one heart with its fabulous plaids. This is not only a beautiful detail in the interior, but also a chic, very warm plaid. You will love spending time at home with such a cozy trail. And the color of the product is easy to match to the surrounding interior.

Giant yarn - merino wool and knitting needles

Merino yarn is a natural fiber, it is also suitable for children's products, because it will not cause allergies and will be very soft.

There are also disadvantages to this fiber. For example, these are pellets, but they easily go away after processing. Also, many consider the minus and the fact that large rugs do not wash in a typewriter, you will need dry cleaning.

Just how charming they are in any interior, that there are a hundred flaws in this rug, the masters will not refuse them.

To work with this thread use knitting needles from 25 mm and just your hands .

Merino wool plaid

Hands knitting occurs on the principle of knitting. Where the right hand is the working knitting needles in the right hand, and the left millet is an assistant.

A set of loops is also made with knitting needles.

Sizes of a plaid and quantity of yarn

It is very difficult to guess with the dimensions in thick yarn. The fact is that masters are not often knitted from it. More commonly, finer fiber is used. In order for each master to knit such a cute, thick and simply amazing plaid, such dimensions are given.

Amount of merino yarn in kg for rugs:

  • 80 * 120 = 2 kg;
  • 100 * 150 = 3 kg;
  • 130 * 170 = 4.5 kg;
  • 150 * 200 = 6 kg.

How to knit a plaid with huge knitting needles (pipes) step by step?

Not all knitters are ready to give way to their hands and yet create such marks with knitting needles. In the work using circular knitting needles with the largest diameter. The pattern for the trace can be selected different, but there will be frames relative to the width of the rapport. Since the thread is voluminous, then in a row never make a lot of loops.

Suitable for work even braids. But more often at the heart of such plaids are simple canvases (front or only purl loops), different elastic bands are possible. For example, gum 2 * 2 or 1 * 1. You can also find a combination of elastic and flat knit fabric.

Many blankets have already been created by masters with a pattern of facial smoothness. But gum 1 * 2 is very rare. Therefore, the description of the trace below will be precisely in the pattern of a cute gum.

To work, you will need:

  • merino yarn with a thick thread from 8 kg;
  • knitting needles for thread thickness, from 25 mm in diameter.


For this work, only the density of the knit will have to be measured. The size of this product is 200 * 200 cm.


To select the correct size, it is better to tie a small sample in the form of a small square and calculate the density of knitting to it. Count vertically (these will be rows) and horizontally (these will be gum loops). Count how many loops will be 10 cm. Let’s not be afraid of numbers like 2 by 3, since the loops are too voluminous.


Make a set according to the corresponding calculations, based on its density. Then complete a set of loops and add 2 edge loops.

Knitting immediately starts the gum pattern:

  • 1st row: chrome / p, persons / p, 2 outf / (repeat in the same order of persons and outfit), chrome / p.
  • 2nd row: chrome / p, outfit, 2 persons / p (repeat the order of such outfits and persons / p), chrome / p.

Important! Be sure to observe the loop multiplicity when dialing. It is necessary that all the loops be a multiple of 3 and plus 2 for the edge.

To tie the necessary number of rows with such a technique, it is better to measure as far as knitting up to 2 meters.


To prevent the plaid from stretching, it is better to tie special loops around the edge with a strong cotton thread that does not stretch.

So the cute blanket is ready. The sizes are large, and therefore it is quite possible for them to shoot a sofa, spread them out for young children to play, or lay them on the entire double bed. In any case, it will make the interior very unusual.

If you have never performed such voluminous things, then carefully look at the instructions. And do not stop before the difficult work. In the creation of this trace, only the strings will be the hardest.