Do-it-yourself long tulle skirt

Do you think that a voluminous tulle skirt is only stage clothes for ballerinas? And here it is!

This "magnificent cloud" won the hearts of modern women of fashion from small to large. This long skirt has become an unusual accessory that combines not only with a romantic style, but also harmonizes perfectly with sporty chic.

And most importantly, this thing can be made with your own hands. And a beginner will also cope with this task.

What you need for sewing

Materials required for sewing:

  • main fabric;
  • lining;
  • marker;
  • pins
  • threads
  • scissors;
  • linen gum;
  • sewing machine;
  • mannequin (its presence will greatly facilitate the work).

You will need only two measurements :

  • full waist circumference (OT);
  • product length (CI).

We sew a tulle skirt

Having prepared everything you need, it remains only to determine the style and type of skirt. Consider popular models.

How to sew a long skirt

The easiest way. It is done on the pattern of "sun."

Important! Determine how many layers of fabric will be on the skirt. Cut each element separately.

Since such a style will add to any female figure of visual volume, do not make the skirt too layered. Two to three layers of fabric will be enough.

We make a pattern

  • Fold a large sheet of paper in half. Draw two semicircles. The first should correspond to the waist circumference, divided by two . The second, larger, should be equal to the length of the product.

  • Cut the finished pattern, which when the sheet is turned, will resemble the shape of the sun.
  • Place the template on the fabric, fasten with pins and cut .
  • Make as many blanks from the material as many layers of skirt you want to make.
  • Place the cut circles on top of each other and fasten them together with pins .
  • Cut the gum to the required length. Pre-wrap it around the waist so that it is fit.
  • Stitch all the layers of the skirt to the elastic. Done.

How to sew a lined long skirt

The skirt can be lined, it will add comfort when using.

Materials and Tools

To work, you need the following.

  1. Lining twill.
  2. Satin decorative ribbon.
  3. Wide elastic.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Sewing supplies.

Tip . The lining fabric should match the color of the main skirt.

Cut in the main shape and lining

  • Take two basic measurements: waist, length of the product.
  • Cut from the fabric three cuts with a width equal to the diameter of the waist + 2 cm for allowances.
  • The length of the lining should be shorter than five centimeters.
  • Width - 10 cm more than the circumference of your hips.

Completing of the work

  • Gather the top of the lining onto the thread, then sew on the elastic.
  • Each section is sequentially sewn to a wide elastic band on the lining part.
  • Use satin ribbon to mask the seams at the front of the waist.

How to sew a long skirt with a train

This model is very popular with young girls. With high-heeled shoes in this outfit, you will be the queen at any party.

Necessary materials and tools

Getting started, you will need to prepare the following.

  • The main and lining fabric.
  • Lightning.
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine.
  • Rubber.
  • Dummy (will greatly facilitate the assembly of this model).

Making a lining skirt

  • We sew a petticoat on the pattern of a half-sun skirt, the radius of which corresponds to the volume of your waist.
  • On the side we leave an unstitched place for stitching zippers.
  • The finished form must be ironed.

Top skirt

Getting to the basic shape of the skirt.

  • We add two meters of tulle along.
  • Gently stitch the thread with a needle and, distributing the folds, form the front (short) but magnificent part of the skirt.
  • We fix this detail on the mannequin with pins.
  • In the same sequence we make the back of the skirt (train). One difference: you do not need to fold the material along, it must remain long.
  • We fix it on the mannequin, correct the folds, and form a waistline.


  • Connect the front and back parts with a notched seam.
  • Sew a petticoat from the inside.
  • Sew all the details on the typewriter, do not forget to stitch the zipper.
  • From the lining fabric, remove the girdle and sew on the waist line.
  • Iron the product.

Useful Tips

  • A fluffy skirt can be sewn not only from tulle. Tulle, veil, organza will do. Such fabrics are ironed only at low heat of the iron.
  • Be sure to iron each stitched seam .
  • Do not sew stitches with long or very small stitches. In the first embodiment, the material will be pick up. In the second, you can damage the fabric.
  • Satin, silk, twill or cotton are suitable for a lining skirt. They need a different iron heating mode.
  • Be careful when you begin the final stage - ironing the finished thing