Do-it-yourself lemon costume for a boy

Theatrical performances for children are always accompanied by bright carnival costumes. Among their diversity it is easy to recognize popular fairy-tale heroes, cute animals or vegetables and fruits loved by children.

One of the popular options for this outfit is a lemon costume. It is suitable for a costume performance based on a fairy tale about Cipollino or a specialized performance. This outfit is easy to make yourself.

The basis for the costume

Holiday attire can be done in different ways.

From foam rubber

This option is one of the most common. Such an outfit will be a complete imitation of real fruit.


  • foam rubber - 1 sheet;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • yellow fabric (for example, satin);
  • pencil;
  • rubber;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • sewing machine.

Completing of the work

  • On a sheet of foam rubber we draw a rectangle. It should correspond to the required length of the product and completely embrace the child . We divide it into several identical rectangles. Lightly round the upper and lower edges, cut off the excess material.
  • Using glue, we connect the elements from above and below, fastening the halves together. Then we connect the main sides of the canvas . Pencil out holes for the hands. Carefully cut the sleeves. The basis for the costume is ready.
  • Next, you can proceed to the design of the fruit itself. To do this, you need a fabric in a rich yellow hue. You can use a material with a slight metallic luster - Lurex. From the fabric we cut out a cover that will correspond to the size of the base. It is recommended to make it more loose cut, leaving a few extra centimeters.

Tip : when cutting parts, do not forget about allowances for seams.

  • From the wrong side, gently bend the allowances and skip the zigzag stitch on a sewing machine . For lack of a household appliance, stitches can be applied manually. We perform similar actions on the upper and lower half of the cape.
  • In the lower and upper seam, insert an elastic band . From above, it should be narrower, but not squeeze the neck of the child. Below you can leave a size that matches the parameters of the base.
  • In conclusion, we put the finished wrap on a foam base, we make slits for the hand.

The costume is ready. Complement this with yellow trousers and a white turtleneck .

Tip : this style can be used as a basis when creating an orange costume. In this case, the cape is replaced by an orange-colored product.

The basis of the finished clothes

You can also assemble a suit from finished products that are available in the wardrobe of the child. The main thing in the selection is to pay special attention to the color palette. It is necessary to select products without bright prints, ornament and pattern, exclusively monophonic texture.

  • As a top, a t-shirt or shirt in a rich yellow shade is suitable . The addition can be a vest or jacket.
  • The bottom is selected according to a similar rule. It can be shorts, sports leotards, trousers or jeans . A great advantage will be products decorated with a shade of green tones in the neck, belt or bottom seam. Green stripes will act as an imitation of leaves in a real fruit.

Tip: the winning option will be a full-fledged suit, consisting of a shirt, jacket and trousers in yellow shades.


Additional fittings and accessories will help make the costume complete and complete.


The foam base can be decorated with several leaves . To do this, cut out two green leaves of green paper, you can have different sizes. Glue them in the neck so that they are located in the chest area.

Many parents change color paper to fabric of a similar color scheme. In this case, the base of the leaves is sewn in the gum area located at the throat.


When collecting a lemon costume from ready-made clothes, the outfit should be supplemented with a cloak.

To do this, we cut out a circle from the yellow fabric, which is equal to the length of the product (to the elbow or wrist). In the center we make a small circle for the head. The edges are carefully hemmed on the sewing machine with small stitches. To decorate such a poncho, leaves cut out of paper or green fabric are suitable.

Attention! The cloak can also be made from whatman painted with yellow paint.

The end of the cloak is recommended to be slightly pointed in order to accurately convey the oblong shape of the fruit. The product itself will be fixed only on the shoulders.


The final accessory in creating a carnival costume is a hat. It can be made from residual foam rubber, yellow waste material or an old headgear.


  • foam rubber;
  • takes yellow tones;
  • gouache or paints;
  • brush;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • sewing meter;
  • colored paper.

Using a sewing meter, measure the circumference of the child’s head. From the foam rubber, we cut out a rectangle that corresponds to the obtained indicators. We make the upper edge zigzag to get the necessary shape of the product. With the help of glue we connect the edges, let it dry completely. The resulting hat is carefully stained with gouache.

Attention! To paint evenly laid on the foam, it is recommended to dilute gouache, a small amount of water and PVA glue.

After staining, leave the hat to dry completely. The top can be decorated with several small leaves. Ready beret or a light cap is also decorated with greens.

The costume is ready.

Useful Tips

  • At the base of the cap, you can add a small twig that will support the leaves.
  • When decorating leaves, do not forget to make streaks using a green or brown felt-tip pen.
  • When making sleeves on a suit cover made of foam rubber, the material can not be cut off. It is cut into two halves, the fabric is glued inside.
  • Cape can be decorated with original slices . To do this, a white thin satin ribbon is glued over the entire surface of the product, creating petals.

One of the main attributes of the children's party is bright costumes with many famous heroes. An outfit of lemon - a bright and juicy fruit - refers to one of the popular styles. Using improvised materials and a little imagination, you can make a costume for a boy yourself.