Do-it-yourself goose costume for a boy

Quite often, for a carnival themed matinee with scenes, the boy needs a goose costume. After all, this bird is found in most fairy tales and theatrical productions. If your child has such a role, don’t be upset. Such a suit can easily be made independently. This does not require any special skills, just a little time and imagination is enough.

Features of a goose costume for a boy

Carnival costume always looks bright, interesting and festive. For a child, this is a special way in which he transforms. A goose costume for a boy must have a red beak. It can be a mask or an ordinary red cap. It all depends on what the outfit will be made of, and its details.

In addition, such a bird should have red legs. Do not forget about the wings. After all, what a bird without wings. The child's outfit should be white or gray to the color of the feathers of the goose.

Remember! Ready-made costumes in themed stores will cost several times more than DIY.

What you need to create and decorate a goose costume

To create a beautiful theme goose costume you will need:

  • White or gray fabric (you can take a T-shirt or sweater).
  • Baseball cap with a long visor.
  • Knitted fabric in white or gray.
  • Dense matter in red or orange.
  • Threads.
  • White gum.
  • Large buttons 2 pcs. (you can take eyes from an old toy or self-adhesive images that are sold in a theme store).
  • Golfs, socks or tights of a red shade.

Remember! The set of necessary tools and materials will depend on the chosen suit option.

How to make a DIY caterpillar costume for a boy

There are several ways to make a caterpillar costume at home. The most relevant and tested include:

  • To make a chick's beak we take a cap with a red peak. We glue or sew button eyes on top of the cap. Now the matter is left to the small. We put on a white turtleneck or t-shirt and red tights, leggings, knee-highs (of your choice). From above we throw a white cloak on the elastic bands, it will serve as the wings of the chick. The costume for the theater event for the boy is ready.
  • If there is no red cap at home. Then we take an ordinary white or gray hat and we sew a homemade beak to it. We make it from thick fabric or red paper. Wear black dress pants and a white shirt or turtleneck to the bottom. Complement the look with a white satin wrap.

To create a costume, it is not necessary to buy special themed things. In the wardrobe of every boy there is a classic white shirt, turtleneck or t-shirt, which is suitable for a suit. Tights, leggings, knee-highs are suitable for the bottom. If not, then you can wear red shoes with socks of the same shade.

If you want to sew the kit yourself, then it will be necessary to make a pattern of a T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts or pants. A white jumpsuit is a great option. Do not be afraid if the house does not have a typewriter or an overlock. All parts can be sewn by hand.

Sewing overalls is very simple. It is enough to take a pattern, transfer it to the fabric and sew two parts. Do not be afraid to experiment because the child’s outfit should be unique and interesting. For the outfit, choose white, black or gray.

For a warm version of overalls, an option from velor is suitable. Such a suit will be very warm and comfortable for the child. It does not constrain movement and helps the body breathe. We make the following pattern for the size of the child:

To begin with, we make a pattern on the whatman paper by the standards and cut it out. We transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut out all the details. We sew all parts manually or on an overlock.

We select and sew the bottom of the legs. If desired, you can pull the elastic into the seam and make a small side. It will look like folds on the legs. We also process the neck and sleeves. On the side we make a large cut and sew the lock. So, the jumpsuit will be easy to put on and take off from the child.

At the request of the child and mother, a hat, cap or mask can be made on the head. You can also cut a goose figure out of thick paper and make it a headband on the head. A cap with a red or orange visor will look comfortable and stylish.

To make wings, we need a white satin fabric. The size of the material should be calculated according to the height of the child. Take a plain square and cut out a circle from it. In the center we make a round hole for the head. At the edges, we cut the fringe with scissors. The cape for the outfit is ready.

If you want to make something unusual and spectacular, you can make two oblong wings of satin fabric and sew small feathers of paper or the same fabric on them. Sew the finished wings to the sleeves of the sweatshirt. They can also be made with elastic bands and put on hands. Red shoes or socks, knee-highs, leggings of the same shade should be worn on the feet.

A goose costume for a boy may be required for a matinee in a kindergarten or a theme party. It is not always possible to buy constantly new outfits for the baby. In order not to waste money and look unique at the event, you can create an outfit yourself. Any mother and even the most inexperienced seamstress will be able to make a little caterpillar at home in the shortest possible time. To create a bird outfit will require a minimum of materials and time. The main thing is not to be afraid to fantasize and create stylish, universal children's images.