Do-it-yourself forest suit for a boy

This is a folk fairy-tale character. He is considered a forest owner who knows how to create magic. And although by nature he is very kind, his help is selective. Wanderers with a pure heart have nothing to worry about, this wizard will help them find the lost path, show berry and mushroom places. Evil people will forever remain in the forest.

Celebratory carnival balls are very loved by children of all ages. A little effort and creativity will help your baby look original and stylish. For many years, the image of Lesovichka has been very popular, which is perfect for both kids and older children.

Costume base

If the nearest morning party is just around the corner - do not rush to run to the shops. Lesovichka costume is not so difficult to make yourself. The following elements are usually taken as the basis for the portrait of this fairy-tale hero.

  • Stubborn trousers with multi-colored patches.
  • A shirt of a free cut or a hoodie.
  • Hat in the form of a hat.
  • Wicker bast shoes (best option) or other suitable shoes.
  • On hands - gloves with cropped fingers.

Important! Clothes for Lesovichka should be kept in a harmonious combination of brown, yellow and green colors.

What to make a foundation of

There are many options, here are just a few.

Revise your children's wardrobe. A suitable option for the basis of the suit would be jeans or trousers in brown, a shirt or a turtleneck of a greenish tint . Things made of gray or beige material look good, as well as khaki. The image will be complemented by the decoration of the edges of the product with fur or mesh and the usual rope instead of a belt.

Take a simple loose fit shirt . In this case, large-sized things that will resemble a light hoodie are perfect, creating the necessary image. The edges of the legs and cuffs of the sleeves can be dissolved in the form of a fringe.

For a street masquerade, use your overweight panties. It’s just wonderful if there will be a lot of holes, worn places and patches on them . It is better to sew a hoodie from dark, light matter. Cut will not take much time.

How to sew a hoodie yourself

  • Take measurements from the child along the length of the sleeves, back and front. Do not forget to add a few centimeters for the spaciousness of the clothing and its slight lengthening .
  • Make a pattern of four rectangular parts in accordance with the measurements.
  • Sew a suit from the cheapest fabric (burlap), not really worrying about the accuracy of the seams.
  • Make a fringe on the neck, the edges of the sleeves, the lower cuts of the legs.

Important! Sloppy type of clothing - a business card suit Lesovichka.

To create such an image, large and small pieces of various fabrics, randomly sewn onto the base in the form of bundles or single elements, are suitable.

How to decorate the basis for creating an image

Creating an outfit of Lesovichka with your own hands, think over jewelry that matches the image.

Successful elements of decor will be such techniques.

  • The neckline is trimmed with bright braid sewn with overlapping threads of contrasting color.
  • Shreds of fur sewn in different places.
  • Dangling fringe on all the details of the costume.
  • Felt leaves, knots, all kinds of forest gifts .
  • Patches from ready-made applications : mushrooms, insects, birds.
  • To revitalize the decor, you can use shiny tinsel, rain, colorful ribbons.
  • Crafts made from natural materials will look great - tree branches, dry leaves, beads from berries, necklaces from pine and spruce cones, chestnut fruits or acorns.

Additional costume details

An excellent addition to the costume of a boy-woodman will be the original hat and antique-styled bast shoes.


From velveteen

You can make a wonderful hat with your own hands from a brown velvet and a piece of elastic.

  • Measure the boy’s head (at 5 years old, the average circumference is 50 cm).
  • Mark on the fabric and cut a circle of double diameter.
  • Sew the elastic around the edge of the part.
  • Decorate the hat with leaf applique.

Faux fur

The hat can easily be sewn from faux fur or a piece of soft fabric of a rectangular shape. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Fold it in half in the form of a cylinder.
  • Grab the side seam with thread.
  • Sew the upper part with stitches vertically.
  • On the bottom, let the fringe (on the back of the head longer, on the forehead - in the form of a short bang).

From straw

A straw hat will also look great. Its fields are decorated with various flowers and figures of ladybirds, frogs, spiders . Such small toys, most likely, were lying in your old box.


Self-weaving bast shoes for your Lesovichok is quite difficult. Moreover, you should consider the comfort of such shoes for the child. There are several other options.

  • Put on the top of the shoes two cloth covers in the form of bags with laces.
  • Stylize your regular socks with a woven pattern by sewing on them from the sides of the ribbon. Pull them over the sandals. Trousers are tucked in, wrapped with onuch laces.
  • Decorate with fabric gifts (acorns, leaves, grass, cones) fabric Czechs of a suitable color.
  • Imitate bast shoes with the help of sewn to the slippers and interwoven strips of fabric.

Such shoes will successfully complement the image of a small forest spirit.

What attributes can be used for Lesovichka

In the hands of the forest spirit, an unprocessed thick branch looks organically instead of a cane and a basket woven from a vine.

Perfectly complement the carnival kit gray beard, wig made of bast, unnecessary gloves, decorated with leaves and berries. And also a canvas bag over his shoulder, where you can put stuffed animals toys.

As you can see, everyone can make a costume for Lesovich You just need not be too lazy and show a little imagination.