Do-it-yourself banana bag pattern

A banana bag owes its appearance to athletes. She is an indispensable accessory for jogging in the park and treadmill. A bottle of water and a music player fit easily and do not constrain movements.

In the nineties, it became very popular not only among athletes, but also among the trading class.

A small-looking "banana" is very roomy and hands remain free . Today, the darling of the nineties has again become popular, having changed beyond recognition.

Necessary materials

The most grateful material for such a handbag is genuine leather.

In order for the handbag to serve for a long time, accessories must be selected with the best quality :

  • The metal zipper of a trusted brand will decorate your handbag and won't let you down on a long trip.
  • Parts of the fastex fastener sewn to different parts of the belt make it easy to remove and put on the accessory. On sale there are good fittings of the famous company YKK.
  • With an adjusting buckle, it is easy to adjust the length of the belt to your size.

The choice of base material is not limited. It can be an impregnated fabric and leatherette of an interesting design, even a transparent film of the required thickness will serve as an excellent material for a modern accessory.

How to sew a bag " banana " ("banana") with your own hands?

Sewing leather or leatherette is no more difficult than sewing fabric; some operations are even easier, such as stitching zippers.


Modern fashion is not limited to one form of bag "bananas".

There are models, exactly repeating the shape of the fashionable in recent seasons of the clutch. Still, the classic form is the most convenient and easy to sew.

Sew a zipper

We start sewing by stitching the zipper. Good quality leather and leatherette can be sewn in without bending the edges of the part. Sew the front and upper parts of the handbag with zipper and sew it with the back half, with the sides inward.

In open areas, on the sides, insert the prepared belt.

Important! The last line should be especially durable. It has a big load.

We twist and admire the result.

An embroidered handbag will probably be the first in the collection. Changing materials and accessories, it is easy to get things completely different in style and purpose: in rough leather - a faithful helper in hiking and fishing, and a handbag made of modern fabric with impregnation is a convenient sports accessory.

Reference! For sports girls, this handbag is suitable in combination with overalls.

Fashionistas can complement the evening outfit with a banana bag from a companion fabric.

There are also different ways of wearing a fashionable thing: it can be worn both on the belt and on the shoulder, thanks to a replaceable long handle.