Do-it-yourself bag

The bag performs not only a decorative function, acting as an accessory. She saves personal belongings and documents, helps in their transportation. The most spacious and stylish product is a bag. It is suitable for a short trip or business trip, as well as complement the classic or everyday look. The bag is simple in execution, and therefore you can sew a fashionable product with your own hands.

Preparation for work

With independent sewing of any products, the initial stage is preparation. You should choose the texture suitable for sewing, prepare the necessary tools and materials.

the cloth

Fabric selection should be given particular attention. Since the bag basically serves as a travel bag, manufacturers use durable, flexible materials for sewing.

Suitable fabric:

  • textiles (for the manufacture of travel bags);
  • denim (for everyday wear);
  • suede (for lovers of the classical style);
  • leather.

Reference : many needlewomen also use velvet or knitwear.

Materials and Tools

After choosing the appropriate texture, we proceed to the preparation of everything that is needed for the job.


  • material for sewing;
  • synthetic lining fabric (optional);
  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • threads
  • punch;
  • safety pins;
  • sewing machine;
  • accessories (legs, leather or fabric handles, zipper).

After preparation, you can begin to build samples.

Details and pattern

Among similar accessories, the bag stands out with simple patterns. The basis is suitable patterns of patterns that are easy to rebuild at will. This will require the desired height and width of the finished product.

The bag consists of two side parts that resemble a triangle with a rounded top corner. The front and back sides are identical to each other in size. The bags have a fairly stable bottom, so when cutting, it is recommended to make two parts.

Supplement : For extra protection, open the second leather bottom part. This will provide reliable protection of things in the bag.

Patterns for patterns are built according to similar parameters. It is recommended that the samples themselves be made on cardboard in order to accurately calculate the dimensions of the finished product . Then we cut out all the drawings and transfer to the fabric. When building on the material, do not forget about allowances for seams. They will be about one centimeter.

Important: when making an accessory from leather, seam allowances are not needed, as the bag is stitched manually.

Work stages

When all the patterns are ready, we proceed to the technological process.


First of all, you should make legs. The head is located under the lining, so we fasten the carnations in the corners of the base material.

Then we sew the lining. For greater convenience, we fasten the materials around the edges with pins. We carefully flash it on a sewing machine. On the front side you need to make a leather bottom. The material should be sewn by hand. To do this, make holes for the stitches along the edges using a punch .

We outline the position of the legs, make holes. Carefully insert and fasten. Sew the leather bottom to the main saddle seam.


On the main walls you should outline the location of the handles . It is recommended to use leather, with tags for fastening. Punch out the location of the stitch, sew.

We turn to tailoring the lining for the remaining parts of the future bag. If a pocket is conceived inside, we cut out the necessary pattern from the lining fabric. Gently bend the allowances, cling to the lining with pins. Sew on a sewing machine in a zigzag seam. Only after that we place the material itself on the main wall.

If lightning is provided in the finished version, we will deal with its placement . To do this, we attach a zipper to the top of the main walls using pins. Make sure the zipper is in the same position. Otherwise, the slider will not cope with the task. Before sewing, check the exact location several times. If everything matches, we sew on the sewing machine using the usual stitch.


In conclusion, the assembly of parts into a single composition.

  • We fasten the side triangle to the finished bottom. Gently flashing.
  • We pass to the main parties. Similarly, process the second half.
  • We turn the finished bag on the front side.
  • In addition, you can use various accessories for greater attractiveness. An important addition will be a belt that will allow you to carry the bag not only in your hands, but also on your shoulder.

Tip . If leather was used when sewing, at the end it is recommended that the finished product be treated with special impregnation on the front side.

This will help protect the bag and the items in it from aggressive environmental influences.

A bag is an addition in any wardrobe. She helps in transporting personal items and important documents. The most stylish and roomy solutions include a bag. Using several skills, it’s easy to sew such an accessory yourself. It will become a competent addition to both women's and men's wardrobe.