DIY Wolf Costume

Holidays, matinees begin, and parents again have questions about the preparation of the child. Sometimes it’s easier to learn the whole scenario for a matinee with a baby than to dress it up nicely. Despite the fact that there are so many different costumes on sale, parents often postpone the purchase of a costume, and often just want to do something unique and beautiful themselves. Now two costumes are popular among children - a princess for girls and a superhero for boys. But it would be boring and uninteresting at a matinee without a charming and kind Cinderella, without a cheerful mouse and, of course, a wolf. How to make a wolf costume to impress a child? Read more about every detail of this difficult costume next. With patterns and a clear description of the entire manufacturing process.

Do-it-yourself wolf costume

You can sew a cute wolf yourself. To do this, prepare the necessary materials, take measurements from the child. You can transfer to the fabric measurements from the child’s things that he now wears and which are of his size. In order not to be hot at the holiday, it is better to do all things from not too thick material. Without a doubt, a beautiful suit made of thick and fluffy fabric, but in it the baby just mates and will not be able to participate in competitions and have fun from the heart, so it is better to give preference to lighter and more breathable fabrics.

Necessary materials and tools

Making a fun and very comfortable costume is easy. It is only necessary to prepare all the necessary fabrics and tools.

To work, you will need:

  • 2 meter elastane fabric (dark gray and light gray);
  • a piece of fur fabric for the ears (you can have a thick white fleece);
  • two plastic eyes;
  • black plastic nose;
  • cotton wool as a filler;
  • needles and threads;
  • scissors;
  • machine (you can do all the seams manually, but it will take a little longer).

DIY wolf hat

This wolf model meets all the requirements, it is aesthetically beautiful and the wolf is recognizable in it. It is also very convenient, it will be convenient to participate in all competitions at the matinee. The costume begins with a hat.

Stage: pattern

Make patterns on fabrics and cut them. For a hat, you need to measure two measurements from the head of the child. This is the depth from the earlobe to the earlobe (then it must be divided into 2) and the circumference of the head. Ears are equilateral triangles. For the ears, cut two triangles of dark gray fabric and two of white with a pile. To make the nose, you need to cut out a small strip and a circle from light gray fabric. The circumference of the circle is equal to the curved side of the strip.

Stage: stitching

Ears from different fabrics are folded with the front sides to each other and stitched on two sides. Next, a little stuffed with cotton and sew the last side. Also make a second ear. Sew a circle for the nose to the strip from the curved side. Next, sew the short sides of the strip together. Stuff the product with cotton. Set aside for now. To do the hat: fold it with the front sides and start stitching, insert the ears in the right places, and sew the caps with them. Unscrew cap. Next sew on your nose.

Stage: eyes and nose

Glue two eyes to the hat and a plastic nose.

The headpiece is ready for the costume.

Costume baseline options

For a suit it is better to use shorts. They are comfortable and not so hot, as the child will be in motion all the time. According to the given pattern, make 4 details of the fabric of dark gray color. You will also need an elastic band. The length of the elastic is equal to the waist circumference plus 3 cm per seam. Patterns are ready. Combine front faces first and sew along the line of the fly. Then also proceed with the rear parts and connect with a seam. Unscrew parts and sew side seams of shorts. It remains to flash the bottom and top, insert the elastic into the top.

How to make a wolf tail at home

A very simple ponytail can be made from fabric and cotton. To do this, cut out the neatly specified patterns and sew them, having previously folded to each other with the front sides.

Wolf costume gloves

Very comfortable gloves can be made on a wide elastic band. In such "wraps" pens will not get tired. From the gray fabric cut two details, as in the picture. Darker fabric is useful for applique hands and claws of a wolf. Immediately sew dark fabric. Next, fold the gray parts with the front sides to each other and sew it to the end. You can lightly stuff the parts obtained with cotton so that the paws are a little more magnificent. It remains to sew the gum. Measure the circumference of the child’s brush and cut out the elastic, adding 1 cm for the length so that it doesn’t pull. Sew the elastic by folding the loose ends to the inside of the foot. You can try on the resulting paws and, if necessary, hem the elastic if it turned out great.

Additional attributes for a wolf costume

The wolf outfit does not end there, the most important thing remains. But this mom or dad will do on the eve of the matinee.

  • You can draw a mustache for a wolf, what is it without a mustache.
  • Additionally, draw stripes on your hands - this is wool. Shoes are better to choose black.
  • A t-shirt can be black, white or gray, but it is advisable to choose a plain color without applications.

This image will be completed. You can try it on and rehearse a scene from the matinee and check how comfortable the suit is in the game, maybe something will need to be further adjusted. It’s not so difficult to make a costume for yourself even of such a complex character as a wolf, a baby will now definitely not exchange it for any of the superheroes.