DIY vampire costume for halloween

Halloween is one of the few holidays when you can completely transform into your favorite character and create a boring shocking image. You can make a costume for the main party of the fall with your own hands, showing a little imagination. A suit of dracula or a vampire is suitable for a boy, and for a girl - the image of a vampire. This is one of the options for the whole variety of costumes for holiday lovers.

Features of making a vampire costume with your own hands

One of the favorite characters among the fair sex is the bloodthirsty vampiress. This mysterious character is chosen by both bright, temperamental personalities, and very modest persons who lack emotions and passions in ordinary life.

Vampressa is a creature with a pale complexion, long tenacious nails and sharp teeth in the shape of fangs. The image of the heroine is shrouded in romantic night adventures, legends and riddles. She feeds on the blood of her victims, appearing silently and silently in the dark, and then disappearing, leaving behind her bloody traces.

Important! In the clothes of the vampire must be present black. It can be diluted with various shades of red, purple and orange.

Finishes and accessories in gold and silver look good. These colors are the main symbols of the night guest. In order for this image to ideally reflect the character of the heroine, one should think over the style of behavior, as well as the manner of speech. This is also a kind of part of the costume. For example, playful behavior or laughter can make all party preparation in vain. Before going out, it is recommended that you watch several films about these mysterious personalities. You need to study your hero: movement, manner of speech and much more.

What you need for a Halloween costume

To prepare a costume and a full-fledged image, you need to choose the right clothes and accessories. Consider the main components of this image :

  • Dress. The basis of the costume is a long dress in black, preferably close-fitting. The model on the corset basis, made in the Gothic style, will look ideal. An ordinary tight-fitting dress on the floor with a spectacular cut will also suit. Clothing length is not strictly regulated. Increasingly, young girls began to choose a short mini-dress, complementing them with spectacular high-heeled shoes;
  • Cloak. If the dress can be found in your personal wardrobe, then the cloak will most likely have to be sewn on your own. This will be discussed later. That cloak is one of the main attributes of both female and male attire;
  • Gloves. It is also necessary to buy high evening gloves. It can be lace or like patterns, exquisitely fitting part of the arm. If you plan to make an unusual manicure, then you definitely should not hide it under your clothes. In this option, elegant models without fingers (blowjobs) will come to the rescue. Gloves can be worn in various lengths if the style of the dress is sleeveless;
  • Accessories Mysterious jewelry perfectly complements the image. The newfound vampire can wear a massive necklace, necklace and chain with stones and fake spiders, as well as bat wings. The origin of the mysterious guest of the decoration in the Gothic style is effectively emphasized;
  • Hats. Miniature hat with a veil or mourning flower. Instead, you can use catchy wigs with long gray strands or straight hair. In movies and TV shows, these persons are usually represented by brunettes, although the images of brown-haired women and blondes can also be seen;
  • Tights and stockings. This heroine should look feminine and sexy. Therefore, pay special attention to the selection of suitable tights and stockings. So, the female legs are delicately accentuated with openwork fabrics or a fine mesh;
  • Footwear. Shoes and boots are recommended to be selected with high heels or wedges made of smooth leather, preferably black or red. High heels in combination with stockings look quite provocative. High stiletto heels can be safely combined with a mini dress.

How to make a do-it-yourself vampire costume

Of course, you can always buy a suit in specialized departments for organizing events and even make it to order from a professional seamstress. However, following some tips and tricks, it is easy to combine it yourself.

To sew a cloak you should buy 1 or 2 meters of material, taking into account personal preferences. Satin, silk, taffeta, satin or velvet of red and black color is suitable for these purposes. A black cloak on a bright red lining looks spectacular. The pattern is easy to find on the Internet. In shape, it resembles a trapezoid with a rounded bottom.

The cut out fabric elements are sewn together, folding them with their front sides and leaving the neck not stitched. Next, turn the cloak inside out and sew the collar or simple lacing on the neck. It is easier to make this part monophonic. You just need to carve out a rectangular piece of fabric, process its edges, assemble in the area of ​​the neck and sew.

The collar is easy to replace with a hood. For this, a triangle of the required size is cut out from the remains of the fabric. If desired, it is easy to decorate the costume with decorative elements. For example, it is easy to draw spiders or bats using fabric-based paints and stencils.

Attention! The dress can be sewn specifically for the party or find something suitable in your closet. If the dress will be specially designed for the event, you should choose styles with fluffy skirts on hoops and a corset.

However, in such clothes you need to be able to move well. Therefore, before the start of the celebration, take a walk around it throughout the evening in order to feel more bold and confident in the future. You can also use a set of skirts and tops. Looks stylish in combination with a white blouse.

The vampire’s teeth and fangs are made from the following materials:

  • Plastic fork. Break off the excess parts and leave the extreme cloves in the role of fangs. Then polish the surface of the scrap slightly so as not to damage the skin. It remains only to securely attach new teeth to the jaw using a special adhesive for dentures or regular chewing gum;
  • Soft plastic. Take the white material and make fangs from it with the desired parameters. Then the prepared jaw should be thoroughly dried in the oven and painted with scarlet color, imitating bloody smudges;
  • Cotton swabs. Take the tips from ordinary ear sticks. Next, drop a drop of nail polish on each drop and fix it on your teeth. It is only necessary to consider that cotton wool can get wet, so this option is not suitable for prolonged use.

Reference! No matter how beautiful and spectacular the costume may be, without a suitable make-up the image will look incomplete. A distinctive feature of the vampire is its catchy, impressive makeup. It should be applied to pale white skin.

So, you need to start with the preparation of facial skin. Be sure to treat your skin with a protective moisturizer or use a base makeup base. Apply a thick layer of matte powder to your face, as a real vampire shows no signs of life at all. For this purpose, an ordinary baby powder is suitable. It is applied after absorbing the cream.

Next, you need to outline the eye contour. You can use a black cosmetic pencil or liquid eyeliner and draw graceful arrows. In this case, we must not forget about the inside of the eyes.

Lips are painted bright red. They must be passionate and bitten. On this day, red lipstick will be very handy. It is also recommended to circle the lips with a black pencil. To prepare fake blood, it is better to mix any syrup and dye or buy ready-made blood in the online store.

A natural trickle of blood in the corners of the mouth will add naturalness to the image. Color lenses will also look unusual. But the hairstyle is better to choose a feminine. For example, a high pile or curled loose strands are perfect.

Real mystical creatures are still usually brunettes. Therefore, girls with blond hair are better off buying false hair of a dark color. This will help to make the image even more realistic, memorable and will lead to indescribable delight of the participants of the main autumn party.

This unusual holiday provides a unique opportunity once a year to dress up as a bloodthirsty creature and at the same time not be afraid of disapproving looks. We hope that this article was useful and will help you navigate the preparation of a vampire costume with your own hands.