DIY tutu skirt

We offer you to make your own tutu skirt. Young fashionistas will definitely appreciate such an outfit.

What is a tutu skirt

There are suggestions that the tutu skirt appeared in America. This cute tulle item won not only the hearts of babies, but also their parents. A tutu skirt is a great option for a birthday, New Year's party, wedding. Recently, tulle outfits are popular not only among children, but also among girls. If you want to make a tulle skirt, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed master class and some recommendations for tailoring the product.

Do-it-yourself tutu skirts for girls

There are several varieties that differ in splendor, length, color scheme.

  • The most common option is tutu, where strips of the same length from a grid are imposed on an elastic band.
  • A new option for a skirt is a tulle skirt with a satin ribbon around the edge.
  • The tulle skirt in which the rose petals are located looks originally.
  • As a bright filler, buboes can also be.

What materials are suitable for manufacturing

The best material for a full skirt is American nylon. It holds its shape well, but it is quite soft, which is well suited for babies. The width of this material is about 20 cm and this is enough to sew a short skirt for the baby.

But unfortunately, meeting him on sale is quite difficult. Therefore, an alternative may be tulle. Choose a tulle of medium hardness, because too soft will not keep in shape, and hard will be pricked.

The fabric is cut into strips. The width of the strip is about 15 cm, and the length is double + 2 cm.

Skirts from several colors look very nice.

How to choose the right gum for a tutu skirt

For a tutu skirt, you need a wide elastic band. The width of the elastic should be 2-3 cm, and the length is calculated depending on the waist of the baby.

How can I replace the gum

The elastic for the skirt can be replaced with a satin ribbon on which to tie the tulle blanks. After that, the skirt is beautifully tied to a bow.

Step-by-step execution of a tutu skirt

Stages of tailoring a tutu skirt:

  • First you need to prepare the necessary material - tulle, elastic or satin ribbon and lining.
  • If you plan to sew a tulle skirt "sun", then you need to make a pattern in advance.
  • After that, we begin to make a pattern.
  • The edges of the petticoat should be slightly shorter than the product itself.
  • After this, we proceed to stitching the gum.
  • Decorate the finished product.

So, the first option is to make a tulle skirt with a satin ribbon. The fabric is cut into strips, make the length twice as long as the desired length of the finished product. After that, fold the ribbon and tie around the girdle.

We tie the belt with tulle blanks so that there are no voids. If desired, the nodules can be covered with a cloth or decorated with something, but more on that later.

The product made on a satin ribbon has a big minus - the probability that the skirt will untie at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, it will be much more practical to use a wide elastic band. The length of the elastic should be measured by the waist circumference for about 2 cm. Do not forget to make an allowance for the seam. The elastic is sewn and put on a jar, so that it is more convenient to put on tulle ribbons.

For a tutu skirt, not only a wide elastic band, but also a narrow one is suitable. Making a skirt, you can tie two ribbons at the same time, then the product will turn out even more magnificent.

The finished product can be decorated around the edge with a satin ribbon, only for this you will definitely need a sewing machine. The result is amazing, although done in a matter of minutes. The ribbon is selected according to the color of the tulle. Do not forget that the threads should also be the appropriate shade.

Important! On chopped pieces of tape, it is imperative to burn the edges using matches.

With the same ribbon, you can decorate the waistband of the skirt, thereby hiding nodules that do not always look aesthetically pleasing.

The result is impressive.

In addition, the corners can be made sharp, for this strip of tulle is cut at an angle. When making an outfit from several tiers, you can first tie a tulle of one color, and after another. Or arrange colorful stripes at the same time. In addition, strips of another material can be added to tulle. Also, a tutu skirt can be made of another material, for example, knitwear, velor, only it will not be possible to achieve such a voluminous effect.

Knitted skirt

A tutu skirt can be made on a special knitted elastic band, which is very often used for headbands for babies. To make a tutu skirt with such a blank is as easy as shelling pears. You can purchase such a blank in any needlework store.

You can fill in only a couple of the lower rows, so that the openwork gum remains at the top, or you can fill it completely with strips of tulle or other material.

But keep in mind the fact that if you completely tie the entire elastic band, the outfit will turn out to be much harder and a lot of fabric will be needed to make it.

In addition to elastic, a satin ribbon can be pulled into such a skirt. You need to cut the ribbon from the calculation of the waist of the child + bow. Tighten the tape into the rubber with a pin. After that, the edges of the ribbon are matted with matches. It turns out a very magnificent bundle with a belt that can be adjusted.

Attention! It is necessary to start tightening the tape in the place where you want the bow to be.

If for some reason you were unable to find such an elastic band, you can make it yourself. She knits very simply with a hook and stretchy threads.

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase such threads, then even the most ordinary ones are suitable for knitting such an elastic band. In this case, you need to knit a belt corresponding to the waist of the child, and the skirt will be fastened on the buttons on the side or tied on a ribbon.

In addition, you can make knitted flowers to decorate a fluffy skirt.

How to decorate a tutu skirt with your own hands

To decorate a fluffy skirt fit:

  • bows;
  • satin ribbons;
  • artificial flowers of different sizes;
  • rhinestones;
  • beads;
  • thread floss and lurex;
  • guipure;
  • pompons;
  • rose petals (artificial);
  • knitting threads;
  • sequins;
  • other fabrics.

The most common bundle decoration is satin ribbons, which are decorated with flowers or bows.

We hope you will find our tips useful in making lush tutu for your child. With a minimum of effort, you can create a real work of art. Creative inspiration to you!