DIY tulle dress for girls

A fluffy and airy, very delicate tulle dress is ideal as a dress for a girl of any age.

It is easy to sew with your own hands, complement it with a knitted top.

What fabric is tulle?

Light and weightless matter resembling the finest grid was invented almost 200 years ago. They sewed ballet tutus from it, and now not a single girl will refuse a tulle skirt.

The fabric is used for sewing fluffy skirts, wedding dresses.

The raw materials for the mesh fabric are unusually thin, but durable nylon fibers. They give tulle special properties:

  • elasticity;
  • ease;
  • ease of care.

The thin fabric is transparent, so the skirts are sewn on a satin or cotton cover or are made multi-layered.

Fabric Tips

On sale you can find tulle of different colors. Fabric in pastel shades is used for sewing wedding dresses, elegant children's skirts.

Bright, saturated colors of the fabric allow you to sew carnival, dance costumes.

The stiffness of the fabric depends on the density of the weave of synthetic fibers:

  • Hard tulle holds its shape well, it is used for making accessories, shaping a fluffy skirt. However, the edges of such a skirt will be sharp, may scratch the legs, tear the stockings.
  • Medium hard fabric is used for tailoring the petticoats of evening and wedding dresses.
  • Soft mesh is used to make tutu multi-layer tutu skirts. Sewing it is easy even for a very inexperienced needlewoman, but it takes a lot of fabric.

In appearance, there are several types of tulle:

  • brilliant - with a noticeable sparkling brilliance;
  • matte;
  • decorative - with rhinestones, flocked dusting, embroidery.

Important! When choosing fabric for sewing, it should be noted that a light mesh is afraid of fire: European and American tulle melt from the effects of a flame, and Chinese can catch fire.

How to sew an elegant tulle dress for a girl?

The work will consist of 2 parts: a fluffy tutu skirt and a topic.

How to make a tutu skirt with your own hands

You can sew a fluffy skirt-pack in a couple of hours. Layering gives it a special effect. The tutu skirt must have at least 10 layers of tulle.

1. The easiest way to make an elegant skirt for a little daughter does not require even the ability to sew. Need to cook:

  • wide elastic;
  • tulle, which is sold in narrow rolls 10-15 cm wide.

To begin, measure the girl’s waist, cut the desired length of the elastic. It is necessary to calculate it so that the product does not press on the waist, but it is not too loose, otherwise it will go down to the hips.

Decide how long the skirt will be, cut the tulle into narrow strips, the length of which should be twice the length of the product.

Important! With this method of manufacturing, the skirt can be made plain or colorful. To do this, buy several rolls of tulle of different colors.

The most interesting thing remains: the strips of tulle need to be folded in half and tied to the elastic one by one. Try to place them as close to each other as possible - so the skirt will turn out more magnificent . Alternating strips of different colors, you can get a mottled model.

2. Another way will require a needlewoman to have a sewing machine. The classic model can be sewn for a young fashionista or an adult girl.


  • For each layer, the fabric is 4 times longer than the waist, and the number of layers will depend on how fluffy you want to sew the skirt.
  • For a cover - about 2 m thicker fabric - satin, satin or cotton.
  • For the belt - satin ribbon about 10 cm wide.
  • Zipper. It can be replaced with an elastic band inserted in the belt.

To make a very magnificent skirt, on each layer of fabric you need to manually make folds. For a softer shape, fold all the layers of tulle together and make common folds. Sew the resulting mesh ribbons in a straight line, backing 2 cm from the edge.

Slightly higher, adjusting the machine to the longest stitch length, sew a notched seam, then pull it so that the length is about 1 cm more than your waist circumference. If you do not plan to insert a "zipper" into the skirt, you must skip this step.

Connect all the layers of tulle with the lining fabric, from which you just need to sew a simple cover. Insert the zipper. It remains to sew a belt.

We knit an elegant top for a girl (crochet or knitting)

A fluffy tulle skirt can be worn separately or combined with a knitted top to make a cute dress for a girl . The easiest way is to tie a straight top “pipe” with any pattern.

To make it seamless, you need to knit in a circle, having previously measured the baby's breast volume . Any knitted fabric has the ability to stretch, so you need to calculate the width of the product so that the topic is not too loose.

For knitting, it is better to choose cotton yarn - it does not cause allergies . So that such a top does not fly off the baby, straps can be sewn to it - crocheted from the same yarn. More experienced needlewomen will cope with more complex models of the upper part of the dress - with “wing” sleeves. Knit a top, starting from the top.

We connect a knitted top with a tutu skirt

It’s easy to connect a finished top made of rubber “pipes” or connected with your own hands with a skirt-bundle. To do this, to fold the ribbons made of tulle, you need to sew on not the belt, but the upper part of the dress.

First, gently connect them with a notched seam, then sew on the typewriter.

To dress easily on the girl, you can:

  • Sew in a zipper lock;
  • to make the skirt in the belt free and sew a beautiful decorative belt, which will be tied behind on a beautiful bow.

Elegant tutu dresses and accessories

To complete the image of the young fashionista, a dress with a tutu skirt can be supplemented with beautiful accessories .

As they fit:

  • jacket up to the waist or "bolero";
  • satin belt;
  • openwork short gloves;
  • hair band with a large fabric bow flower;
  • hairpin hair hat.

Girls can complement a short tutu dress with long earrings, a necklace and a satin belt, and beautiful fishnet gloves and a flower in their hair will fit the long one.


A fluffy skirt looks perfect with a corset top .

We will have to work on it, since the corset should ideally fit on the figure.

The pattern can be found in any fashion magazine and adjusted according to the figure of the girl.

On the corset, it is necessary to make tucks, and make the cut line embossed.

Cut out all the details from the main fabric and lining. Strengthen all seams with regiline, sew a corset, making loops for lacing on the back.

To keep the corset on the figure, sew on the straps.

Skirt or dress?

For babies, you can sew a skirt dress. It is sewn in the same way as an ordinary tutu, only the length should not be measured from the waist, but from the chest. Sew straps to the finished dress (they can be made tied behind), and grab the waist with a ribbon-belt.

If a tulle skirt dress is sewn from ribbons, they can be intertwined with each other - you get a top. Such a dress will look spectacular if you sew it from multi-colored tulle ribbons.

Luxurious voluminous skirt

Fatin gives the needlewoman an opportunity to show imagination. A fluffy skirt can be sewn:

  • short;
  • middle length;
  • midi (on the floor);
  • with a loop - short in front and elongated - in the back.

A dress or suit with a tulle skirt is a great solution for any occasion. You can sew tutu literally in the evening, and in the morning your daughter will shine, causing admiration of others.